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Jennings, Francis
The Indian Trade of the Susquehanna Valley.  £12.00 
Hand, Wayland
"Passing Through": Folk Medical Magic and Mysticism.  £14.00 
Whitteridge, D
A Discussion on Stereoscopic Vision: Organized by D Whitteridge and P G H Clarke.  £18.00 
Mahapatra, Sitakanta
Santali Riddles: A Window on Personality and Culture.  £10.00 
Herskovits, Melville
The Economic Life of Primitive Peoples.  £16.00 
Lowie, Robert
Primitive Religion.  £12.00 
Driberg, J H
At Home with the Savage.  £10.00 
Scott-Moncrieff, George
Living Traditions of Scotland.  £8.00 
Maritain, Jacques
Réflexions sur l'Intelligence et sur sa Vie Propre.  £16.00 
Hirsch, Caspar
The Origins of Nationalism. An Alternative History from Ancient Rome to Early Modern Germany.  £14.00 
Michaelis, Anthony
Research Films in Biology, Anthropology, Psychology and Medicine.  £88.00 
Waldau, Paul
Patton, Kimberley
A Communion of Subjects. Animals in Religion, Science, and Ethics.  £28.00 
Godden, Malcolm
Keynes, Simon
Anglo-Saxon England 40.  £38.00 
Hammerstein, Peter
Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation.  £18.00 
Bulliet, Richard
Hunters, Herders and Hamburgers. The Past and Future of Human-Animal Relationships.  £24.00 
Goody, Jack
Myth, Ritual and the Oral.  £14.00 
Rowe, Martin
The Polar Bear in the Zoo. A Speculation.  £10.00 
Brantz, Dorothee
Beastly Natures. Animals, Humans, and the Study of History.  £28.00 
Ogden, Laura
Swamplife. People, Gators, and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades.  £12.00 
Costlow, Jane
Nelson, Amy
Other Animals. Beyond the Human in Russian Culture and History.  £18.00 
Mai, Larry
Owl, Marcus Young
The Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution.  £24.00 
Gilbert, Helen
Cribb, Robert
Tiffin, Helen
Wild Man From Borneo. A Cultural History of the Orangutan.  £28.00 
Burns, Georgette Leah
Paterson, Mandy
Engaging With Animals. Interpretations of a Shared Existence.  £24.00 
Kahn, Peter
Kellert, Stephen
Children and Nature. Psychological, Sociocultural, and Evolutionary Investigations.  £48.00 
Budiansky, Stephen
The Covenant of the Wild. Why Animals Chose Domestication.  £10.00 
Uexküll, Jakob
A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans, with a Theory of Meaning.  £14.00 
Lundblad, Michael
DeKoven, Marianne
Species Matters. Humane Advocacy and Cultural Theory.  £14.00 
Seshadri, Kalpana Rahita
HumAnimal. Race, Law, Language.  £12.00 
Poliquin, Rachel
The Breathless Zoo. Taxidermy and the Cultures of Longing.  £98.00 
Strathern, Marilyn
Kinship, Law and the Unexpected. Relatives Are Always a Surprise.  £18.00 
Archetti, Eduardo
Guinea-Pigs. Food, Symbol and Conflict of Knowledge in Ecuador.  £10.00 
Wolfe, Cary
What is Posthumanism.  £12.00 
Landes, Joan
Lee, Paula Young
Youngquist, Paul
Gorgeous Beasts. Animal Bodies in Historical Perspective.  £36.00 
Cutchins, Dennis
Eliason, Eric
Wild Games. Hunting and Fishing Traditions in North America.  £24.00 
Robbins, Martha
Sicotte, Pascale
Stewart, Kelly
Mountain Gorillas. Three Decades of Research at Karisoke.  £78.00 
Pink, Sarah
Women and Bullfighting. Gender, Sex and the Consumption of Tradition.  £12.00 
Newby, Jonica
The Pact for Survival. Humans and Their Animal Companions.  £24.00 
Westen, Drew
Self and Society: Narcissism, Collectivism and the Development of Morals.  £16.00 
Vicart, Marion
Des Chiens auprès des Hommes. Quand l'Anthropologue observe aussi l'Animal.  £28.00 
Bulliet, Richard
Hunters, Herders and Hamburgers. The Past and Future of Human-Animal Relationships.  £12.00 
Murray, R W
Penridge, H E
Dogs and Cats in the Urban Environment. A Handbook of Municipal Pet Management. 2nd Edition.  £86.00 
Rea, Amadeo
Wings in the Desert. A Folk Ornithology of the Northern Pimans.  £36.00 
Haviland, William
Prins, Harald
Anthropology. The Human Challenge. 13th Edition.  £36.00 
Wakeham, Pauline
Taxidermic Signs. Reconstructing Aboriginality.  £18.00 
Rowdon, Maurice
The Ape of Sorrows. From Stranger to Destroyer: The Inside Story of Humans.  £12.00 
Campana, Douglas
Before Farming: Hunter-Gatherer Society and Subsistence.  £36.00 
Krauss, Werner
Zur Anthropologie des 18. Jahrhunderts. Die Frühgeschichte der Menschheit im Blickpunkt der Aufklärung.  £22.00 
Waltershausen, Margit von
Steig ein - Fahr mit, 3 (Die Schäbische Alb; Wir Fahren in die Eifel; Strassenmusik)  £20.00 
Waltershausen, Margit von
Steig ein - Fahr mit, 1 (Die Verlobung, Der Schulausflug - Lerngang auf der Achalm; Fronleichnam)  £16.00 
Pfeiffer, Hellmut
Was Feiert der Deutsche? Weihnachten in der Röhn.  £12.00 
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