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Slater, Lucy Joan
More Fortran Programs for Economists.  £10.00 
van der Ploeg, Frederick
Mathematical Methods in Economics.  £10.00 
Lutz, Vera
Lutz, Friedrich
The Theory of Investment of the Firm.  £24.00 
Little, I M D
A Critique of Welfare Economics.  £10.00 
Lindahl, Erik
Studies in the Theory of Capital and Money.  £16.00 
Maynard, Geoffrey
Economic Development and the Price Level.  £12.00 
Arrow, Kenneth
Social Choice and Individual Values.  £86.00 
Kurihara, Kenneth
Monetary Theory and Public Policy.  £8.00 
Registry of Friendly Societies
Seventh Annual Report by the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies of the Proceedings of the Registrars Under the Building Societies Acts With An Abstract of the Annual Accounts and Statements of Societies For the Year 1901.  £46.00 
The Balance of Payments and the Standard of Living.  £8.00 
Jones, N S
The Pattern of a Dependent Economy. The National Income of British Honduras.  £24.00 
Baumol, William
Welfare Economics and the Theory of the State.  £16.00 
Marschak, Jacob
Schurr, Sam
Economic Aspects of Atomic Power.  £12.00 
Horvat, Branko
Towards a Theory of Planned Economy.  £18.00 
Beckwith, Burnham
The Economic Theory of a Socialist Economy.  £38.00 
Mosak, Jacob
General-Equilibrium Theory in International Trade.  £16.00 
Malach, Vernon
International Cycles of Canada's Balance of Payments 1921-33.  £18.00 
Northcott, Jim
Britain in 2010. The PSI Report.  £20.00 
Clark, Lincoln
Consumer Behavior: The Dynamics of Consumer Reaction. The Life Cycle and Consumer Behavior. 2 volume set.  £30.00 
Vaughan, Floyd
The United States Patent System. Legal and Economic Conflicts in American Patent History.  £30.00 
Wheatcroft, Andrew
The Taxation of Gifts and Settlements Including Pension Provisions by Stamp Duty Estate Duty Incolme Tax and Surtax.  £24.00 
Edwards, Frederick
Readings in Market Research. A Selection of Papers by British Authors.  £50.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for the more effectually carrying into Execution the Laws relating to the Duties on Stamped Vellum, Parchment, and Paper; and for repealing certain Stamp Duties on Policies for insuring Property in any foreign Kingdom... from Loss by Fire.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for better securing the Duties on Paper printed, painted, or stained, in Great Britain.  £10.00 
Winch, D M
The Economics of Highway Planning.  £18.00 
United Kingdom
An Act to limit for a Time for the Repayment of the Duties on Male Servants and Carriages by the Commissioners of Excise, and also on Horses, Waggons, Wains, and Carts….  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act to discontinue, for a limited Time, the Payment of the Duties upon Low Wines and Spirits for Home Consumption…and for discontinuing…certain Imports and Duties upon Rum and Spirits imported from the West Indies.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for regulating Houses, and other Places, kept for the Purpose of Slaughtering Horses.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act to discontinue, for a limited Time, the several Duties payable in Scotland upon Low Wines and Spirits, and upon Worts, Wash, and other Liquors, there used in the Distillation of Spirits.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for the more effectually preventing the Fraudulent Removal of Tobacco, and for the Ease of the fair Trader... and establishing the Duty to be paid upon Tobacco of the Growth of the British Plantations, and the United States of America.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for granting to his Majesty certain Stamp Duties on Perfumery, Hair Powder, and othe Articles therein mentioned, and on Licencees to be taken out by Persons uttering or vending the same.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for obviating all Doubts which have arisen... with respect to the exclusive Power of the Court of Directors of the East India Company to nominate and appoint the Governor General and Coundil of the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act to prevent Frauds and Abuses in the Admeasurement of Coals, sold by Wharf Measure, within the several Parishes lying between Putney and Rotherhithe, both inclusive, in the County of Surrey.  £10.00 
Wilson, Thomas
A Discourse upon Usury. With an Historical Introduction by R H Tawney.  £44.00 
American Academy of Political and Social Science
The Cost of Living. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.  £50.00 
Nugent, Jeffrey
Programming the Optimal Development of the Greek Economy, 1954-1961. Formulation of a Linear Programming Model in Evaluating Economic Planning and Performance of the Greek Economy.  £18.00 
Wright, Peter
The Coloured Worker in British Industry.  £10.00 
No Author Reports of the Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies For The Year Ending 31st December 1911. Particulars of Valuation Returns, Industrial and Provident Societies, Trade Unions.  £64.00 
Kaldor, Nicholas
Essays on Economic Stability and Growth.  £24.00 
Hunt, David
Right Ahead. Conservatism and the Social Market.  £12.00 
Ministry of Health
Housing Management. Management of Municipal Housing Estates. Second Report of the Housing Management Sub-Committee of the Central Housing Advisory Committee.  £10.00 
Hartog, F
European Trade Cycle Policy. European Aspects. A Collection of Studies Relating to European Integration.  £16.00 
Bridges, A
Milk Production. A Study of Variations in Costs 1934/5 to 1938/9.  £14.00 
Bloomfield, Arthur
Speculative and Flight Movements of Capital in Postwar International Finance.  £16.00 
Politics Today
Taxation, Public Spending and Social Security. The November 1993 Budget.  £14.00 
Secretary of State for Economic Affairs
Working for Prosperity. The National Plan in Brief.  £12.00 
Hirsch, Fred
SDRs and the Working of the Gold Exchange Standard.  £8.00 
Deane, Phyllis
Capital Formation in Britain before the Railway Age.  £8.00 
Deane, Phyllis
The Long-Term Trends in World Economic Growth.  £8.00 
Deane, Phyllis
Contemporary Estimates of National Income in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century.  £8.00 
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