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Associazione Bancaria Italiana
Relazione sull'Attività svolta nell'Anno 1978 - 1979, Presentata all'Assemblea del 5 Luglio 1979.  £40.00 
Werding, Jan
Affarsbankernas Rantabilitet, Soliditet och Tillvaxt: En empirisk Studie av de Avenska Affarsbankerna 1959 - 1977.  £120.00 
Stone, Richard
Quantity and Price Indexes in National Accounts.  £34.00 
Rowan, David
Banking in Nigeria. A Studi in Colonial Financial Evolution.  £10.00 
Inman, Robert
McGuire, Martin
Financing the New Federalism: Revenue Sharing, Conditional Grants, and Taxation.  £46.00 
Henderson, William Otto
The Zollverein.  £16.00 
Boeke, J H
Economics and Economic Policy of Dual Societies as Exemplified by Indonesia.  £18.00 
Strasser, Daniel
Finances of Europe.  £68.00 
Maxwell, James
Aronson, Richard
Financing State and Local Governments.  £14.00 
Davies, Glyn
Building Societies and their Branches: A Regional Economic Survey.  £18.00 
Lim, Catherine
Economic Growth and Development in West Malaysia, 1947 - 1970.  £18.00 
Duly, S J
Natural Wealth of Britain.  £24.00 
Cornish, W B
Modern Geography. Book 5: Asia.  £18.00 
Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development: Programme and Policy Recommendations.  £20.00 
Breheny, Michael
McQuaid, Ronald
Development of High Technology Industries.  £24.00 
Hansen, Niels
Challenge of Urban Growth: The Basic Economics of City Size and Structure.  £26.00 
Urban Environmental Indicators.  £46.00 
Evans, D Morier
Facts, Failures, and Frauds Revelations Financial, Mercantile, Criminal.  £18.00 
Armstrong, H W
Vickerman, R W
Convergence and Divergence Among European Regions.  £16.00 
Krippendorf, Jost
The Holiday Makers: Understanding the Impact of Leisure and Travel.  £12.00 
Clapham, J H
Economic Development of France and Germany, 1815 - 1914.  £12.00 
Rawlinson, H G
Intercourse Between India and the Western World: From the Earliest Times to The Fall of Rome.  £14.00 
Menger, Anton
The Right of the Whole Produce of Labour. The Origin and Development of the Theory of Labour's Claim to the Whole Product of Industry.  £34.00 
Mishan, E J
The Costs of Economic Growth.  £5.00 
Pred, Allen
City-Systems in Advanced Economies.  £8.00 
Williams, R H
Wood, Barry
Industrial Property Markets in Western Europe.  £22.00 
Hudson, Ray
Production, Places and Environment.  £16.00 
Bowers, J K
Cheshire, Paul
Agriculture, the Countryside and Land Use: An Economic Critique.  £10.00 
Schumpeter, Joseph
Ten Great Economists From Marx to Keynes. First Edition.  £36.00 
Gregson, Nicky
Lowe, Michelle
Servicing the Middle Classes. Class, Gender and Waged Domestic Labour in Contemporary Britain.  £10.00 
Stockman, Norman
Bonney, Norman
Xuewen, Sheng
Women's Work in East and West. The Dual Burden of Employment and Family Life.  £10.00 
Strassmann, Diana
Seguino, Stephanie
Stevens, Thomas
Lutz, Mark
Gender and Cooperative Behaviour: Economic Man Rides Alone (Feminist Economics Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 1996)  £6.00 
Revell, Jack
The Changing Face of European Banks and Securities.  £62.00 
Revell, Jack
The Changing Face of European Banks and Securities.  £60.00 
Longrigg, Stephen
Oil in the Middle East: Its Discovery and Development.  £26.00 
Atkinson, Fred
Hall, Stephen
Oil and the British Economy.  £16.00 
Andersen, Torben
Dalum, Bent
The Danish Economy. An International Perspective.  £36.00 
Freedman, Robert
Marx On Economics.  £4.00 
Wallace, William
Britain in Europe.  £7.00 
Peter, Chris Maina
Foreign Private Investment in Tanzania. A Study of the Legal Framework.  £46.00 
Seers, Dudley
Vaitsos, Constantine
Integration and Unequal Development.  £16.00 
Jowett, Paul
Rothwell, Margaret
Performance Indicators in the Public Sector.  £24.00 
Cargill, Thomas
The Political Economy of Japanese Monetary Policy.  £16.00 
Chadwick, J W
Ballina: Local Study in Regional Economic Development.  £46.00 
Regional Problems and Policies in Greece.  £34.00 
Revell, Jack
The Changing Face of European Banks and Securities.  £64.00 
Ariff, Mohamed
The Pacific Economy: Growth and External Stability.  £22.00 
Kay, John
Privatization and Regulation: The UK Experience.  £8.00 
Hobsbawm, Eric
Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life.  £6.00 
Grossman, Herschel
Money Employment and Inflation.  £14.00 
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