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Whitaker's Almanack 1903. Containing an Account of the Astronomical and other Phenomena and a large Amount of Information respecting the Government, Finances, Population, Commerce, and General Statistics of the British Empire.  £26.00 
Whitaker's Almanack 1891. Containing an Account of the Astronomical and other Phenomena and a large Amount of Information respecting the Government, Finances, Population, Commerce, and General Statistics of the British Empire.  £34.00 
Mosheim, John Laurence
Institutes of Ecclesiastical History Ancient and Modern.  £64.00 
Kinglake, A W
Eothen.  £36.00 
Rainaud, Armand
Le Continent Austral. Hypothèses et Découvertes.  £68.00 
Barber, Edward Colborne
Travels and Researches in Western China.  £140.00 
Richthofen, Ferdinand
Festschrift Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen zum Sechzigsten Geburtstag am 5. Mai 1893. Dargebracht von seinen Schülern.  £56.00 
Rûmi, Djalal-ud-Din
Robinson, Samuel
Persian Poetry for English Readers: Being Specimens of Six of the Greatest Classical Poets of Persia: Ferdusi, Nizami, Sadi, Jelal-ad-Din Rumi, Hafiz, and Jami, with biographical notices and notes.  £160.00 
Raimondi, Antonio
El Peru. Volume 1 ONLY.  £20.00 
Knox, Alexander
Irish Watering Places. Their Climate, Scenery, and Accommodations.  £180.00 
Trollope, Anthony
Phineas Finn: The Irish Member.  £10.00 
Goldsmith, Oliver
She Stoops to Conquer. Ed. Dudley Miles.  £8.00 
Bonney, T G
Ice-Work: Present and Past.  £18.00 
Rousseau, Raymond
La Population de la Savoie jusqu'en 1861: Nombre d'habitants pour chaque commune des deux actuels departements savoyards du milieu du XVIII au Milieu du XIX Siècle.  £24.00 
No Author The Good Things of "Life". Sixth Series.  £24.00 
Berque, Jacques
L'Égypte: Impérialisme et Révolution.  £46.00 
Marchant, James
Cragg, Anthony
Hints To Young Valuers. A Practical Treatise on the Valuation of Property.  £46.00 
Vidalenc, Jean
La Société Française de 1815 a 1848. Vol 1: Le Peuple des Campagnes; Vol 2: Le Peuple des Villes et des Bourgs.  £38.00 
Peacock, George
Observations on the Statutes of the University of Cambridge.  £36.00 
Forrest, George
The Life of Lord Clive.  £46.00 
Rice, W A
Crusaders of the Twentieth Century: Or the Christian Missionary and the Muslim. An Introduction to Work among the Muhammadans.  £120.00 
Beard, Mary
The Invention of Jane Harrison.  £14.00 
Hovell, Mark
The Chartist Movement.  £12.00 
Baylay, Corwall
Columbia in 1805. An English View.  £10.00 
Mill, John Stuart
An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy. Sixth Edition.  £26.00 
Gates, R R
Huxley as Mutationist; An Anticipatory Mutationist.  £8.00 
Lord Roberts
South Africa Despatches. The London Gazette, Friday, Feb 8, 1901.  £120.00 
Tolstoy, Leo
Christ's Christianity.  £26.00 
Bower, F O
Obituary Notice. Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour.  £8.00 
Kny, L
Carl Müller.  £8.00 
Levensohn, Yoel
The Warsaw Rabbinic Bible. Mikra'ot Gedolot. Miqra'ot Gedolot.  £3,600.00 
The Reconstruction of Georgia.  £20.00 
Young, James Stirling
The Washington Community, 1800 - 1828.  £14.00 
Hicks, John
The Populist Revolt. A History of the Farmers' Alliance and the People's Party.  £15.00 
Powell, Joseph Michael
Environmental Management in Australia, 1788-1914: Guardians, Improvers and Profit. An Introductory Survey.  £20.00 
Depuis, Jean
Le Tonkin de 1872 - 1886. Histoire et Politique.  £120.00 
Rubenstein, Joshua
Leon Trotsky: A Revolutionary's Life.  £12.00 
Coningsby, Robert James
The Discovery of Gold in Australia.  £56.00 
Allbutt, Thomas Clifford
Notes on the Composition of Scientific Papers.  £26.00 
Gilbert, J H
Lawes, J B
The Effect of Different Manures on the Mixed Herbage of Grassland.  £18.00 
Trelease, William
Botanical Opportunity.  £14.00 
Errera, Léo
Discours Prononcés aux Funérailles de Léo Errera, 4 Aout 1905.  £14.00 
Douvillé, H
René Zeiller. Notice Nécrologique.  £15.00 
Taylor, Henry
Autobiography of Henry Taylor, 1800 - 1875.  £44.00 
Kanitz, Felix
Donau-Bulgarien und der Balkan. Historisch-geographische-ethnographische Reisestudien aus den Jahren 1860 - 1879.  £280.00 
Mehring, H J F
Der Brief Pauli an die Römer. Erster Theil: Die ersten fünf Kapitel.  £24.00 
Broom, Herbert
Denman, George
Constitutional Law Viewed in Relation to Common Law, and Exemplified by Cases. Second Edition.  £160.00 
Munzinger, Werner
Ostafrikanische Studien, mit einer Karte von Nord-Abyssinien und den Ländern am Mareb, Barka und Anseba.  £120.00 
Davy, Humphry
Guye, Philippe August
Humphry Davy, 1778 - 1829.  £15.00 
Gurney, John Joseph
Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney, with Selections from his Journal and Correspondence. Edited by Joseph Bevan Braithwaite. Third Edition.  £24.00 
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