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Hunt, Gladys
Listen to Me!  £24.00 
Hearder, Harry
Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830 - 1880.  £8.00 
Schumacher, E F
Small is Beautiful.  £7.00 
Sanders, Ed
The Family - The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion.  £8.00 
Posner, Charles
Reflections on the Revolution in France: 1968.  £8.00 
Pateman, Trevor
Counter Course: A Handbook for Course Criticism.  £8.00 
Barnett, S A
Canon Barnett. His Life, Work, and Friends, by His Wife.  £24.00 
Couland, Jacques
L'éveil du monde arabe.  £12.00 
Greverus, Ina-Maria
Frankfurter Feste. Von Wem? Für Wen?  £34.00 
Edds, Margaret
Free at Last.  £12.00 
Bukowski, Charles
Notes of a Dirty Old Man.  £24.00 
Gregory, Derek
Fetter, F W
Monetary and Financial Policy in 19th Century Britain.  £12.00 
Tobler, John
The Beach Boys.  £8.00 
Hamilton, Ian
Eight Poets, Edited by Ian Hamilton for the Poetry Book Society. Christmas 1968.  £14.00 
Bygrave, Mike
Time Out's Book of London.  £15.00 
Jones, Trevor
Young, Jock
Cowell, David
Policing the Riots.  £14.00 
Labour Party
The Labour Party Conference 1967, 1968, 1969. The Guardian Reports.  £24.00 
Straw, Jack
Universities: Boundaries of Change.  £8.00 
Verney, W R
In Memoriam. The Late Rev Henry John Torre of Norton Curlieu, near Warwick. (Baily's Magazine)  £28.00 
Ditchley Foundation
The Ditchley Foundation Papers: Public Welfare Services, Students and Universities, The Meaning of an Academic Community, Population Growth, An International Weather Forecast.  £50.00 
Bindman, Geoffrey
Street, Harry
Howe, Geoffrey
Anti-Discrimination Legislation. The Street Report. Sponsored by the Race Relations Board and the National Committee for Commonwealth Immigrants.  £34.00 
Newitt, M D D
The Portuguese on the Zambesi from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Centuries.  £15.00 
Poland, Jefferson
Alison, Valerie
Gold, Herbert
The Records of the San Francisco Sexual Freedom League.  £22.00 
Willson, Leslie
Rundell, Richard
Liedermacher (Dimension. Contemporary German Arts and Letters)  £14.00 
Berberova, Nina
Alexandre Blok et son temps: Suivi d'un choix de poèmes.  £8.00 
Illich, Ivan
Celebration of Awareness. A Call for Institutional Revolution. Introd Erich Fromm.  £6.00 
Cooper, David
The Death of the Family.  £12.00 
Pasle-Green, Jeanne
Haynes, Jim
Hello, I Love You: A Collection of Voices, Orchestrated by Jeanne Pasle-Green and Jim Haynes.  £22.00 
No Author Roots, No 3. 1974 (Ecology Action East)  £20.00 
Chapman, Michael John
B - 1. A Collection of Poems. Edited by Vidya Sagar Anand.  £34.00 
No Author Roots, No 2. 1971 (Ecology Action East)  £20.00 
Guevara, Che
Castro, Fidel
The Diary of Che Guevara. Introductory Essay by Fidel Castro. Special Issue of Ramparts.  £48.00 
Canty, Donald
City. A Bi-Monthly Review of Urban America. Nov / Dec 1968.  £12.00 
Dennis, Nigel
Kermode, Frank
Encounter, January 1967 - November 1968.  £44.00 
Warren, Kenneth
No Planning for Europe: An academic takes a critical look at present regional policies and asks how they fit into the plan to enter the Common Market (=The Times Review of Industry and Technology, 1966,Vol.4, No. 9).  £8.00 
Dawson, Tom
Oil for the Port of London (=The Times Review of Industry and Technology, 1967,Vol.5, No. 10).  £15.00 
Hart, Harold
Aldrich, Michael
Drugs: For and Against.  £12.00 
Wallraff, Günter
Vorläufiger Lebenslauf: Nach Akten und Selbstaussagen des Stefan B.  £15.00 
Crick, Bernard
Robson, William
Protest and Discontent.  £8.00 
No Author Exposicion Solar 1968. (Programa Cultural de la xix Olimpiada)  £24.00 
Harris Public Library
Francis Thompson Centenary 1859-1959: Catalogue of Manuscripts, Letters and Books in the Harris Public Library, Preston. Based on the Collection Presented by Mr. J.H.Spencer in 1950.  £28.00 
Schonfeld, William
Obedience and Revolt: French Behaviour to Authority: French Behaviour Toward Authority.  £12.00 
Masotti, Louis
Shoot Out in Cleveland: Black Militants and the Police July 23, 1968.  £14.00 
Allardt, Erik
Mass Politics: Studies in Political Sociology.  £30.00 
Ebbin, Steven
Kasper, Raphael
Citizen Groups and the Nuclear Power Controversy: Uses of Scientific and Technological Information.  £12.00 
Poetry Review
Poetry Review. Volume 60, 1969. 4 issues.  £10.00 
Fairfield, Dick
The Modern Utopian. Communes, USA. Special 3-in-1 Issue (= Vol 5, No 1-3).  £24.00 
Peabody, Richard
Mavericks: Nine Independent Publishers.  £10.00 
Hall, Gus
The Crisis of Everyday Living and the Winning Fightback. The Communist Party's View.  £8.00 
Hulanicki, Barbara
From A to Biba.  £60.00 
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