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Bernstein, Blanche
The Pattern of Consumer Debt, 1935-36. A Statistical Analysis.  £12.00 
National Bureau of Economic Research
Aspects of Labor Economics. A Conference of the Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research.  £14.00 
Packer, Bill
Baker, Elaine
A Tax Guide to Remuneration and Fringe Benefits.  £84.00 
National Bureau of Economic Research
Conference on Research in Business Finance. Held Under the Auspices of Universities-National Bureau and the Committee for Economic Research.  £10.00 
Bartell Jr, H
Simpson, Elizabeth
Pension Funds of Multiemployer Industrial Groups, Unions and Nonprofit Organizations.  £8.00 
Stanback Jr, Thomas
Tax Changes and Modernization in the Textile Industry.  £8.00 
Murray, Roger
Economic Aspects of Pensions. A Summary Report.  £8.00 
Chudson, Walter
The Pattern of Corporate Financial Structure. A Cross-Section View of Manufacturing, Mining, Trade, and Construction, 1937.  £16.00 
Durand, David
Risk Elements in Consumer Instalment Financing.  £26.00 
Manpower. A Series of Studies of the Composition and Distribution of Britain's Labour-Force.  £12.00 
Allen, G
Agricultural Marketing Policies.  £20.00 
Pendle, George
Uruguay. South America's First Welfare State.  £14.00 
Dowling, B R
Durkan, J
Irish Economic Policy. A Review of Major Issues.  £18.00 
Gower, L
The Principles of Modern Company Law.  £20.00 
Kemp, Murray
The Demand for Canadian Imports 1926-55.  £22.00 
Shen, T H
Agricultural Resources of China.  £30.00 
Wallich, Henry
Public Finance in a Developing Country.  £12.00 
Burgess, Ernest
Aging in Western Societies. A Comparative Study.  £14.00 
Heller, Walter
Savings in the Modern Economy. A Symposium.  £18.00 
Oxenfeldt, Alfred
Economic Systems in Action. The United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom.  £28.00 
Bray, Sewell
Four Essays in Accounting Theory.  £18.00 
Schumann, C G W
Van Den Bogaerde, F
Economic Diagnosis and Business Forecasting. With Special Reference to South Africa.  £36.00 
Selby-Smith, Chris
The Costs of Further Education. A British Analysis.  £33.00 
Caves, Richard
Multinational Enterprise and Economic Analysis.  £10.00 
Giddens, Anthony
Stanworth, Philip
Elites and Power in British Society.  £12.00 
Domberger, Simon
Industrial Structure, Pricing and Inflation.  £22.00 
Stone, Richard
Peterson, William
Econometrics Contributions to Public Policy. Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Urbino, Italy.  £110.00 
Kindleberger, Charles
Economics in the Long View. Essays in Honour of W W Rostow. Volume 1: Models and Methodology.  £18.00 
Pfouts, Ralph
Essays in Economics and Econometrics. A Volume in Honor of Harold Hotelling.  £22.00 
Markowitz, Harry
Manne, A S
Studies in Process Analysis. Economy-Wide Production Capabilities. Cowles Foundation Monographs Volume 18.  £38.00 
Brunner, Karl
Meltzer, Allan
Policies for Employment, Prices, and Exchange Rate.  £14.00 
Courakis, Anthony
Inflation, Depression and Economic Policy in the West.  £22.00 
Kruse, D C
Monetary Integration in Western Europe: EMU, EMS and Beyond.  £24.00 
Lydall, Harold
The Structure of Earnings.  £13.00 
Brems, Hans
Output, Employment, Capital, and Growth.  £16.00 
Niehans, Jung
The Theory of Money.  £13.00 
Mizen, Paul
Buffer Stock Models and the Demand for Money.  £14.00 
Caves, Richard
Multinational Enterprise and Economic Analysis,.  £10.00 
Moss, Gabriel
Lightman, Gavin
The Law of Receivers and Administrators of Companies.  £86.00 
Nevin, Edward
The Problem of the National Debt.  £26.00 
Sandford, Cedric
Pond, Chris
Taxation and Social Policy.  £20.00 
Hackett, John
Hackett, Anne-Marie
Economic Planning in France.  £10.00 
Champernowne, David
The Distribution of Income Between Persons.  £22.00 
Caravale, Giovanni
Tosato, Domenico
Un Modello Ricardiano di Sviluppo Economico.  £26.00 
Papadimitriou, Dimitri
Aspects of Distribution of Wealth and Income.  £18.00 
Popkin, Joel
Analysis of Inflation: 1965-1974.  £36.00 
Bergstrom, A R
The Construction and Use of Economic Models.  £36.00 
Cook, P Lesley
Effects of Mergers: Six Studies.  £12.00 
Furtado, Celso
Development and Underdevelopment. A Structural View of the Problems of Development and Underdeveloped Economies.  £18.00 
Oppenlander, Karl
Poser, Gunter
Contributions of Business Cycle Surveys to Empirical Economics.  £14.00 
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