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Inchbald, Mrs
The British Theatre; or, a Collection of Plays Vol. 6 Rule a Wife and Have a Wife. Chances. New Way to Pay Old Debts. Alexander the Great. All for Love.  £10.00 
Inchbald, Mrs
The British Theatre; or, a Collection of Plays Vol. 5. Coriolanus. Othello. Tempest. Twelfth Night. Every Man in His Humour  £10.00 
Inchbald, Mrs
The British Theatre; or, a Collection of Plays Vol. 4 King Lear. Cymbeline. Macbeth. Julius Caesar. Antony and Cleopatra.  £10.00 
Inchbald, Mrs
The British Theatre; or, a Collection of Plays Vol. 2 King Henry IV First Part. King Henry IV Second Part. Merchant of Venice. King Henry V. Much Ado About Nothing.  £10.00 
Inchbald, Mrs
The British Theatre; or, a Collection of Plays Vol. 3 As You Like It. Merry Wives of Windsor. King Henry VIII. Measure for Measure. Winter's Tale.  £10.00 
Guest, George
A Social History of England.  £8.00 
Hearder, Harry
Cavour.  £6.00 
Pryme, George
Bayne, Alicia
Autobiographic Recollections of George Pryme, Esq. MA.  £52.00 
Austen-Leigh, William
Augustus Austen Leigh, Provost of King's College. Cambridge. A Record of College Reform.  £16.00 
Lecky, Elizabeth
A Memoir of the Right Hon. William Edward Hartpole Lecky.  £22.00 
Campbell, Lewis
Jowett, Benjamin
Abbott, Evelyn
Letters of Benjamin Jowett, M.A. Master of Balliol College, Oxford.  £14.00 
Faber, Geoffrey
Jowett. A Portrait with Background.  £10.00 
No Author Letters of Lord Acton to Mary, Daughter of the Right Hon W E Gladstone.  £12.00 
Parry Liddon, Henry
Johnston, John
Life and Letters of Henry Parry Liddon.  £12.00 
Copley Christie, Richard
Shaw, William
Memoir with Selected Essays and Papers of Richard Copley Christie.  £28.00 
Geikie, Archibald
Class-Book of Geology.  £18.00 
Etheridge, Robert
Stratigraphical Geology and Palaeontology. (= Manual of Geology, Theoretical and Practical, Volume 2)  £46.00 
De Beer, Gavin
Handbook on Evolution.  £8.00 
Marryat, Captain
Peter Simple.  £8.00 
Figes, Eva
Patriarchal Attitudes: Women in Society.  £7.00 
Lubbock, John
British Wild Flowers Considered in Relation to Insects.  £12.00 
Gilbert, W S
The "Bab" Ballads, and More "Bab" Ballads. Much Sound and Little Sense. With Illustrations by the Author. Complete.  £22.00 
Herbert, Frederick William
The Defence of Plevna, Written by One Who Took Part in it.  £16.00 
White, John
St. Matthew's Gospel, with a Vocabulary.  £12.00 
Beeton, S O
Beeton's Classical Dictionary. A Cyclopaedia of Greek and Roman Biography, Geography, Mythology, and Antiquities.  £14.00 
Calverley, Charles
Literary Remains, with a Memoir by Sir Walter Sendall.  £10.00 
Calverley, Charles
Translations into English and Latin.  £12.00 
Schopenhauer, Arthur
Sämmtliche Werke (and) Handschriftlicher Nachlass. Ed. Eduard Grisebach.  £74.00 
Manzoni, Alessandro
Die Brautleute. Eine mailändische Geschichte aus dem 17ten Jahrhundert.  £28.00 
Grisebach, Eduard
Schopenhauer's Gespräche und Selbstgespräche. Zweite Auflage.  £18.00 
Kierkegaard, SØren
Der Gesichtspunkt für meine Wirksamkeit als Schriftsteller, Zwei kleine ethisch-religiöse Abhandlungen, Über meine Wirksamkeit als Schriftsteller. (Gesammelte Werke, Band 10)  £14.00 
Stoessl, Otto
Gottfried Keller.  £16.00 
Panizza, Oskar
Das Liebeskonzil. Eine Himmelstragödie. Dritte Auflage.  £200.00 
Höffding, Harald
Sören Kierkegaard als Philosoph.  £14.00 
Kirby, W F
Kalevala. The Land of Heroes. Complete 2 Volume Set.  £24.00 
University of Oxford
Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the State, Discipline, Studies, and Revenues of the University and Colleges of Oxford: Together with the Evidence and an Appendix.  £80.00 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Poetical Works.  £24.00 
Flew, Antony
Darwinian Evolution.  £8.00 
Daniel, Glyn
150 Years of Archaeology.  £12.00 
Froude, James Anthony
Short Studies on Great Subjects. Vol 2 only.  £8.00 
Morris, William
Beauty of Life: An Address Delivered at the Town Hall, Birmingham, in 1880.  £6.00 
Ford, Richard
Gatherings from Spain, by the Author of the Handbook of Spain; Chiefly Selected from that Work with Much New Matter. (First Edition)  £14.00 
Michael, Ian
Literature in School. A Guide to the Early Sources 1700 - 1830.  £18.00 
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Witkowski, Georg
Goethes Faust. Neunte Auflage. Erster Band, Zweiter Band.  £16.00 
Natorp, Paul
Platos Ideenlehre. Eine Einführung in den Idealismus.  £64.00 
Orland, Barbara
Wäsche waschen. Technik- und Sozialgeschichte der häuslichen Wäschepflege.  £12.00 
Fischer, J C
Die Freiheit des menschlichen Willens und die Einheit der Naturgesetze.  £10.00 
Hearnshaw, F J C
The Centenary History of King's College, London. 1828 to 1928.  £22.00 
Bailey, Gemma Creighton
Lady Margaret Hall. A Short History: issued on behalf of the Lady Margaret Hall Appeal Fund.  £42.00 
Dale, Peter Allan
The Victorian Critic and the Idea of History: Carlyle, Arnold, Pater.  £12.00 
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