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Deane, Phyllis
The Output of the British Woolen Industry in the Eighteenth Century.  £8.00 
Deane, Phyllis
The Industrial Revolution and Economic Growth. The Evidence of Early British National Income Estimates.  £8.00 
Deane, Phyllis
Contemporary Estimates of National Income in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century.  £8.00 
Registry of Friendly Societies
Building Societies: Return to an Order of the House of Commons "of an Abstract of the Accounts Furnished by Building Societies Incorporated to the 31st Day of December 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, under the Building Societies Acts".  £124.00 
Cole, D E
The Income Expenditure and Saving of Old People Households in Cambridgeshire.  £8.00 
Trebilcock, Clive
Rüstung und Industrie. Zum "spin-off" Problem in der britischen Wirtschaftsgeschichte, 1760 - 1914.  £10.00 
Farrell, M J
The Measurement of Productive Efficiency.  £8.00 
Wedderburn, Dorothy
Poverty in Britain Today- The Evidence.  £8.00 
Roth, G J
Beesley, M E
Restraint of Traffic in Congested Areas.  £8.00 
Brown, J A C
Bain, A D
Trends in the Consumption of Citrus Fruit in the United Kingdon.  £8.00 
Singh, Ajit
Political Economy of Socialist Development in China.  £10.00 
Livesey, D A
Optimum City Size: A Minimum Congestion Cost Approach.  £8.00 
Corley, T A B
How Do Business Men Plan Production? A Case Study of the Radio and Television Industry 1951-60.  £8.00 
Fisher, G R
Some Factors Influencing Share Prices.  £8.00 
Reddaway, W B
An Analysis of Take-Overs.  £8.00 
Pratten, C F
How Higher Wages Can Cause Unemployment.  £8.00 
Taylor, C T
Do We Still Need a Patent System.  £8.00 
Bray, Sewell
Sheasby, Basil
Design of Accounts.  £24.00 
Strotz, R H
Myopia and Inconsistencey in Dynamic Utility Maximization.  £8.00 
Atkinson, A B
The Tax Credit Scheme & Redistribution of Income.  £24.00 
Layard, Richard
More Jobs, Less Inflation.  £12.00 
Bray, Sewell
The Accounting Mission.  £19.00 
Institute of Actuaries
Proceedings of the Centenary Assembly of the Institute of Actuaries. 3 Volumes, Complete set.  £100.00 
Beer, Samuel
Treasury Control.  £10.00 
Bray, Sewell
Sheasby, Basil
Design of Accounts.  £22.00 
Bird, Richard
Oldman, Oliver
Readings on Taxation in Developing Countries.  £18.00 
Livingstone, H M
A Guide to the Public Records of Scotland deposited in H.M. General Register House Edinburgh.  £26.00 
Feldstein, Martin
Behavioural Simulation Methods in Tax Policy Analysis.  £20.00 
Ballard, Charles
Fullerton, Don
General Equilibrium Model for Tax Policy Evaluation.  £26.00 
Public Finance in Theory and Practice.  £14.00 
Keen, Michael
The Economy and the 1984 Budget.  £24.00 
Matthews, R C O
Stafford, G B
The Grants Economy and Collective Consumption. International Economic Association Conference Proceedings.  £28.00 
Reddaway, W B
Effects of the Selective Employment Tax. Final Report.  £24.00 
Kojima, Kiyoshi
Trade, Investment and Pacific Economic Integration. Selected Essays of Kiyoshi Kojima.  £48.00 
Piggot, John
Whalley, John
UK Tax Policy and Applied General Equilibrium Analysis.  £24.00 
Sender, John
Smith, Sheila
The Development of Capitalism in Africa.  £10.00 
Boskin, Michael
Aaron, Henry
Economics of Taxation.  £12.00 
Digby, Kenelm Edward
An Introduction to the History of the Law of Real Property. Fifth Edition.  £32.00 
Holland, W
Commodity Control in the Pacific.  £32.00 
Freeman, Edward
The Historical Geography of Europe.  £28.00 
Smith, J Russell
Industrial and Commercial Geography.  £22.00 
Smith, J Russell
The World's Food Resources.  £18.00 
Beveridge, William
The Public Service in War and Peace.  £24.00 
Meumann, Ernst
Ökonomie und Technik des Gedächtnisses. Experimentelle Untersuchungen über das Merken und Behalten.  £12.00 
Aumann, Robert
Hart, Sergiu
Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications. Volume 2.  £46.00 
Aumann, Robert
Hart, Sergiu
Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications. Volume 1.  £54.00 
Supple, Barry
The History of the British Coal Industry: Volume 4: 1914-1946: The Political Economy of Decline.  £120.00 
Binney, J E D
British Public Finance and Administration, 1774 - 1792.  £16.00 
Supple, Barry
Essays in British Business History.  £10.00 
Matsushita, Mitsuo
The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice and Policy.  £24.00 
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