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Harari, Ehud
The Politics of Labor Legislation in Japan. National - International Interaction.  £11.25 
Maddison, Angus
Economic Growth in Japan and the USSR.  £6.00 
Bank of Japan
Economic and Financial Data on CD - ROM. For Windows / For Macintosh.  £20.25 
Shuuya, Nomura
The Historical Foundations of the Quasi - Partnership Doctrine. (The Seinan Law Review in Memory of the Late Professor Nakamori Hiroshi, Volume 26, No 1 - 2, September 1993)  £16.87 
Nakata, Atsuko
Origami 1.  £18.00 
Hunt, Brian
THE JAPANESE ADVANTAGE? Competitve IT Strategies Past, Present and Future.  £13.50 
Buckley, Roger
Japan Today. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Gutterson, David
Snow Falling on Cedars.  £4.50 
Sato, Satoru
Contemporary Poetry in Japan. (Poetry, Volume 88, No 2, May 1956)  £8.00 
Hashimoto, Akiko
The Gift of Generations. Japanese and American Perspectives on Aging and the Social Contract.  £10.80 
Hasegawa, Harukiyo
The Steel Industry in Japan. A Comparison with Britian.  £36.00 
Moore, Ray
Robinson, Donald
Partners for Democracy. Crafting the New Japanese State under MacArthur.  £10.80 
Morgan, Forrest
Compellence and the Strategic Culture of Imperial Japan. Implications for Coercive Diplomacy in the Twenty - First Century.  £36.00 
Allinson, Gary
The Columbia Guide to Modern Japanese History. [Uncorrected Proof].  £16.20 
Allen, Matthew
Undermining the Japanese Miracle. Work and Conflict in a Coalmining Community.  £31.50 
Allinson, Gary
Japan's Postwar History.  £14.00 
Fraser, Andrew
Mason, R H P
Japan's Early Parliaments 1890 - 1905. Structure, Issues and Trends.  £45.00 
Eung Oh, Se
Dr Philip Jaisohn's Reform Movement 1896 - 1898. A Critical Appraisal of the Independence Club.  £22.50 
Harrison, Selig
Nishihara, Masashi
UN Peacekeeping. Japanese and American Perspectives.  £6.30 
Duus, Peter
The Abacus and the Sword. The Japanese Penetration of Korea 1895 - 1910.  £48.00 
Morris-Suzuki, Tessa
The Technological Transformation of Japan from the Seventeenth to the Twenty - First Century.  £48.00 
Clammer, John
Difference and Modernity. Social Theory and Contemporary Japanese Society.  £58.50 
Hart, Robert
Kawasaki, Seiichi
Work and Pay in Japan.  £27.00 
Yukio, Ozaki
The Autobiography of Ozaki Yukio. The Struggle for Constitutional Government in Japan.  £18.00 
Kawamura, Nozomu
Sociology and Society of Japan.  £8.10 
Potter, David
Japan's Foreign Aid to Thailand and the Philippines.  £30.00 
Ramseyer, Mark
Rosenbluth, Frances
The Politics of Oligarchy. Institutional Choice in Imperial Japan.  £10.00 
Itoh, Mayumi
The Hatoyama Dynasty. Japanese Political Leadership Through the Generations.  £25.20 
Hatch, Walter
Yamamura, Kozo
Asia in Japan's Embrace. Building a Regional Production Alliance.  £44.00 
Iwanaga, Kazuki
Democracy and Electoral Systems in Japan. A Comparative Perspective.  £6.30 
Hatamiya, Leslie
Righting a Wrong. Japanese Americans and the Passage of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988.  £7.20 
Kimoto Tomita, Mary
Dear Miye. Letters Home from Japan 1939 - 1946. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Robert G Lee.  £18.00 
Baxter, James
The Meiji Unification Through the Lens of Ishikawa Prefacture.  £18.00 
Garby, Craig
Brown Bullock, Mary
Japan. A New Kind of Superpower?  £8.10 
Jansen, Marius
The Emergence of Meiji Japan.  £28.00 
Endo, Shusaku
Stained Glass Elegies.  £4.00 
Allen, G C
Japan's Place in Trade Strategy. Larger Role in Pacific Region.  £8.00 
Abegglen, James
Stalk, George
Kaisha. The Japanese Corporation. How Marketing, Money and Manpower Strategy, Not Management Style, Make the Japanese World Pace - Setters.  £7.00 
Thurow, Lester
Head to Head. The Coming Economic Battle among Japan, Europe and America.  £4.50 
Low, Morris
Nakayama, Shigeru
Science, Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan.  £25.20 
Midzunoe, Yuichi
Discourse on Multilingual Cultures: Popular Cultures, Societies and Art.  £34.20 
McClure, William
Japanese Korean Linguistics. Volume 12.  £13.50 
Brown, A J
Kiuchi, Nobutane
Introduction to the World Economy. In Japanese language.  £6.00 
Toshio, Kawatake
Kabuki. Baroque Fusion of the Arts. Translated by Frank and Jean Connell Hoff.  £45.00 
Kurozumi, Tadaaki
Kohmoto, Isshi
The Living Way. Stories of Kurozumi Munetada, a Shinto Founder. Translated by Sumio Kamiya. Edited by Willis Stoesz.  £7.20 
Stokes, Bruce
A New Beginning. Recasting the US - Japan Economic Relationship.  £12.60 
Dalby, Liza
Geisha.  £7.00 
Hideo, Otake
Power Shuffles and Policy Processes. Coalition Government in Japan in the 1990s.  £9.00 
Broadbent, Jeffrey
Environmental Politics in Japan. Networks of Power and Protest.  £24.00 
Soderberg, Marie
Reader, Ian
Japanese Influences and Presences in Asia.  £41.40 
Displaying 151 to 200 (of 264 books) Page  1  2  3  4  5 ...