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Wilde, Oscar
Plays, Prose, Writings and Poems.  £6.00 
Meyer, Robert
Merugud Uilix Maic Leirtis.  £18.00 
Houston, R A
The Population History of Britain and Ireland 1500 - 1750.  £6.30 
Holroyd, Michael
Shaw, Bernard
Bernard Shaw. Volume 1: 1856 - 1898 The Search for Love. Volume 2: 1898 - 1918 The Pursuit of Power.  £12.00 
Todd, Janet
Rebel Daughters. Ireland in Conflict 1798.  £8.10 
Hazell, Robert
Constitutional Futures. A History of the Next Ten Years.  £10.80 
Dunleavy, Patrick
Gamble, Andrew
Developments in British Politics 5.  £5.40 
Purdie, Bob
International. Volume 1, No 5.  £5.40 
Isles, K S
Cuthbert, Norman
An Economic Survey of Northern Ireland.  £10.80 
O Muirithe, Diarmaid
A Seat Behind the Coachman. Travellers in Ireland 1800 - 1900.  £14.40 
Social History Society of Ireland
Irish Economic and Social History. (The Journal of the Economic and Social History Society of Ireland, Volume 28, 2001).  £12.00 
Kilbride-Jones, H E
Celtic Craftsmanship in Bronze.  £32.40 
Gilbert, Victor
Holmes, Colin
Theses and Dissertations on the History of Education, Presented at British and Irish Universities Between 1900 and 1976.  £18.00 
Akenson, Donald
Education and Enmity. The Control of Schooling in Northern Ireland.  £10.80 
Berkeley, George
The Principles of Human Knowledge. With Other Writings. Edited and Introduced by G J Warnock.  £6.00 
Henn, T R
Synge, J M
The Plays and Poems of J M Synge. Edited by T R Henn.  £14.00 
Bentley, Eric
Shaw, Bernard
Bernard Shaw.  £5.00 
Shaw, Bernard
Back to Methuselah.  £12.60 
Krause, David
O'Casey, Sean
Sean O' Casey. The Man and his Work.  £10.80 
Australian Academy of the Humnaities
Peasants in History and Literature. Symposium.  £9.00 
Johaentges, Karl
Blackwood, Jackie
Bilder aus Irland.  £13.50 
McCutcheon, W A
The Application of Water Power to Industrial Purposes in the North of Ireland. (= Journal of Industrial Archaeology, Vol 2, No 3, Oct 1965)  £7.20 
Ellis-Fermor, Una
The Irish Dramatic Movement.  £9.00 
Patsch, Sylvia
The Countess Cathleen. Saga - Drama - Oper - Illustration.  £22.00 
Lees, A
The Structure and Origin of the Waulsortian (Lower Carboniferous) "Reefs" of West-Central Eire. (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B. Biological Sciences. No. 740. Vol. 247, pp. 483-531)  £12.60 
Cleeve, Brian
Dictionary of Irish Writers.  £5.40 
Synge, J M
The Playboy of the Western World. (With an Introduction and Notes by T R Henn)  £7.20 
Hayden, Mary
Moonan, George
A Short History of the Irish People, Part 1 [only]: From the Earliest Times to 1603. New and Revised Edition.  £12.60 
Murphy, Frank
The Bog Irish: Who they were and how they lived.  £4.50 
Rolston, Bill
Tomlinson, Mike
A Social Science Bibliography of Northern Ireland 1945 - 1983: Material published since 1945 relating to Northern Ireland since 1921.  £18.00 
Woodwright, Frances
Yesterdays in the Green Country.  £16.00 
Birmingham, George
Irish Short Stories. Edited with an Introduction by G Birmingham.  £9.00 
Flynn, Thomas
The Charismatic Renewal and the Irish Experience.  £10.00 
Craith, Máiréad Nic
Watching One's Tongue: Aspects of Romance and Celtic Languages.  £13.50 
Newman, John Henry
University Sketches. Ed. Michael Tierney.  £8.00 
Yeats, William Butler
MacManus, Francis
The Yeats We Knew.  £8.00 
Coghlan, John
The Law of Rent Restriction in Ireland.  £8.00 
No Author Bunreacht Na hEireann. Constitution of Ireland.  £10.00 
Joyce, James
Dubliners.  £3.60 
Ellmann, Richard
Yeats: The Man and the Masks.  £8.00 
Bolt, Sydney
Joyce, James
A Preface to James Joyce. Second Edition.  £6.00 
O'Rahilly, T F
Celtica, Vol 1. Parts 1 & 2.  £18.00 
O'Brien, M A
Celtica, Vol 2. Parts 1 & 2.  £18.00 
Kennedy, P G
A List of the Birds of Ireland.  £13.50 
Cameron, James
Tobersnorey. A Rollicking Tour in the Land of the Gael. By Rag, Tag, and Bobtail, Author of Stronbuy. New Edition.  £12.00 
No Author Irish Silver.  £5.40 
Beckett, J C
A Short History of Ireland.  £8.00 
Ziegler, Wolfgang
DuMont Guide to Ireland, transl Russell Stockman.  £7.00 
George III
An Act to Continue, Until Seven Years After the Passing Thereof and From Thence to the End of the Next Session of Parliament, an Act, Made in the Parliament of Ireland... Intituled, An Act for the Better Execution of the Law.  £12.00 
Joyce, James
Goldberg, S L
Joyce.  £4.00 
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