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Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo
Aspectos Indigenas.  £28.00 
Manker, Ernst
Les Lapons des Montagnes Suédoises.  £14.00 
Firth, Raymond
Elements of Social Organisation.  £8.00 
Bateson, Gregory
Naven. A Survey of the Problems Suggested by a Composite Picture of the Culture of a New Guinea Tribe drawn from Three Points of View.  £64.00 
Fortes, Meyer
The Web of Kinship among the Tallensi: The Second Part of an Analysis of the Social Structure of a Trans-Volta Tribe.  £24.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Structural Anthropology.  £18.00 
Lydekker, John Wolfe
The Faithful Mohawks.  £42.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Claude Lévi-Strauss. Special Issue of L'Arc. (= L'Arc No 26)  £12.00 
Le Lannou, Maurice
Pâtres et Paysans de la Sardaigne.  £64.00 
Miège, Jean
La Vie Rurale du Sillon Alpin. Etude Géographique.  £44.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Race and History.  £8.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Totemism.  £12.00 
Leach, Edmund
The Structural Study of Myth and Totemism.  £12.00 
Munzinger, Werner
Ostafrikanische Studien, mit einer Karte von Nord-Abyssinien und den Ländern am Mareb, Barka und Anseba.  £120.00 
Lindfors, Bernth
Kulankula: Interviews with Writers from Malawi and Lesotho. (Bayreuth African Studies, Number 14)  £16.00 
Beier, Ulli
Three Yoruba Artists: Twins Seven-Seven, Ademola Onibonokuta, Muraina Oyelami. (Bayreuth African Studies, Number 12)  £28.00 
Gombrich, E H
Il Gusto dei Primitivi. Le Radici della Ribellione.  £10.00 
Preisigte, Friedrich
Namenbuch, enthaltend alle griechischen, lateinischen, ägyptischen, hebräischen, arabischen und sonstigen semitischen und nichtsemitischen Menschennamen, soweit sie in griechischen Urkunden (…) Ägyptens sich vorfinden.  £64.00 
Taylor, Isaac
The History of the Alphabet. An Account of the Origin and Development of Letters.  £68.00 
Furness, William Henry
The Home-Life of Borneo Head-Hunters: Its Festivals and Folk-Lore.  £860.00 
Wallas, Graham
Our Social Heritage.  £12.00 
Mommsen, August
Feste der Stadt Athen im Altertum. Geordnet nach dem Attischen Kalender.  £64.00 
Fehrle, Eugen
Die kultische Keuchheit im Altertum.  £26.00 
Kircher, Karl
Heckenbach, Josephus
Die Sakrale Bedeutung des Weines im Altertum. De Nuditate Sacra sacrisque Vinculis.  £26.00 
Wächter, Theodor
Berthold, Otto
Reinheitsvorschriften im griechischen Kult; Die Unverwundbarkeit in Sage und Aberglauben der Griechen; De Lanae in Antiquorum Ritibus Usu.  £26.00 
Frazer, James George
Totemism and Exogamy. A Treatise on Certain Early Forms of Superstition and Society.  £220.00 
Lodge, Oliver
The Survival of Man. A Study in Unrecognized Human Faculty.  £16.00 
Allen, P S
Transactions of the Third International Congress for the History of Religions, Volume 1 and 2.  £46.00 
Archibald, Peter
Marx and the Missing Link: Human Nature.  £24.00 
Schechner, Richard
Actuals: Primitive Ritual and Performance Theory. Theatre Quarterly. Vol. 1 No. 2 Apr-Jun 1971.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 2, April 1961.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 1, April 1961.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 3, July 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 2, July 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 1, April 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 4, January 1961.  £10.00 
Bernhard, Carl
The Beijer Institute: The International Institute for Energy Resources and the Human Environment.  £24.00 
Pfuhl, Ernst
De Atheniensium Pompis Sacris.  £24.00 
Meillet, Antoine
Introduction à l'Étude Comparative des Langues Indo-Européennes.  £14.00 
Max Müller, Friedrich
Chips from a German Workshop.  £46.00 
Polites, Nikolaos
Bibliotheke Marasle: Meletai peri tou biou kai te s glosses tou Hellenikou Laou.  £360.00 
Dutt, Nripendra Kumar
Origin and Growth of Caste in India.  £46.00 
Keith, Arthur
Concerning Man's Origin.  £6.00 
Graves, Robert
Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis.  £10.00 
Harvey, H W
Biological Chemistry and Physics of Sea Water.  £16.00 
Hürlimann, Martin
Indien. Baukunst, Landschaft und Volksleben.  £48.00 

Halkyard, E
The Fossil Foraminifera of the Blue Marl of the Côte des Basques, Biarritz.  £14.00 
Jackson, J

Notes on Myriopoda. A Revision of Some Fossil Material from Sparth Bottoms, Lancs.  £8.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for granting to his Majesty certain Stamp Duties on Perfumery, Hair Powder, and othe Articles therein mentioned, and on Licencees to be taken out by Persons uttering or vending the same.  £10.00 
Bob Fein Books
Bob Fein Books. Catalogue 98: Indian America.  £8.00 
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