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Kusumoto, Kimie
On Colin Thiele: Lonely Magpie on an Isolated Island.  £10.00 
Oshima, Chika
Postgraduate Teaching Plan in the University of the Air in Japan.  £22.00 
No Author University Correspondence Education in Japan.  £14.00 
The Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics
Sophia Linguistica: Working Papers in Linguistics. Number 12. 1983.  £22.00 
Ito, Shinichi
Historical Development of Media Systems. Communication and Society No. 1: Japan.  £20.00 
Joya, Mock
Quaint Customs and Manners of Japan. Volume 1.  £10.00 
Iwasaki, Tamihei
Kawamura, Jujiro
Kenkyusha's New Japanese-English Dictionary on Bilingual Principles. A New Edition Revised and Enlarged.  £38.00 
English Literary Society of Japan
Studies in English Literature. English Number 46.  £10.00 
Luzzato-Bilitz, Oscar
Oriental Lacquer. 73 Plates in Full Colour.  £6.00 
Anderson, William
Japanese Wood Engravings. New Edition.  £8.00 
Wells, J C
Jamaican Pronunciation in London.  £12.00 
Mizutani, Shizuo
Description Systematique de la Grammaire Japonaise.  £34.00 
Clark, Rodney
Aspects of Japanese Commercial Innovation.  £8.00 
Totman, Conrad
A History of Japan.  £16.00 
Macpherson, W J
The Economic Development of Japan c.1868 - 1941.  £5.00 
Braudel, Fernand
Annales. Économies Sociétés Civilisations, Vol 36, No 3, 1981.  £15.00 
Ward, Robert
Five Studies in Japanese Politics.  £12.00 
Sladen, Douglas
More Queer Things about Japan.  £24.00 
Ellingworth, Richard
Japanese Economic Policies and Security. (Adelphi Papers 90)  £14.00 
Moody, Peggie
Gold and some Others.  £24.00 
Moule, G H
The Spirit of Japan.  £14.00 
Wilkinson, Endymion
Japan Versus Europe. A History of a Misunderstanding.  £5.00 
Morris, Jonathan
Japan and the Global Economy. Issues and Trends in the 1990s.  £24.00 
Sato, R
Wachtel, P
Trade Friction and Economic Policy. Problems and Prospects for Japan and the United States.  £9.00 
Minabe, Nobuo
Production and International Trade.  £28.00 
Shoven, John
Government Policy Towards Industry in the United States and Japan.  £7.00 
Yeats, William Butler
Oshima, Shotaro
Tributes in Prose and Verse to Shotaro Oshima.  £14.00 
Benneville, James de
Tales of the Samurai.  £11.25 
Hudson, G F
British and American Policies in the Far East since 1900.  £9.00 
Ministry of Labour
Re-Allocation of Man-Power between Civilian Employments during any Interim Period between the Defeat of Germany and the Defeat of Japan. (Cmd 6568)  £9.00 
Gooch, G P
Temperley, Harold
British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914. Vol 2: The Anglo-Japanese Alliance and the Franco-British Entente.  £37.80 
No Author VJ The final Victory.  £6.30 
Tsuji, Masatsugu
Kagami, Mitsuhiro
Digital divide or digital jump: Beyond 'IT' Revolution.  £19.80 
White, Michael
Trevor, Malcolm
Under Japanese Management. The Experience of British Workers.  £16.20 
Pezeu-Massabuau, Jacques
The Japanese Islands. A Physical and Social Geography. Translated and Adapted from the French by Paul C Blum.  £16.20 
Tames, Richard
The Japanese.  £22.50 
Keene, Donald
The Japanese Discovery of Europe, 1720 - 1830. Revised Ed.  £16.20 
Asataro, Miyamori
An Anthology of Japanese Poems. With Many Full - Page Coloured Pictures By Great Artists.  £20.00 
No Author Studies in International Relations (Special Issue), Vol 14, No 3, February 1994.  £16.20 
Japan Immigration Association
A Guide to Entry, Residence and Registration Procedures in Japan for Foreign Nationals.  £18.00 
Shobubsha Co Ltd
Map of Japan for Sightseeing and Business, Main Cities, Tourists' Resorts.  £9.00 
Inoue, Yasushi
Das Jagdgewehr. Aus dem Japanischen von Oskar Benl.  £16.20 
Kawabata, Yasunari
Schonheit und Trauter Roman. Deutsch von Heinz Haase.  £13.50 
Kikuchi, Sadan
Hokusai. Translated by Don Kenny.  £12.00 
Okada, Mokichi
MOA Museum of Art.  £16.00 
Road Atlas for All Drivers. Japanese Language.  £16.20 
Nippon Kokuseisha
Great Map of Japan. Tokyo Vicinity. Revised Edition.  £11.00 
Alletzhauser, Al
The House of Nomura. The Rise to Power of the World's Most Powerful Company: The Inside Story of the Legend Japanese Dynasty.  £5.00 
Greene, Fred
Stresses in US - Japanese Security Relations.  £6.00 
Ikema, Makoto
Inoue, Yoshio
Hitotsubashi University 1875 - 2000. A Hundred and Twenty - Five Years of Higher Education in Japan.  £32.00 
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