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Paulin, Tom
Ireland and the English Crisis.  £10.00 
Farrell, M J (Molly Keane)
Devoted Ladies.  £5.62 
Jefferys, Charles
Glover, C W
Kitty Tyrrell, Irish Ballad, Sung by Mr Frank Bodda and Mr Leffler and by Mr G Genge.  £18.00 
M'Ghie, M P
The Celebated Comic Song, Purty Molly Brallaghan, as sung by Mr Power, Mr Leonard, and Mr Colins, written by Miss M P M'Ghie. The Music Arranged and Partly Composed by W M'Ghie.  £21.60 
Lover, Samuel
The Land of the West, Ballad sung by Miss Agnes Taylor, in the Favorite Entertainment of Rory O'More, as Performed at the Theatre Royal Adelphi.  £14.00 
Wade, Joseph
Shule Agra, an Irish Ballad sung by Mrs Waylett, at the New Theatre Royal Dublin. The Words, Symphonies and Accompaniements.  £32.40 
Dudley Edwards, Ruth
An Atlas of Irish History.  £12.00 
Wilde, Oscar
Lady Windermere's Fan.  £7.00 
McCaffrey, Michael
Callopy, David
Dublin Grand Opera Society. Spring Season 1987.  £7.00 
Tettenborn, Andrew
Law of Restitution in England and Ireland. 2nd Edition.  £12.00 
Richardson, H G
Sayles, George
Irish Revenue 1278 - 1384. (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Volume 62, Section C, No 4)  £6.00 
Conquest, Richard
Literature in Soho. (Encounter, October 1964, Volume 23, No 4)  £7.20 
Goldsmith, Oliver
Oliver Goldsmith Selected Writings. Edited by John Lucas.  £5.40 
Williams, George
Chief Baron Pigot
A Letter on the Case of Marani v. Williams, Tried in the Exchequer Court, Dublin, February 1st and 2nd, 1856.  £18.00 
Yeats, William Butler
Malins, Edward
A Preface to Yeats.  £6.30 
Wilde, Oscar
Plays, Prose, Writings and Poems.  £6.00 
Meyer, Robert
Merugud Uilix Maic Leirtis.  £18.00 
Houston, R A
The Population History of Britain and Ireland 1500 - 1750.  £6.30 
Holroyd, Michael
Shaw, Bernard
Bernard Shaw. Volume 1: 1856 - 1898 The Search for Love. Volume 2: 1898 - 1918 The Pursuit of Power.  £12.00 
Todd, Janet
Rebel Daughters. Ireland in Conflict 1798.  £8.10 
Hazell, Robert
Constitutional Futures. A History of the Next Ten Years.  £10.80 
Dunleavy, Patrick
Gamble, Andrew
Developments in British Politics 5.  £5.40 
Purdie, Bob
International. Volume 1, No 5.  £5.40 
Isles, K S
Cuthbert, Norman
An Economic Survey of Northern Ireland.  £10.80 
O Muirithe, Diarmaid
A Seat Behind the Coachman. Travellers in Ireland 1800 - 1900.  £14.40 
Social History Society of Ireland
Irish Economic and Social History. (The Journal of the Economic and Social History Society of Ireland, Volume 28, 2001).  £12.00 
Kilbride-Jones, H E
Celtic Craftsmanship in Bronze.  £32.40 
Gilbert, Victor
Holmes, Colin
Theses and Dissertations on the History of Education, Presented at British and Irish Universities Between 1900 and 1976.  £18.00 
Akenson, Donald
Education and Enmity. The Control of Schooling in Northern Ireland.  £10.80 
Berkeley, George
The Principles of Human Knowledge. With Other Writings. Edited and Introduced by G J Warnock.  £6.00 
Henn, T R
Synge, J M
The Plays and Poems of J M Synge. Edited by T R Henn.  £12.00 
Bentley, Eric
Shaw, Bernard
Bernard Shaw.  £5.00 
Shaw, Bernard
Back to Methuselah.  £12.60 
Krause, David
O'Casey, Sean
Sean O' Casey. The Man and his Work.  £10.80 
Australian Academy of the Humnaities
Peasants in History and Literature. Symposium.  £9.00 
Johaentges, Karl
Blackwood, Jackie
Bilder aus Irland.  £13.50 
McCutcheon, W A
The Application of Water Power to Industrial Purposes in the North of Ireland. (= Journal of Industrial Archaeology, Vol 2, No 3, Oct 1965)  £7.20 
Ellis-Fermor, Una
The Irish Dramatic Movement.  £9.00 
Patsch, Sylvia
The Countess Cathleen. Saga - Drama - Oper - Illustration.  £22.00 
Lees, A
The Structure and Origin of the Waulsortian (Lower Carboniferous) "Reefs" of West-Central Eire. (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B. Biological Sciences. No. 740. Vol. 247, pp. 483-531)  £12.60 
Cleeve, Brian
Dictionary of Irish Writers.  £5.40 
Synge, J M
The Playboy of the Western World. (With an Introduction and Notes by T R Henn)  £7.20 
Hayden, Mary
Moonan, George
A Short History of the Irish People, Part 1 [only]: From the Earliest Times to 1603. New and Revised Edition.  £12.60 
Murphy, Frank
The Bog Irish: Who they were and how they lived.  £4.50 
Rolston, Bill
Tomlinson, Mike
A Social Science Bibliography of Northern Ireland 1945 - 1983: Material published since 1945 relating to Northern Ireland since 1921.  £18.00 
Woodwright, Frances
Yesterdays in the Green Country.  £16.00 
Birmingham, George
Irish Short Stories. Edited with an Introduction by G Birmingham.  £9.00 
Flynn, Thomas
The Charismatic Renewal and the Irish Experience.  £10.00 
Craith, Máiréad Nic
Watching One's Tongue: Aspects of Romance and Celtic Languages.  £13.50 
Newman, John Henry
University Sketches. Ed. Michael Tierney.  £8.00 
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