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Bouillet, Marie Nicolas
Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire et de Géographie, contenant l'Histoire proprement dite, la Biographie Universelle, la Mythologie, la Géographie Ancienne et Moderne. Quatrieme Edition.  £56.00 
Carducci, Giosue
Delle Rime e Della Varia Fortuna die Dante. Con Note.  £14.00 
Morgan, E Victor
Studies in British Financial Policy, 1914 - 1925.  £64.00 
Butler, Henry Montagu
Lift up your Hearts, or Words of Good Cheer for the Holy Communion.  £16.00 
Rimbault, Edward
Rimbault's Catechism of Harmony, Adapted to the First Requirements of a Student.  £18.00 
Molesworth, J H
A Soldier of God. The Ideals of War. A Memory of Lord Kitchener.  £24.00 
Kingsley, Charles
The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children.  £12.00 
Kingsley, Charles
Winkworth, Susanna
Theologia Germanica.  £12.00 
Shaw, Bernard
The Perfect Wagnerite.  £12.00 
Quiller-Couch, Arthur
Green Bays: Verses and Parodies by Q.  £16.00 
Taylor, Meadows
Stewart, C W
Confessions of a Thug.  £24.00 
Ridley, Jasper
Maximilian and Juarez.  £10.00 
Bagehot, Walter
Economic Studies. Second Edition.  £66.00 
Sharp, William
Silence Farm.  £124.00 
Browning, Robert
Kenmare, Dallas
Browning and Modern Thought. A Lecture.  £8.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
Thy Servant a Dog, Told by Boots. Illus G Stampa.  £12.00 
Herschel, William
Hoskin, Michael
William Herschel. Pioneer of Sideral Astronomy.  £6.00 
Tesarek, Anton
Victor Adler aus seinen Reden und Schriften.  £14.00 
Volkmann, Heinrich
Die Arbeiterfrage im preussischen Abgeordnetenhaus 1848 - 1869.  £16.00 
Winkel, Harald
Vom Kleingewerbe zur Grossindustrie. Quantitativ-regionale und politisch-rechtliche Aspekte zur Erforschung der Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsstruktur im 19. Jahrhundert.  £18.00 
Bernstein, Eduard
Lassalle, Ferdinand
Ferdinand Lassalle. Eine Würdigung des Lehrers und Kämpfers.  £16.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Friedrich Engels der Denker. Aufsätze aus der Großen Sowjet-Enzyklopädie.  £12.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Friedrich Engels auf Reisen.  £10.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Zwischen 18 und 25. Jugendbriefe.  £10.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Biographische Skizzen.  £8.00 
Stern, Joseph Peter
Nietzsche. Die Moralität der äußersten Anstrengung.  £14.00 
Holzer, Rudolf
Villa Wertheimstein. Haus der Genien und Damonen.  £22.00 
Jantke, Carl
Hilger, Dietrich
Die Eigentumslosen - Der deutsche Pauperismus und die Emanzipationskrise in Darstellungen und Deutungen der zeitgenössischen Literatur.  £14.00 
Helfferich, Karl
Georg von Siemens. Ein Lebensbild aus Deutschlands großer Zeit.  £34.00 
Stern, Joseph Peter
Literarischen Realismus.  £12.00 
Griffiths, Tom
Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia.  £18.00 
Bariè, Ottavio
Italian Risorgimento. Sponsored by the Promoting Committee of the Historical Exhibition of Italian Unity, Turin Palazzo Carignano 1961.  £12.00 
Speke, John Hanning
Journal of the Source of the Discovery of the Nile.  £24.00 
Dixon, Alfred Cardew
The Elementary Properties of the Elliptic Functions, with Examples.  £24.00 
Livingstone, David
Livingstone's African Journal. Ed. I Schapera. 2 Volumes.  £46.00 
Hughes, Thomas
Indian Chiefs of Southern Minnesota.  £18.00 
Forsyth, Andrew Russell
A Treatise on Differential Equations. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Cremona, Luigi
Elements of Projective Geometry.  £46.00 
Hobson, E W
A Treatise on Plane Trigonometry.  £26.00 
Colenso, John
Maynard, Samuel
Solutions to all the Unworked Examples in the Arithmetic of J W Colenso. Sixth Edition.  £24.00 
Colenso, John
Arithmetic, Designed for the Use of Schools. To which is added a Chapter on Decimal Coinage. New Edition.  £16.00 
Hymers, J
The Elements of the Theory of Astronomy. Second Edition.  £26.00 
Müller, C O
Ancient Art and its Remains; or a Manual of the Archaeology of Art. New edition, with numerous additions by F G Welcker.  £24.00 
Rawlinson, George
The Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records: Stated anew with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of Modern Times, in Eight Lectures.  £46.00 
Greenhill, Alfred George
The Applications of Elliptic Functions.  £48.00 
Swinburne, Algernon Charles
Leith, Mrs Disney
The Children of the Chapel, Including the Pilgrimage of Pleasure: A Morality Play.  £46.00 
Evans, Robert Wilson
Biography of the Early Church. 2 Volumes.  £36.00 
Webb Le Bas, Charles
The Life of Archbishop Laud.  £24.00 
Russell, Michael
History of the Church in Scotland, in two Volumes.  £36.00 
Webb Le Bas, Charles
Life of Bishop Jewel.  £24.00 
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