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Hart, Robert
Kawasaki, Seiichi
Work and Pay in Japan.  £18.00 
Potter, David
Japan's Foreign Aid to Thailand and the Philippines.  £30.00 
Hatch, Walter
Yamamura, Kozo
Asia in Japan's Embrace. Building a Regional Production Alliance.  £26.00 
Iwanaga, Kazuki
Democracy and Electoral Systems in Japan. A Comparative Perspective.  £6.00 
Kimoto Tomita, Mary
Dear Miye. Letters Home from Japan 1939 - 1946. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Robert G Lee.  £18.00 
Baxter, James
The Meiji Unification Through the Lens of Ishikawa Prefacture.  £18.00 
Garby, Craig
Brown Bullock, Mary
Japan. A New Kind of Superpower?  £8.00 
Endo, Shusaku
Stained Glass Elegies.  £4.00 
Allen, G C
Japan's Place in Trade Strategy. Larger Role in Pacific Region.  £8.00 
Abegglen, James
Stalk, George
Kaisha. The Japanese Corporation. How Marketing, Money and Manpower Strategy, Not Management Style, Make the Japanese World Pace - Setters.  £7.00 
Thurow, Lester
Head to Head. The Coming Economic Battle among Japan, Europe and America.  £4.00 
Low, Morris
Nakayama, Shigeru
Science, Technology and Society in Contemporary Japan.  £14.00 
Midzunoe, Yuichi
Discourse on Multilingual Cultures: Popular Cultures, Societies and Art.  £32.00 
McClure, William
Japanese Korean Linguistics. Volume 12.  £12.00 
Brown, A J
Kiuchi, Nobutane
Introduction to the World Economy. In Japanese language.  £12.00 
Stokes, Bruce
A New Beginning. Recasting the US - Japan Economic Relationship.  £7.00 
Dalby, Liza
Geisha.  £6.00 
Broadbent, Jeffrey
Environmental Politics in Japan. Networks of Power and Protest.  £18.00 
Soderberg, Marie
Reader, Ian
Japanese Influences and Presences in Asia.  £36.00 
Aleinkoff, T Alexander
Klusmeyer, Douglas
From Migrants to Citizens: Membership in a Changing World.  £14.00 
Kojima, Kiyoshi
A Pacific Economic Community and Asian Developing Countries. Reprinted from Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Volume 7, No 1, June 1966.  £6.00 
Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan
Feature Analysis of Psychological Predicates. Proceedings of the Second Japenese - Korean Joint Workshop on Formal Grammar at Kyoto, Winter 1983.  £9.00 
Kojima, Kiyoshi
Japan and a Pacific Free Trade Area.  £7.00 
Baldwin, William
The Mirror for Magistrates.  £22.00 
Chatwin, Bruce
What Am I Doing Here.  £6.00 
Schwartz, Frank
Advice and Consent. The Politics of Consultation in Japan.  £20.00 
Sophia University
English Literature and Language 1964.  £10.00 
English Literary Association of Hiroshima Univ
Hiroshima Studies in English Language and Literature.  £36.00 
English Literary Society of Japan
Studies in English Literature.  £46.00 
Youth Division of Soka Gakkai
Cries for Peace. Experiences of Japanese Victims of World War II.  £9.00 
Foreign Research and Press Service
The Soviet Far East and Japan. Confidential FRPS Paper No 5.  £8.00 
Grilli, Elise
Japenese Picture Scrolls.  £8.00 
Benjamin, Gail
Japanese Lessons. A Year in a Japanese School Through the Eyes of an American Anthropologist and Her Children.  £14.00 
Kunio, Yoshihara
Japenese Economic Development. A Short Introduction.  £8.00 
Davidson, Basil
Japanese Ally? The Façade and the Facts.  £8.00 
Milward, Peter
Journal of a Journey, Part One; In Search of Historic Britain.  £8.00 
Amano, Masachiyo
Studies in English Literature (English Number 2000).  £8.00 
Scott, A C
Genyadana, A Japanese Kabuki Play.  £12.00 
Milward, Peter
Anzai, Tetsuo
Poetry and Drama in the Age of Shakespeare. Essays in Honour of Professor Shonosuke Ishii's Seventieth Birthday.  £12.00 
Moses, Charles
Maeda, Yoshinori
Educational Television in Developing Countries: A Report of an On-the-Spot Survey.  £14.00 
Woolf, Virginia
Sakamoto, Tadanobu
Virginia Woolf. [Japanese Publication].  £18.00 
No Author Tissue Culture Studies in Japan. The Annual Bibliography, 1979 - 80.  £12.00 
Woolf, Virginia
Virginia Woolf. (Edited with an introduction and Notes by Tadanobu Sakamoto)  £18.00 
Iwasaki, Soji
Nature Triumphant: Approach to The Winter's Tale.  £8.00 
Stockwin, J A
Japan: Divided Politics in a Growth Economy. Second Edition.  £6.00 
Reischauer, Edwin
Japan Past and Present. Foreword by Sir George Sansom.  £8.00 
Miner, Earl
English Criticism in Japan. Essays by Younger Japanese Scholars in English and American Literature.  £12.00 
Posner, William
Papers from the Second International Workshop on Japanese Syntax.  £16.00 
Glatter, Pete
1905: The Great Dress Rehearsal. A Socialist Workers Party Pamphlet.  £6.00 
Organization of the Government of Japan.  £18.00 
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