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Johnson, W Branch
Carrington, John
The Hertfordshire Pepys. John Carrington of Bramfield and his Diary from 1797 to 1810.  £24.00 
Moffat, J P
Yorkshire Temperance Establishments Parts 1 and 2 (in The Yorkshire Numismatist Vols 1 and 2).  £12.00 
Sawyer, Frederick
Sussex Songs and Music. A Lecture Delivered at the Soiree Given by the Worshipful the Mayor of Brighton August 21st 1885 to the British Archaeological Association and the Learned Societies of Brighton.  £14.00 
Clare, John
Walsh, J H
The Poetry of John Clare. An Anthology.  £12.00 
Williams, Merryn
Women in the English Novel 1800 - 1900.  £48.00 
Schoon, Lidy
De Gynaecologie als Belichaming van Vrouwen. Verloskunde en Gynaecologie 1840 to 1920.  £16.00 
Blaise, Clark
Time Lord. The Remarkable Canadian Who Missed His Train, and Changed the World.  £12.00 
Harris, Ruth
The Man on Devil's Island. Alfred Dreyfus and the Affair that Divided France.  £18.00 
Armstrong, Neil
Christmas in Nineteenth-Century England.  £42.00 
Feuerbach, Ludwig
The Fiery Brook. Selected Writings. Translated and introduced by Zawar Hanfi.  £8.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Anima Poetae. From the Unpublished Note-Books of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  £36.00 
Whistler, James McNeill
Etchings by Whistler. Sixty Photographs from Original Prints.  £24.00 
Twain, Mark
The Prince and the Pauper.  £36.00 
Daudet, Alphonse
Le Petit Chose: Histoire d'un Enfant.  £34.00 
Banim, John
The Boyne Water.  £24.00 
Leppert, Richard
The Sight of Sound: Music, Representation and the History of the Body.  £14.00 
Kirk-Smith, H
William Thomson Archbishop of York. His Life and Times, 1819 - 90.  £12.00 
Nias, J C S
Gorham and the Bishop of Exeter.  £12.00 
Sassone Editrice
Catalogo dei Francobolli degli Antichi Stati Italiani e dei loro Annullamenti. XXX Edizione. Sassone Specializzato.  £34.00 
Jenks, Leland Hamilton
The Migration of British Capital to 1875.  £12.00 
Roe, W G
Lamennais and England. The Reception of Lamennais's Religious Ideas in England in the Nineteenth Century.  £10.00 
Gladden, Washington
Ely, Richard
Rauschenbusch, Walter
The Social Gospel in America 1870 - 1920.  £18.00 
Checkland, Sydney
British Public Policy 1776 - 1939. An Economic, Social and Political Perspective.  £12.00 
Gaskell, Philip
Morvern Transformed. A Highland Parish in the Nineteenth Century.  £12.00 
Gogol, Nikolai
Odojewskij, Wladimir
Petersburger Erzählungen. Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg. Magische Novellen. Deutsch von Johannes von Guenther.  £14.00 
Kurutz, Gary
Sir Robert E Cowan and the Genesis of the UCLA Library Californiana Collection.  £12.00 
Gilpatric, Guy
The Romantic Glencannon.  £18.00 
Tennyson, Alfred
The Selected Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.  £10.00 
Hamlin, Christopher
Public Health and Social Justice in the Age of Chadwick: Britain, 1800 - 1854.  £20.00 
Molesworth, Mary Louisa
Robin Redbreast. A Story for Girls.  £14.00 
Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe
Molly Bawn.  £16.00 
Brougham, Henry
Dissertations on Subjects of Science connected with Natural Theology: Being the Concluding Volumes of the New Edition of Paley's Work.  £56.00 
Gage, Simon Henry
The Microscope. An Introduction to Microscopic Methods and to Histology.  £68.00 
MacLeod, Roy
Government and Expertise. Specialists, Administrators and Professionals, 1860 to 1919.  £54.00 
Farmer, John
Gaudeamus. A Selection of Songs for Colleges and Schools.  £16.00 
Porter, Roy
The Medical History of Waters and Spas. (Medical History, Supplement No 10)  £52.00 
Pyenson, Lewis
Neohumanism and the Persistence of Pure Mathematics in Wilhelmian Germany.  £30.00 
Housman, A E
A Shropshire Lad.  £12.00 
Darwin, Charles
The Origin of Species.  £9.00 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  £14.00 
Vogt, Carl
Köhlerglaube und Wissenschaft. Eine Streitschrift gegen Hofrath Rudolph Wagner in Göttingen.  £140.00 
Borrow, George
Lavengro: The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest.  £10.00 
Dickens, Charles
The Uncommercial Traveller. The Lamplighter. To be Read at Dusk. Sunday Under Three Heads and The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices. Authentic Edition.  £24.00 
Green, Roger Lancelyn
Andrew Lang. A Critical Biography with a Short-Title Bibliography of the Works of Andrew Lang.  £8.00 
Chesterton, G K
Guest, John
Selected Essays.  £10.00 
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Kidnapped. (being the memoirs of the adventures of David Balfour in the year MDCCLI)  £10.00 
Macaulay, Thomas Babington
Grieve, A J
Critical and Historical Essays by Thomas Babington Macaulay. Volume Two.  £22.00 
Munch, Edvard
Lathe, Carla
Edvard Munch and his Literary Associates.  £12.00 
Rose, Margaret
Marx's Lost Aesthetic. Karl Marx and the Visual Arts.  £24.00 
Slack, John
The Arrival of the Midland Railway at Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire in 1866.  £16.00 
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