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Library Association
Libraries in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland 2002.  £14.00 
Campbell, J J
Legends of Ireland. First Edition.  £14.00 
Teague, Paul
Beyond the Rhetoric: Politics, the Economy and Social Policy in Northern Ireland.  £9.00 
Watt, David
Constitution of Northern Ireland.  £8.00 
Farachain, Roibeard
Farren, Robert
Time's Wall Asunder. First Edition.  £12.00 
O'Neill, Moira
Songs of the Glens of Antrim.  £16.00 
MacFarlane, Malcolm
MacPharlain, Calum
Am Briathrachan Beag. The School Gaelic Dictionary: Prepared for the Use of Students of the Gaelic Language.  £24.00 
Bateman, H M
Reed, Langford
The Complete Limerick Book: The Origin History, and Achievements of the Limerick with over 300 Examples Many of which are Entirely New.  £10.00 
Dillon, Myles
Early Irish Society: An Sean-Shaol in Érinn.  £8.00 
No AuthorLivergant, A
Importance of Being Witty.  £18.00 
Deutsch, Richard
Northern Ireland. 1921-74: A Select Bibliography.  £9.00 
Rhys, Grace
A Celtic Anthology.  £30.00 
O'Connell, Helen
Ireland and the Fiction of Improvement.  £38.00 
Hansard, John
The Hansards. Printers and Publishers.  £8.00 
Beatty, Olga
The Jinxed Shore.  £16.00 
Gomme, Alice
The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland.  £24.00 
Braudel, Fernand
Annales. économies Sociétés Civilisations, Vol 36, No 2, 1981.  £15.00 
Eversley, David
Religion and Employment in Northern Ireland.  £21.00 
Kennedy, Kieran
Dowling, Brendan
Economic Growth in Ireland: The Experience Since 1947.  £8.00 
MacDonagh, Oliver
Ireland: The Union and Its Aftermath.  £8.00 
de Paor, Liam
The Peoples of Ireland: From Prehistory To Modern Times.  £10.00 
Duncan, John
Source: The Photographic Review, Issue 41 (Winter 2004).  £10.00 
Tietrzik, Dominik
Die Brandan-Legende: Ausgewählte Motive in der frühhochdeutschen sogenannten Reise Version.  £42.00 
Revolutionary Communist Group
Ireland: British Labour and British Imperialism.  £10.00 
Trollope, Anthony
Phineas Finn: The Irish Member.  £7.00 
Trollope, Anthony
Dr Wortle's School.  £8.00 
Trollope, Anthony
The Eustace Diamonds.  £12.00 
Hurst, Michael
Parnell, Charles Stuart
Parnell and Irish Nationalism.  £6.00 
Yeats, William Butler
Oshima, Shotaro
Tributes in Prose and Verse to Shotaro Oshima.  £14.00 
Holloway, Henry
Reformation in Ireland: A Study of Ecclesiastical Legislation.  £14.00 
O'Hehir, Diana
I Wish This War Were Over.  £8.00 
Visser 't Hooft, W A
Has the Ecumenical Movement a Future?  £12.00 
Storey, Mark
Poetry and Ireland since 1800.  £6.00 
Molloy, J L
Songs. A privately made up Collection of Molloy's Songs in three vols containing (18+24+16) 58 songs.  £144.00 
Centre for Information on Language Teaching
Irish.  £9.00 
Pritchard, Rosalind
Motivating the Majority. Modern Languages in Norther Ireland.  £10.80 
O'Farrell, Patrick
England and Ireland Since 1800.  £14.00 
Utley, T E
Lessons of Ulster. Introduction by Alistair B Cooke.  £5.40 
Vivian Butler, William
Clampdown. A Story of Old Ireland Yard.  £8.10 
Heidsieck, Charles
The Ackerman Charles Heidsieck Guide to the Best Hotels and Restaurants in Great Britain and Ireland.  £16.20 
Wilde, Oscar
Intentions and Other Writings.  £8.00 
Lingard, Joan
Across the Barricades.  £6.30 
Paulin, Tom
Ireland and the English Crisis.  £10.00 
Farrell, M J (Molly Keane)
Devoted Ladies.  £5.62 
Jefferys, Charles
Glover, C W
Kitty Tyrrell, Irish Ballad, Sung by Mr Frank Bodda and Mr Leffler and by Mr G Genge.  £18.00 
M'Ghie, M P
The Celebated Comic Song, Purty Molly Brallaghan, as sung by Mr Power, Mr Leonard, and Mr Colins, written by Miss M P M'Ghie. The Music Arranged and Partly Composed by W M'Ghie.  £21.60 
Lover, Samuel
The Land of the West, Ballad sung by Miss Agnes Taylor, in the Favorite Entertainment of Rory O'More, as Performed at the Theatre Royal Adelphi.  £14.00 
Wade, Joseph
Shule Agra, an Irish Ballad sung by Mrs Waylett, at the New Theatre Royal Dublin. The Words, Symphonies and Accompaniements.  £32.40 
Dudley Edwards, Ruth
An Atlas of Irish History.  £12.00 
Wilde, Oscar
Lady Windermere's Fan.  £7.00 
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