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Whitmore, Richard
Victorian and Edwardian Crime and Punishment from Old Photographs.  £10.00 
McIntyre, W D
British Policy in West Africa: The Ashanti Expedition of 1873-4.  £12.00 
Chambers, Charles
The Greek War of Independence (1821 - 1827): Being a Greek Text for Beginners, with Notes, Exercises, Vocabularies and Maps (Series)  £12.00 
Seward, A C
Two Orbituaries for Albert Charles Seward (1863 - 1941)  £8.00 
Kräusel, Richard
Paul Menzel.  £8.00 
Seward, A C
Sir Joseph Hooker and Charles Darwin. The History of a Forty Years' Friedship.  £12.00 
Rohr, Ignaz
Ersatzversuche für das biblische Christusbild.  £8.00 
Soden, Hermann
Hat Jesus Gelebt? Aus den geschichtlichen Urkunden beantwortet.  £10.00 
Rohr, Ignaz
Der Vernichtungskampf gegen das biblische Christusbild.  £8.00 
Wolffson, Johannes
Die Voraussetzungen der Haftung für zugesicherte Eigenschaften der Kaufsache nach bürgerlichem Recht, ausschließlich des Tierkaufs.  £26.00 
Dann, Joseph
German Commercial Correspondence. With Exercises, German-English and English-German Glossaries, Hints on Letter-Writing, German Idioms and Copious Notes.  £18.00 
Moser, Walter
Der Physiologe Jakob Moleschott, 1822-1893, und seine Philosophie.  £10.00 
Wohl, Anthony
Endangered Lives: Public Health in Victorian Britain.  £16.00 
Moleschott, Jacobus
De Eenheid des Levens.  £14.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Autobiography.  £14.00 
Hyde, Montgomery
A Victorian Historian. Private Letters of W E H Lecky, 1859-1878.  £14.00 
Draper, W H
Sir Nathan Bodington. First Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds.  £20.00 
Women's Labour League
Women Workers Fellowship is Life. Souvenir of Womens' Labour Day, Saturday 17 July 1909.  £64.00 
Stepelevich, Lawrence
The Young Hegelians. An Anthology.  £22.00 
Arnold, David
Colonizing the Body: State Medicine and Epidemic Disease in Nineteenth-Century India.  £12.00 
Woods, Robert
Urban Disease and Mortality in Nineteenth Century England.  £14.00 
Matossian, Mary
Poisons of the Past: Moulds, Epidemics and History.  £16.00 
Agostino da Montefeltro
Selections from the Sermons of Padre Agostino da Montefeltro. First Series, Second Series. Edited by Catherine Mary Phillimore.  £16.00 
Rothfels, H
Bismarck und Karl Marx.  £8.00 
Marx, Leo
The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal in America.  £12.00 
Tennyson, Alfred
Selwyn, William
Enoch Arden, Poema Tennysonianum Latine Redditum.  £34.00 
Griswold, Stephen
Sixty Years with Plymouth Church.  £16.00 
Houée, Paul
Les Étapes du Développement Rural. 1: Une Longue Évolution (1815 - 1950). 2: La Révolution Contemporaine (1950 - 1970)  £20.00 
Jenkins, Brian
Nationalism in France: Class and Nation since 1789.  £10.00 
Pavie, Auguste
Mission Pavie. Indo-Chine 1879 - 1895. Geographie et Voyages 6: Passage du Me-khong au Tonkin (1887 - 1891)  £140.00 
McLeod, Roy
Lewis, Milton
Disease, Medicine and Empire: Perspectives on Western Medicine and the Experience of European Expansion.  £88.00 
Coleman, William
The Investigative Enterprise: Experimental Physiology in Nineteenth-Century Medicine.  £22.00 
Berman, Morris
Social Change and Scientific Organisation. The Royal Institution 1799 - 1844.  £10.00 
Bernard, Claude
Lectures on the Phenomena of Life Common to Animals and Plants.  £88.00 
Lawrence, Christopher
Medical Theory, Surgical Practice: Studies in the History of Surgery.  £56.00 
Rosenberg, Charles
The Care of Strangers: The Rise of America's Hospital System.  £16.00 
Smith, F B
People's Health, 1830 - 1910.  £18.00 
Kohlstedt, Sally
Formation of the American Scientific Community: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1848 - 1860.  £24.00 
O'Callaghan, D B
World War I.  £8.00 
Hollis, Patricia
Pressure from without in Early Victorian England.  £14.00 
Myerscough, John
Lowerson, John
Time to Spare in Victorian England.  £24.00 
Adams, Carol
Bartley, Paula
Under Control. Life in a Nineteenth-Century Silk-Factory.  £14.00 
Wilkes, John
The London Police in the Nineteenth Century.  £12.00 
Tytler, Sarah
Six Royal Ladies of The House of Hanover. With Portraits.  £14.00 
Wilkes, John
The London Police in the Nineteenth Century.  £8.00 
Seddon, Edmund
Modern Economic History. British Economic and Social History 1760 to 1978.  £6.00 
Tames, Richard
Documents of the Industrial Revolution 1750 to 1850.  £8.00 
Blunden, Edmund
William Crowe (1745 to 1829)  £14.00 
Gard, Elizabeth
The British Trade Unions.  £8.00 
Rose, Hugh James
A New General Biographical Dictionary. In Twelve Volumes. Volume 9 ONLY. Jephson - Martin.  £18.00 
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