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Cordier, Stéphane
L'Arc N° 25: Expressionnisme.  £12.00 
Rimbaud, Arthur
Lebon, Andre
Centre Culturel Arthur Rimbaud: Cahiers, 1 - 10 (Complete)  £140.00 
Hegel, G W F
Esthétique.  £88.00 
Mallarmé, Stéphane
Mondor, Henri
Stéphane Mallarmé: Correspondance, Vols 1 - 11. Recueillie, classée et annotée par Henri Mondor (et Lloyd James Austin) (Lacking Volume 7)  £260.00 
Gourmont, Remy de
Promenades Littéraires. Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 (Lacking volume 5)  £38.00 
List, Friedrich
Friedrich List's Leben, aus seinem Nachlasse, bearbeitet von Ludwig Hausser. (Gesammelte Schriften. Volume 1 ONLY)  £20.00 
Gilson, Étienne
La Philosophie au Moyen Age.  £28.00 
Anderson, Robert
Modern Geography for the Use of Schools: New Edition Corrected to 1867.  £12.00 
James, Henry
The Princess Casamassima.  £24.00 
Newman, John Henry
John Henry Newman: Portraits.  £24.00 
Tristram, Henry
Cardinal Newman and the Church of Birmingham Oratory. A History and a Guide.  £18.00 
Oliphant, Mrs
William Blackwood and his Sons. Their Magazine and Friends. Annals of a Publishing House. Volume 1 ONLY.  £14.00 
Elliott-Binns, L E
The Early Evangelicals: A Religious and Social Study.  £22.00 
Baker, Alfred
The Life of Sir Isaac Pitman, Inventor of Phonography.  £16.00 
Christie, Mary
Carlyle and the London Library. Account of its Foundation: Together with Unpublished Letters of Thomas Carlyle to W D Christie.  £18.00 
Foat, F E K
The Story of W H Smith and Son. This Edition, brought up to date and Revised by F E K Foat, based on the First Edition (1921) written by R Pocklington.  £14.00 
Couper, W J
The Millers of Haddington, Dunbar and Dunfermline: A Record of Scottish Bookselling.  £36.00 
Maclehose, James
The Glasgow University Press 1638 - 1931. With some Notes on Scottish Printing in the last Three Hundred Years.  £20.00 
Kilgour, R
Estes and Lauriat: A History, 1872 - 1898. With a Brief Account of Dana Estes and Company, 1898 - 1914.  £20.00 
Marston, Edward
Sketches of Booksellers of Other Days.  £14.00 
Dent & Sons
Memoirs of J M Dent 1849 - 1926.- With some Additions by Hugh R Dent.  £14.00 
Rivington, Septimus
The Publishing House of Rivington.  £34.00 
Austen-Leigh, R A
The Story of a Printing House: Being a Short Account of the Strahans and Spottiswoodes.  £12.00 
Kaser, David
Messrs Carey and Lea of Philadelphia: A Study in the History of the Booktrade.  £14.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
The Man Who Gave Away Millions. The Story of Andrew Carnegie.  £10.00 
Maurois, André
Disraeli.  £4.00 
Densham, P
London Transport. Its Locomotives. Complete Details of all Locomotive Stock of London Transport and its Constituents Between 1863 and 1946.  £10.00 
Reise in Italien. (Rome, Naples et Florence en 1817). Deutsch von Friedrich von Oppeln-Bronikowski. Mit zahlreichen Briefen und unveröffentlichten Bruchstücken, sowie 23 Abbildungen nach alten Kupfern.  £14.00 
Lamprecht, Karl
Moderne Geschichtswissenschaft. Fünf Neu-Yorker Vorträge.  £14.00 
Macdonald, Helen
Possessing the Dead. The Artful Science of Anatomy.  £16.00 
Young, R M
Mind, Brain, and Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century.  £26.00 
Luckin, Bill
Pollution and Control. A Social History of the Thames in the Nineteenth Century.  £26.00 
Weiffenbach, Wilhelm
Der Wiederkunftsgedanke Jesu: Nach den Synoptikern kritisch untersucht und dargestellt.  £32.00 
Barfoot, Michael
"To ask the suffrages of the patrons": Thomas Laycock and the Edinburgh Chair of Medicine, 1855.  £24.00 
Pereira, Jonathan
Selecta e Praescriptis: Selections from Physicians Prescriptions. To which is Added a Key, Containing the Prescriptions in an Unabbreviated Form, with a Literal Translation; For the Use of Medical and Pharmaceutical Students.  £34.00 
Maupassant, Guy de
Bould de Suif and other Short Stories.  £18.00 
Vaux, Edward
Sermon Notes: Helps for Young or Overworked Preachers.  £14.00 
No Author Religious Progress. The Practical Christianity of Christ.  £24.00 
Nock, O S
50 Years of Western Express Running.  £12.00 
No Author Commers-Buch für den deutschen Studenten.  £12.00 
Persson, Per
Studien zur Lehre von der Wurzelerweiterung und Wurzelvariation.  £36.00 
Egan, Pierce
Quintin Matsys, the Blacksmith of Antwerp.  £10.00 
Speed, P F
Learning and Teaching in Victorian Times.  £10.00 
Mason, Philip
A Matter of Honour. An Account of the Indian Army, Its Officers and Men.  £10.00 
Smith, Goldwin
Three Lectures on Modern History, delivered in Oxford, 1859 to 61.  £18.00 
Spencer, Herbert
Cell - Physiology. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 12, No 75, 1898)  £18.00 
Southwell, Thomas
On the Migration of the Right Whale (Balena Mysticetus). (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 12, No 76, 1898)  £18.00 
Bernard, Henry
A New Reading in the Annulate Ancestry of the Vertebrata. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 13, No 77, 1898)  £18.00 
Cunningham, J T
The Species, the Sex, and the Individual (Part 1). (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 13, No 79, 1898)  £16.00 
Cunningham, J T
The Species, the Sex, and the Individual (Part 2). (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 13, No 80, 1898)  £16.00 
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