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Mackenzie, K D
Rosenthal, G D
Dressing up in Church.  £8.00 
Pennant-Rea, Rupert
The Ostrich and the EMU.  £10.00 
Kenen, Peter
The International Monetary System.  £12.00 
Leadam, I S
Domesday of Inclosures, 1517 -1518. 2 Volumes.  £20.00 
Great Britain
The Insolvency Rules 1986.  £86.00 
Beattie, C N
Elements of the Law of Income and Capital Gains Taxation. Eighth Edition.  £36.00 
Pollard, A F
Factors in Modern History. Third Edition.  £6.00 
Bailey, Edward
Berry, Christopher
Bankruptcy: Law and Practice.  £24.00 
Morris, J H C
Sweet & Maxwell's Property Statutes.  £18.00 
Toynbee, Arnold
Lectures on the Inudstrial Revolution of the 18th Century in England. Popular Addresses, Notes and Other Fragments.  £32.00 
Brandon, Henry
In the Red. The Struggle for Sterling 1964 to 1966.  £8.00 
Taylor, E G R
Production and Trade. A Geographical Survey of All the Countries of the World.  £16.00 
Benjamin, Leslie John
Atholl, Justin
How to Borrow Money. Drawings by Stewart Marshall.  £14.00 
Barclays Bank DCO
Wool.  £10.00 
Outhwaite, R B
Inflation in Tudor and Early Stuart England.  £6.00 
Aczel, Amir
Complete Business Statistics.  £36.00 
Wolffson, Johannes
Die Voraussetzungen der Haftung für zugesicherte Eigenschaften der Kaufsache nach bürgerlichem Recht, ausschließlich des Tierkaufs.  £26.00 
Eckstein, Salomon
El Ejido Colectivo en Mexico.  £24.00 
Hall, Kenneth
Maritime Trade and State Development in Early South East Asia.  £120.00 
Chardonnet, Jean
L'Économie Française. Étude Géographique d'une Décadence et des Possibilités de Redressement.  £18.00 
Roche, Edward
Managing Information Technology in Multinational Corporations.  £18.00 
Seddon, Edmund
Modern Economic History. British Economic and Social History 1760 to 1978.  £6.00 
Lambton, Ann
Landlord and Peasant in Persia: A Study of Land Tenure and Land Revenue Administration.  £20.00 
Lefranc, Georges
Le Mouvement Syndical sous la Troisième République.  £14.00 
The Meaning of Money.  £18.00 
Robinson, Joan
The Accumulation of Capital.  £38.00 
Cazenove & Co
Cazenove Investment Memoranda 1969 / 1970.  £18.00 
Einzig, Paul
How Money is Managed: The Ends and Means of Monetary Policy.  £6.00 
Jolliffe, J E
The Camera Regis under Henry II. Part 1, 2.  £16.00 
Galbraith, V H
The St Edmundsbury Chronicle, 1296 - 1301.  £14.00 
Lunt, W E
The Consent of the English Lower Clergy to Taxation during the Reign of Henry III.  £8.00 
Davis, W
Calculations and Costings for Knitted Fabrics.  £28.00 
Wild, John
Cost Accounting. An Explanation of Principles and a Guide to Practice for the Hosiery Industry.  £24.00 
Edwards, Ronald
Nationalized Industries: A Commentary.  £8.00 
City Capital Markets Committee
Evidence to the Wilson Committee on the Supply of Funds to Industry and Trade.  £12.00 
Bureau of Research on Russian Economic Conditions
Results of the Second five-year Plan and the Project of the Third five-year Plan, July, 1939.  £16.00 
No Author Poland's Foreign Trade.  £18.00 
Supple, Barry
The Entrepreneur. Papers Presented at the Annual Conference of the Economic History Society, Cambridge 1957.  £16.00 
Province of Nova Scotia
Royal Commission Provincial Economic Inquiry. Appendices.  £24.00 
Telser, Lester
Advertising and Competition.  £12.00 
Cole, Dorothy
The Economic Circumstances of Old People.  £12.00 
Farmer, Ellen
The British Economy.  £8.00 
Bruzaud, W G
Peru. Economic and Commercial Conditions in Peru. January 1949.  £18.00 
Gamble, F H
Iraq. Economic and Commercial Conditions in Iraq. June 1949.  £18.00 
Roberts, N S
Iran. Economic and Commercial Conditions.  £18.00 
Dictionary of Commercial Correspondence in Seven Languages. Complete in 22 weekly parts of 32 pages each.  £88.00 
London Traded Options Market
The Book of Traded Options. LTOM, London Traded Options Market.  £14.00 
Morris, William
The Frankpledge System.  £14.00 
Lee, Katharine
Spufford, Nancy
Portrait of a Foundation: Brief History of the CIBA Foundation and Its Environment.  £12.00 
Smiles, Samuel
Thrift.  £12.00 
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