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Amano, Masachiyo
Studies in English Literature (English Number 42).  £7.20 
Honda, Kôtarô
Anniversary Volume Dedicated to Professor Kôtarô Honda On the Completion of Twenty-Five years of His Professorship: The Science Reports of the Tôhoku Imperial University.  £19.80 
Smith, Lawrence
Ukiyoe: Images of unknown Japan.  £14.40 
Hersey, John
Hiroshima.  £2.70 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Japan: An Interpretation.  £10.00 
Kai, Hyojun Romaji
All-Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary.  £5.40 
Facts and Figures on the Japanese Electronics Industry (1986).  £5.40 
No AuthorFukuda, Takeo
Art Treasures from the Imperial Collections / Japanische Kunstschätze aus der Kaiserlichen Sammlung.  £14.00 
Yukawa, Hideki
Profiles of Japanese Science and Scientists 1970.  £20.00 
McBrierty, V
Europe - Japan: Futures in Science, Technology and Democracy.  £12.00 
Moriya, Kenji
Die Japanische Malerei.  £22.50 
Oiso, Tomoaki
On a New Species of Avian Schistosoma Developing in the Portal Vein of the Duck, and Investigation of its Life-history.  £5.00 
Isobe, M
Biological Observations on the Cercaria of the Japanese Blood Fluke (S Japonicum).  £6.75 
Iwasaki, Eijiro
Akten des 8. Internationalen Germanisten-Kongresses, Tokyo 1990: Begegnungen mit dem "Fremden". Band 1: Ansprachen, Plenarvorträge.  £9.00 
Takahashi, Chotaro
Dynamic Changes of Income and its Distribution in Japan.  £8.00 
Takada, Yasunari
Surprised by Scenes. Essays in Honour of Professor Yasunari Takahashi.  £14.00 
Ryu, Shintaro
Modern Japanese Short Stories. Revised Ed.  £9.00 
Shido, Fumiko
delete.  £7.20 
Burland, Tottie
[North American Indian Mythology. (1965)].  £20.00 
Sohn, Ho-min
Japanese / Korean Linguistics. Vol 6.  £16.20 
Displaying 251 to 270 (of 270 books) Page ... 6