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Burke, Peter
What is Cultural History?  £10.00 
Osman, Suleiman
The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn. Gentrification and the Search for Authenticity in Postwar New York.  £20.00 
Bloch, Jules
Les Tsiganes.  £10.00 
Vogt, Joseph
Ancient Slavery and the Ideal of Man.  £24.00 
Cowling, G H
The Dialect of Hackness (North East Yorkshire)  £48.00 
Krader, Lawrence
Feudalism and the Tartar Polity of the Middle Ages.  £14.00 
Breasted, James
Hughes-Jones, W
A Brief History of Ancient Times.  £8.00 
Todesco, Sergo
Atlante dei Beni Etno-Antropogici Eoliani.  £64.00 
Forster, Robert
Ranum, Orest
Rural Society in France. (= Selections from the Annales: Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations, Vol 3).  £12.00 
Rubio Orbe, Gonzalo
Aspectos Indigenas.  £28.00 
Manker, Ernst
Les Lapons des Montagnes Suédoises.  £14.00 
Firth, Raymond
Elements of Social Organisation.  £8.00 
Bateson, Gregory
Naven. A Survey of the Problems Suggested by a Composite Picture of the Culture of a New Guinea Tribe drawn from Three Points of View.  £64.00 
Fortes, Meyer
The Web of Kinship among the Tallensi: The Second Part of an Analysis of the Social Structure of a Trans-Volta Tribe.  £24.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Structural Anthropology.  £18.00 
Lydekker, John Wolfe
The Faithful Mohawks.  £42.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Claude Lévi-Strauss. Special Issue of L'Arc. (= L'Arc No 26)  £12.00 
Le Lannou, Maurice
Pâtres et Paysans de la Sardaigne.  £64.00 
Miège, Jean
La Vie Rurale du Sillon Alpin. Etude Géographique.  £44.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Race and History.  £8.00 
Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Totemism.  £12.00 
Leach, Edmund
The Structural Study of Myth and Totemism.  £12.00 
Munzinger, Werner
Ostafrikanische Studien, mit einer Karte von Nord-Abyssinien und den Ländern am Mareb, Barka und Anseba.  £120.00 
Lindfors, Bernth
Kulankula: Interviews with Writers from Malawi and Lesotho. (Bayreuth African Studies, Number 14)  £16.00 
Beier, Ulli
Three Yoruba Artists: Twins Seven-Seven, Ademola Onibonokuta, Muraina Oyelami. (Bayreuth African Studies, Number 12)  £28.00 
Gombrich, E H
Il Gusto dei Primitivi. Le Radici della Ribellione.  £10.00 
Preisigte, Friedrich
Namenbuch, enthaltend alle griechischen, lateinischen, ägyptischen, hebräischen, arabischen und sonstigen semitischen und nichtsemitischen Menschennamen, soweit sie in griechischen Urkunden (…) Ägyptens sich vorfinden.  £64.00 
Taylor, Isaac
The History of the Alphabet. An Account of the Origin and Development of Letters.  £68.00 
Furness, William Henry
The Home-Life of Borneo Head-Hunters: Its Festivals and Folk-Lore.  £860.00 
Wallas, Graham
Our Social Heritage.  £12.00 
Mommsen, August
Feste der Stadt Athen im Altertum. Geordnet nach dem Attischen Kalender.  £64.00 
Fehrle, Eugen
Die kultische Keuchheit im Altertum.  £26.00 
Kircher, Karl
Heckenbach, Josephus
Die Sakrale Bedeutung des Weines im Altertum. De Nuditate Sacra sacrisque Vinculis.  £26.00 
Wächter, Theodor
Berthold, Otto
Reinheitsvorschriften im griechischen Kult; Die Unverwundbarkeit in Sage und Aberglauben der Griechen; De Lanae in Antiquorum Ritibus Usu.  £26.00 
Frazer, James George
Totemism and Exogamy. A Treatise on Certain Early Forms of Superstition and Society.  £220.00 
Lodge, Oliver
The Survival of Man. A Study in Unrecognized Human Faculty.  £16.00 
Allen, P S
Transactions of the Third International Congress for the History of Religions, Volume 1 and 2.  £46.00 
Archibald, Peter
Marx and the Missing Link: Human Nature.  £24.00 
Schechner, Richard
Actuals: Primitive Ritual and Performance Theory. Theatre Quarterly. Vol. 1 No. 2 Apr-Jun 1971.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 2, April 1961.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 1, April 1961.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 3, July 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 2, July 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 1, April 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 4, January 1961.  £10.00 
Bernhard, Carl
The Beijer Institute: The International Institute for Energy Resources and the Human Environment.  £24.00 
Pfuhl, Ernst
De Atheniensium Pompis Sacris.  £24.00 
Meillet, Antoine
Introduction à l'Étude Comparative des Langues Indo-Européennes.  £14.00 
Max Müller, Friedrich
Chips from a German Workshop.  £46.00 
Polites, Nikolaos
Bibliotheke Marasle: Meletai peri tou biou kai te s glosses tou Hellenikou Laou.  £360.00 
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