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Yoshikawa, Eiji
Musashi. An Epic Novel of the Samurai Era.  £27.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
The Selected Writings of Lafcadio Hearn.  £10.00 
Miyake, Kiichi
Imai, Yoshitaka
Genetic Studies on Papaver Somniferum.  £18.00 
Kikkawa, S
On the Classification of Cultivated Rice.  £64.00 
Campbell, Tony
Japan: European Printed Maps to 1800. Map Collectors' Series No 36.  £18.00 
Yonosuke der 3000 fache Liebhaber.  £14.00 
Ball, W Macmahon
Japan Enemy or Ally?  £14.00 
Tsuboi, Seitaro
On a Leucite Rock, Vulsinitic Vicoite, from Utsuryoto Island in the Sea of Japan.  £12.00 
Barr, Pat
The Coming of the Barbarians. A Story of Western Settlement in Japan 1853 - 1870.  £8.00 
Watanabe, Takeo
Crystals of Native Tellurium from Japan.  £12.00 
Sugimura, A
Uyeda, S
Island Arcs. Japan and its Environs.  £16.00 
Kaneko, Katsu
Geology and Mineral Resources of Japan. Second Edition.  £48.00 
Kuno, Hisashi
Offprints. Collection of approx 10 Offprints on Halkone Volcano, Pigeonite, Fayalite, Pyroxene-Andesites, Basaltic Magmas, etc.  £26.00 
No Author National Defense Academy.  £14.00 
Shido, Fumiko
Plutonic and Metamorphic Rocks of the Nakoso and Iritono Districts in the Cental Abukuma Plateau.  £16.00 
Low, Morris
Nakayama, Shigeru
Science, Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan.  £14.00 
Minato, M
Hokkaido University, Journal of the Faculty of Science, Series 4: Geology and Mineralogy. Vol 13, No 4.  £20.00 
Otake, Akio
Studies on Aphid Populations.  £34.00 
Nagatomi, Yuichiro
Masayoshi Ohira's Proposal: To Eolve the Global Society.  £120.00 
Boltho, Andrea
Japan: An Economic Survey, 1953 - 1973.  £12.00 
No AuthorRoyal Institute of International Affairs
China and Japan.  £8.00 
Dawson, Suzanne
Project English: An Integrated Teaching Unit on John Hersey's Hiroshima.  £12.00 
Utley, Freda
Japan's Gamble in China.  £46.00 
Maki, John
Government and Politics in Japan: The Road to Democracy.  £14.00 
Allen, George
Japan's Economic Recovery.  £8.00 
Allen, George
Japan's Economic Expansion.  £15.00 
Dore, Ronald
Aspects of Social Change in Modern Japan.  £12.00 
Hanami, Tadashi
Labour Relations in Japan Today.  £12.00 
Koriyama, Naoshi
Chomei, Kamo no
Hojo-ki.  £13.00 
Takada, Yasunari
Surprised by Scenes: Essays in Honour of Professor Yasunari Takahashi.  £24.00 
Yamanouchi, Hisaaki
The Search for Authenticity in Modern Japanese Literature.  £12.00 
Tsuneta Yano Memorial Society
Nippon 1958: A Charted Survey of Japan.  £15.00 
Seidensticker, Edward
Low City, High City: Tokyo from Edo to the Earthquake, 1867-1923.  £14.00 
Takamiya, Toshiyuki
The Ideology of German Medievalism. (Essay in: The Round Table, Volume 5, 1990)  £11.00 
Japan Travel Bureau
Japan: The Pocket Guide.  £8.00 
Armour, A J L
Asia and Japan: The Search for Modernization and Identity.  £55.00 
Takamiya, Toshiyuki
Poetica. An International Journal of Linguistics Literary Studies: 50. Special Issue: In Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary.  £25.00 
McCrum, Robert
Cran, William
BBC: The Story of English. Edited with Notes by Mitsuho Sugawara.  £12.00 
Okano, Kaori
School to Work Transition in Japan. An Ethnographic Study.  £25.00 
Thomas, J E
Learning Democracy in Japan. The Social Education of Japanese Adults.  £40.00 
Brown, James Dean
Yamashita, Sayoko Okada
Language Testing in Japan.  £40.00 
Kodera, Sayoko
Convention on the Eliminination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women: A Commentary.  £25.00 
Rose, Kenneth
American English, Japanese, and Directness: More than Stereotypes (= Paper in JALT Journal, Vol. 18, No. 1)  £12.00 
Humphries, R A
Japanes College Studens' Attitudes Toward Accents of English (= Paper in JALT Journal, Vol. 17, No. 1)  £12.00 
Fawcett, Chris
New Japanese House. Ritual and Anti-Ritual Patterns of Dwelling.  £18.00 
Yoshimura, Hisato
Collected Papers of Dr H Yoshimura and His Collaborators.  £40.00 
Edwards, Osman
Japanese Plays and Playfellows. With twelve coloured plates by Japanese artists.  £24.00 
Ohashi, Haruzo
The Indoor Garden.  £19.00 
Hokusai, K
Hokusai 1760-1849. Woodcuts, Illustrated Books, Drawings and Paintings: a Catalogue of an Exhibition held on the occasion of the Centenary of his Death.  £25.00 
Goodwin, James
Akira Kurosawa and Intertextual Cinema.  £42.00 
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