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Levensohn, Yoel
The Warsaw Rabbinic Bible. Mikra'ot Gedolot. Miqra'ot Gedolot.  £3,600.00 
The Reconstruction of Georgia.  £20.00 
Young, James Stirling
The Washington Community, 1800 - 1828.  £14.00 
Hicks, John
The Populist Revolt. A History of the Farmers' Alliance and the People's Party.  £15.00 
Powell, Joseph Michael
Environmental Management in Australia, 1788-1914: Guardians, Improvers and Profit. An Introductory Survey.  £20.00 
Depuis, Jean
Le Tonkin de 1872 - 1886. Histoire et Politique.  £120.00 
Rubenstein, Joshua
Leon Trotsky: A Revolutionary's Life.  £12.00 
Coningsby, Robert James
The Discovery of Gold in Australia.  £56.00 
Allbutt, Thomas Clifford
Notes on the Composition of Scientific Papers.  £26.00 
Gilbert, J H
Lawes, J B
The Effect of Different Manures on the Mixed Herbage of Grassland.  £18.00 
Trelease, William
Botanical Opportunity.  £14.00 
Errera, Léo
Discours Prononcés aux Funérailles de Léo Errera, 4 Aout 1905.  £14.00 
Douvillé, H
René Zeiller. Notice Nécrologique.  £15.00 
Taylor, Henry
Autobiography of Henry Taylor, 1800 - 1875.  £44.00 
Kanitz, Felix
Donau-Bulgarien und der Balkan. Historisch-geographische-ethnographische Reisestudien aus den Jahren 1860 - 1879.  £280.00 
Mehring, H J F
Der Brief Pauli an die Römer. Erster Theil: Die ersten fünf Kapitel.  £24.00 
Broom, Herbert
Denman, George
Constitutional Law Viewed in Relation to Common Law, and Exemplified by Cases. Second Edition.  £160.00 
Saar, Ferdinand von
Sämtliche Werke.  £88.00 
Munzinger, Werner
Ostafrikanische Studien, mit einer Karte von Nord-Abyssinien und den Ländern am Mareb, Barka und Anseba.  £120.00 
Davy, Humphry
Guye, Philippe August
Humphry Davy, 1778 - 1829.  £15.00 
Gurney, John Joseph
Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney, with Selections from his Journal and Correspondence. Edited by Joseph Bevan Braithwaite. Third Edition.  £24.00 
Myers, Frederick
Essays - Modern.  £10.00 
Krylov , Ivan
Izbrannyja Basni. Auswahl aus Krylov's Fabeln.  £24.00 
Oloukpona-Yinnon, Adjai Paulin
La Revolte des Esclaves Mercenaires Duala, 1893 (Bayreuth African Studies, Number 10)  £36.00 
London, Jack
Payne, Edward Biron
The Soul of Jack London.  £10.00 
London, Jack
Children of the Frost.  £16.00 
London, Jack
The Abysmal Brute.  £16.00 
London, Jack
Faith of Men and Other Stories.  £12.00 
Mill, John Stuart
On Liberty and other Writings.  £10.00 
Schleicher, August
Compendium der vergleichenden Grammatik der Indogermanischen Sprachen. Kurzer Abriß einer Laut- und Formenlehre der indogermanischen Ursprache, des Altindischen, Altiranischen, Altgriechischen etc.  £88.00 
Phillimore, John George
Principles and Maxims of Jurisprudence.  £140.00 
Twiss, Travers
The Law of Nations, Considered as Independent Political Communities. On the Rights and Duties of Nations in Time of War. On the Rights and Duties of Nations in Time of Peace.  £420.00 
Skinner, James
A Fragment of a Journal in the East: Detailing the Last Days of the Rev W Withers Ewbank.  £120.00 
Allbutt, Thomas Clifford
Notes on the Composition of Scientific Papers.  £46.00 
Allbutt, Thomas Clifford
Notes on the Composition of Scientific Papers.  £32.00 
Alison, Archibald
History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in 1815 to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852. 8 Volumes plus Index Volume.  £160.00 
Whitman, C O
Some of the Functions and Features of a Biological Station.  £14.00 
Carpentier, Alfred
René Zeiller (1847 - 1915) Son Oeuvre Paléobotanique.  £12.00 
Moll, J W
C A J A Oudemans.  £14.00 
Bentham, George
Gray, Asa
Memorial of George Bentham.  £14.00 
Schouten, J C
Zur Erinnerung an Heinrich Wyder.  £14.00 
Moggridge, Traherne
Harvesting Ants and Trap-Door Spiders: Notes and Observations on Their Habits and Dwellings. With Supplement.  £64.00 
Le Gallienne, Richard
Volumes in Folio.  £64.00 
Radzinowicz, L
The Ratcliffe Murders.  £12.00 
Wallis, John
Macdonell, John
Reports of State Trials. New Series. Volume 1 - 7 (1820 - 1850)  £460.00 
Wallas, Graham
Our Social Heritage.  £12.00 
Webster, T L
Erskine May, Thomas
Grey, William Edward
A Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament. (Parliamentary Practice) 12th Edition.  £64.00 
Hitchcock, Edward
The Religion of Geology and its Connected Sciences.  £72.00 
Newman, Francis William
Phases of Faith, or: Passages from the History of My Creed.  £68.00 
Hargreaves, Emma
Loving Counsels. Thoughts and Hints for Wives and Mothers, Given at Mothers' Meetings.  £46.00 
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