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Frazer, James George
Totemism and Exogamy. A Treatise on Certain Early Forms of Superstition and Society.  £220.00 
Archibald, Peter
Marx and the Missing Link: Human Nature.  £24.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 2, April 1961.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 1, April 1961.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 3, July 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 2, July 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 1, April 1960.  £10.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 52, No 4, January 1961.  £10.00 
Bernhard, Carl
The Beijer Institute: The International Institute for Energy Resources and the Human Environment.  £24.00 
Pfuhl, Ernst
De Atheniensium Pompis Sacris.  £24.00 
Meillet, Antoine
Introduction à l'Étude Comparative des Langues Indo-Européennes.  £14.00 
Max Müller, Friedrich
Chips from a German Workshop. Volume 1 - 4.  £56.00 
Polites, Nikolaos
Bibliotheke Marasle: Meletai peri tou biou kai te s glosses tou Hellenikou Laou.  £360.00 
Dutt, Nripendra Kumar
Origin and Growth of Caste in India.  £46.00 
Keith, Arthur
Concerning Man's Origin.  £6.00 
Harvey, H W
Biological Chemistry and Physics of Sea Water.  £16.00 
Hürlimann, Martin
Indien. Baukunst, Landschaft und Volksleben.  £48.00 
Jackson, J
Notes on Myriopoda. A Revision of Some Fossil Material from Sparth Bottoms, Lancs.  £8.00 
Fawcett, Thomas
The Symbolic Language of Religion. An Introductory Study.  £12.00 
Metuh, Emefie Ikenga
God and Man in African Religion. A Case Study of the Igho of Nigeria.  £75.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for granting to his Majesty certain Stamp Duties on Perfumery, Hair Powder, and othe Articles therein mentioned, and on Licencees to be taken out by Persons uttering or vending the same.  £10.00 
Bob Fein Books
Bob Fein Books. Catalogue 98: Indian America.  £8.00 
Power, Rhoda
Great People of the Past.  £10.00 
Ohnuki-Tierney, Emiko
Illness and Culture in Contemporary Japan. An Anthropological View.  £10.00 
Marais, Eugene
My Friends the Baboons.  £24.00 
Darre, M J
Register til Danmark, Land og Folk ved Daniel Bruun.  £28.00 
Musée Dauphinois
La Différence.  £24.00 
Dawson, Lawrence
Traditions in Transition. Culture Contact and Material Change.  £14.00 
Jones, Frederic Wood
Life and Living.  £12.00 
Walker, Charles
Galindo, Alberto
Aguirre, Carlos
In Search of an Inca: Identity and Utopia in the Andes.  £16.00 
Folkerts, Jean
Lacy, Stephen
Larabee, Ann
The Media in Your Life. An Introduction to Mass Communication. International Edition. Fourth Edition.  £18.00 
Scheidt, Walter
Rassenkunde.  £6.00 
Mair, Lucy
Marriage.  £8.00 
Kennedy, E B
The Black Police of Queensland.  £120.00 
Beddoe, John
The Races of Britain. A Contribution to the Anthropology of Western Europe.  £46.00 
Stuart, John Patrick Crighton Marquis of Bute
On the Ancient Language of the Natives of Teneriffe.  £38.00 
Montet, Edouard
Le Culte des Saints Musulmans dans l'Afrique du Nord et plus spécialement au Maroc.  £64.00 
Kroeber, A L
Basket Designs of the Indians of Northwestern California.  £38.00 
Mendieta y Nuñez, Lucio
Valor económico y social de las razas indígenas de México.  £24.00 
Maritain, Jacques
Les Droits de l'Homme et la Loi Naturelle.  £12.00 
Mayani, Z
The Etruscans Begin to Speak.  £12.00 
Firth, Raymond
Elements of Social Organisation.  £10.00 
Grubb, Kenneth
Carmago, G Baez
Religion in the Republic of Mexico.  £120.00 
Goodall, Jane
Peterson, Dale
Visions of Caliban: On Chimpanzees and People.  £18.00 
Committee on Animal Models in Biomedical Research
Aping Science: A Critical Analysis of Research at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center.  £24.00 
Perry, W J
The Primordial Ocean - An Introductory Contribution to Social Psychology.  £14.00 
Presthus, Robert
Men at the Top: Study in Community Power.  £12.00 
Cabral, Alvaro
Poesia, Raça e Homem.  £24.00 
Ray, Rabindra
The Naxalites and their Ideology.  £18.00 
Hughes, Thomas
Indian Chiefs of Southern Minnesota.  £18.00 
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