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Urban America Inc
The Urban Coalition
One Year Later. An Assessment of the Nation's Response to the Crisis Described by the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders.  £8.00 
Attac. Enquête au Coeur des Multinationales.  £8.00 
Matgamna, Sean
Workers' Fight and the Fourth International.  £8.00 
Magezis, Joy
Vanishing Act.  £6.00 
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Songs for Peace.  £8.00 
Ferry, W H
Farewell to Arms. A Case for Unilateral Disarmament.  £8.00 
Cannan, Edwin
The Economic Outlook. First Edition.  £30.00 
Automobile Association
The Showstoppers (= Drive. AA Motorist's Magazine, Autumn 1968)  £6.00 
Posadas, J
Lotta Operaria. Anno 13, No 443, 20 Maggio 1975.  £8.00 
Dubh, Bratach
Armed Struggle in Italy. A Chronology. (1976 - 1978)  £24.00 
Spinelli, Maria Pia
Chiavacci, Enrico
La condizione femminile. (Quaderni di Azione Sociale, 7 & 8)  £14.00 
Monicelli, Mino
L'ultra sinistra in Italia, 1968 - 1978.  £10.00 
Posadas, J
La lotta di classe, la "coesistenza pacifica" e la lotta per il socialismo.  £8.00 
Klugmann, James
Oestreicher, Paul
What Kind of Revolution? A Christian-Communist Dialogue.  £6.00 
Kee, Alistair
A Reader in Political Theology.  £6.00 
Horowitz, David
Collier, Peter
Destructive Generation. Second Thoughts About the 60's.  £9.00 
Henry, Carl
Quest for Reality, Christianity and the Counter Culture.  £8.00 
Ryle, Martin
Towards the Nuclear Holocaust.  £4.00 
Jasper, Tony
Understanding Pop.  £9.00 
No Author The Autonomy of the Women's Movement.  £5.00 
Debray, Régis
Habermas, Jürgen
Weber, Henri
Van Parijs, Philippe
New Left Review No 115, Special Issue: The Legacy of May '68.  £10.00 
No Author Survival. International Institute for Strategic Studies. A Batch.  £24.00 
Eagleton, Terry
Said, Edward
Aronowitz, Stanley
Social Text: Theory / Culture / Ideology. Volume 1, No 1 - 3.  £20.00 
Mitchell, Adrian
Out Loud.  £16.00 
Thompson, E P
Protest and Survive.  £8.00 
Assoun, Paul-Laurent
L'Ecole de Francefort.  £8.00 
Charlesworth, Chris
The Sixties. Story of a Decade.  £6.00 
Nisbet, Robert
Who Killed the Student Movement? (Encounter, February 1970, Volume 34, No 2)  £7.20 
Bonnafé, Alphonse
Georges Brassens. Edition Refondue et augmentee.  £8.00 
Berrigan, Daniel
America is hard to Find: Writings from the Underground and Prison by the Radical Priest-Poet and War-Register.  £8.00 
Alexandre, Marianne
On Trial: Fidel Castro / Regis Debray.  £21.60 
Leonhardt, Fritz
Studentenunruhen Ursachen Reformen. Ein Plädoyer für die Jugend.  £8.00 
Schumacher, E F
Small is Beautiful.  £6.00 
Maderspacher, Florian
Winzen, Harald
Gegen-öffentlichkeit: Medienhandbuch für Bürgerinitiativen, Gruppen, Schülerzeitungen u.a. Flugblätter, Plakate, Schrift, Druck, Info-Stand.  £9.00 
Schumacher, E F
Small is Beautiful.  £5.00 
Goëss, Franz
Beer, Manfred
Prager Anschläge. Bilddokumente des gewaltlosen Widerstandes.  £8.00 
Houlton, Bob
The Activist's Handbook. Making More Than Futile Gestures.  £4.00 
Campbell, J R
Gallacher, William
Direct Action. An Outline of workshop and social organisation.  £10.00 
Illich, Ivan
After Deschooling, What?  £6.00 
No Author Encounter Groups.  £7.00 
Waskow, Arthur
From Race Riot to Sit-In, 1919 and the 1960s.  £6.30 
No AuthorRosset, Barney
Evergreen Review. Volume 3, No. 9.  £6.00 
Translations from the Portuguese Revolution.  £13.50 
Hechinger, Grace and Fred
Teenage Tyranny.  £10.80 
Quijano, Anibal
Nationalism and Capitalism in Peru. Transl. Helen Lane.  £7.20 
No Author Evergreen Review Vol 7, No. 31.  £7.00 
No Author Rhodent. Student Journal of Rhodes University, South Africa. Issues for 1971, 1972.  £12.00 
No Author Lunicorn. Student Journal of Rhodes University, South Africa. Issue for 1971, 1972.  £12.00 
Sozialistische Politik, Nr 4, Dezember 1969.  £10.00 
Sozialistische Politik, Nr 3, Oktober 1969.  £8.00 
Displaying 101 to 150 (of 183 books) Page  1  2  3  4