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Kennedy, E B
The Black Police of Queensland.  £120.00 
Beddoe, John
The Races of Britain. A Contribution to the Anthropology of Western Europe.  £46.00 
Stuart, John Patrick Crighton Marquis of Bute
On the Ancient Language of the Natives of Teneriffe.  £38.00 
Montet, Edouard
Le Culte des Saints Musulmans dans l'Afrique du Nord et plus spécialement au Maroc.  £64.00 
Kroeber, A L
Basket Designs of the Indians of Northwestern California.  £38.00 
Mendieta y Nuñez, Lucio
Valor económico y social de las razas indígenas de México.  £24.00 
Maritain, Jacques
Les Droits de l'Homme et la Loi Naturelle.  £12.00 
Firth, Raymond
Elements of Social Organisation.  £10.00 
Grubb, Kenneth
Carmago, G Baez
Religion in the Republic of Mexico.  £120.00 
Goodall, Jane
Peterson, Dale
Visions of Caliban: On Chimpanzees and People.  £18.00 
Committee on Animal Models in Biomedical Research
Aping Science: A Critical Analysis of Research at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center.  £24.00 
Perry, W J
The Primordial Ocean - An Introductory Contribution to Social Psychology.  £14.00 
Presthus, Robert
Men at the Top: Study in Community Power.  £12.00 
Cabral, Alvaro
Poesia, Raça e Homem.  £24.00 
Ray, Rabindra
The Naxalites and their Ideology.  £18.00 
Hughes, Thomas
Indian Chiefs of Southern Minnesota.  £18.00 
Napier, J R
Handbook of Living Primates: Morphology, Ecology and Behaviour of Nonhuman Primates.  £20.00 
McGown, Joyce
Searching Eye in Venice.  £8.00 
Mellars, Paul
The Emergence of Modern Humans - An Archaeological Perspective.  £24.00 
Noble, David
Discovery 1980. School of American Research.  £10.00 
Vatuk, Sylvia
Kinship and Urbanization: White Collar Migrants in North India.  £14.00 
Burkitt, M C
Our Early Ancestors. An Introductory Study of Mesolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age Cultures in Europe and Adjacent Regions.  £8.00 
Vayda, Andrew
Environment and Cultural Behavior: Ecological Studies in Cultural Anthropology.  £14.00 
Mair, Lucy
Africal Marriage and Social Change.  £36.00 
Evans-Pritchard, E E
Kinship and Marriage among the Nuer.  £12.00 
Kopp, Sheldon
The Hanged Man: Psychotherapy and the Forces of Darkness.  £12.00 
Giddens, Anthony
Sociology: A Brief but Critical Introduction. Second Edition.  £8.00 
Steptoe, Andrew
Health Care and Human Behaviour.  £15.00 
Cooper, David
Human Gene Evolution.  £68.00 
Mitchell-Hedges, F A
Danger My Ally.  £24.00 
Hersch, Jeanne
Birthright of Man.  £18.00 
Wilson, James
Herrnstein, Richard
Crime and Human Nature.  £14.00 
Haddon, Alfred
The Wanderings of People.  £7.00 
Kerr, John Graham
A Naturalist in the Gran Chaco.  £28.00 
Douglas, Mary
Natural Symbols. Explorations in Cosmology. With a New Introduction.  £8.00 
Banton, Michael
Race Relations.  £8.00 
Mies, Maria
Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Stage.  £8.00 
Kidd, Dudley
Savage Childhood. A Study of Kafir Children.  £15.00 
Donaldson, Tamsin
Ngiyambaa. The Language of the Wangaaybuwan.  £64.00 
Brown, Gillian
Phonological Rules and Dialect Variation: A Study of the Phonology of Lumasaaba.  £24.00 
Dixon, R M W
The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland.  £32.00 
Harlow, Mary
Loven, Lena Larsson
The Family in the Imperial and Late Antique Roman World.  £38.00 
Martinez Falquina, Silvia
Indias y Fronteras: El Discurso entorno a la Mujer Etnica.  £26.00 
Miller, Daniel
Acknowledging Consumption. A Review of New Studies.  £18.00 
Baring-Gould, S
The Origin and Development of Religious Belief. Part 1: Polytheism and Monotheism. Part 2: Christianity.  £16.00 
Mitchell, Murray
Non-Christian Religions: Their State and Prospects.  £14.00 
Mitchell, Lisa
Language, Emotion, and Politics in South India: The Making of a Mother Tongue.  £12.00 
Murphy, John
The Origins and History of Religions.  £14.00 
Curtiss, Samuel Ives
Primitive Semitic Religion To-day. A Record of Researches, Discoveries and Studies in Syria, Palestine and the Sinaitic Peninsula.  £24.00 
Schmidt, W
The Origin and Growth of Religion. Translated H J Rose.  £86.00 
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