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Paillou, Paul Henri
Arthur Rimbaud, Père de l'Existentialisme.  £8.00 
Nadal, Octave
Paul Verlaine.  £14.00 
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart
Le Drame Wagnérien.  £46.00 
Michelet, Jules
La Mer.  £16.00 
Michelet, Jules
Gaillard, H
Oeuvres Choisies.  £14.00 
Masson, Loys
Délivrez-nous du Mal.  £10.00 
Baudelaire, Charles
Jean-Aubry, G
Un Paysage Littéraire. Baudelaire et Honfleur.  £18.00 
Raitt, A W
Villiers de l'Isle-Adam et le Mouvement Symboliste.  £26.00 
Hegel, G W F
Wood, Allen
Hegel. Elements of the Philosophy of Right.  £16.00 
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb
Moore, Gregory
Fichte. Addresses to the German Nation.  £12.00 
Arnold, Matthew
Quiller-Couch, Arthur
The Poems of Matthew Arnold 1840 - 1867. Ed. A T Quiller-Couch.  £10.00 
Hardy, Thomas
Chosen Poems of Thomas Hardy.  £16.00 
Sitwell, Edith
Victoria of England.  £8.00 
Byron, Henry J
Mirth. A Miscellany of Wit and Humour.  £60.00 
No Author The Philological Museum. Volume 1.  £36.00 
Dickens, Charles
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With a Frontispiece from a Design by C R Leslie, Engraved by J Thompson.  £48.00 
Roderick, The Last of the Goths. A Tragic Poem.  £36.00 
Langer, William
The Revolutions of 1848. Chapters from 'Political and Social Upheaval'  £8.00 
Scott, Walter
Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field.  £36.00 
Loram, Ian
Goethe and his Publishers.  £14.00 
Lord Byron
Griffith, R H
A Descriptive Catalogue of an Exhibition of Manuscripts and First Editions of Lord Byron, Held in the Library of the University of Texas from April 19 To May 3, 1924.  £46.00 
Milne, William Watt
William Watt Milne 1865 - 1949.  £10.00 
University of London
The London University Calendar. 1846.  £28.00 
Landon, Richard
Species of Origin: A Bibliographic Exposition of the Works of Charles Darwin at the University of Toronto.  £12.00 
Carroll, Lewis
Liddon, H P
The Russian Journal II. A Record Kept by Henry Parry Liddon of a Tour Taken with C L Dodgson in the Summer of 1867. Edited by Morton Cohen.  £26.00 
Ryskamp, Charles
Wilde and the Nineties. An Essay and an Exhibition.  £12.00 
Wilson, Oliver
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. A Survey of the Important Editions of one of the Outstanding Book Rarities of the 19th Century.  £24.00 
Rivière, Jacques
Études.  £14.00 
Flaubert, Gustave
Thibaudet, Albert
Gustave Flaubert 1821 to 1880. Sa Vie. Ses Romans. Son Style.  £10.00 
Mauron, Charles
Introduction a la Psychanalyse de Mallarmé.  £10.00 
Mauclair, Camille
Princes de l'Esprit.  £14.00 
Mauclair, Camille
Servitude et Grandeur Littéraires.  £16.00 
Weaver, Warren
Lithographs of N Currier and Currier & Ives.  £36.00 
Gunnar Kaldewey Inc
German Romantics. Rare and First Editions.  £24.00 
Green, Thomas Bowden
Fragments of Thought: Being Wayside Notes and Fireside Scraps.  £36.00 
Jarry, Alfred
Alfred Jarry. (Special Issue of Revue des Sciences Humaines)  £28.00 
Barrault, Jean-Louis
Jarry, Alfred
Renaud, Madeleine
Jarry.  £10.00 
Baudelaire, Charles
Pommier, Jean
Baudelaire.  £14.00 
Thibaudet, Albert
Intérieurs. Baudelaire, Fromentin, Amiel.  £14.00 
Mallarmé, Stéphane
Mondor, Henri
Les Gossips de Mallarmé. Athenaeum 1875 to 1876.  £12.00 
Mondor, Henri
Autre Précisions sur Mallarmé et Inédits.  £12.00 
Walzer, Pierre-Olivier
La Révolution des Sept. (Lautrémont, Mallarmé, Rimbaud, Corbière, Cros, Nouveau, Laforgue)  £40.00 
Borel, Pétrus
Prologue de Madame Putiphar et Autres Poèmes.  £14.00 
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Poupon, Marc
Apollinaire et Cendrars. (Archives des Lettres Modernes, No. 103)  £12.00 
Geninasca, Jacques
Une Lecture de El Desdichado (Archives des Lettres Modernes, No. 59)  £12.00 
Moreau, Pierre
Les Contemplations ou le Temps Retrouvé (Archives des Lettres Modernes, No. 41)  £8.00 
Paulhan, Jean
Entretien sur des Faits Divers.  £24.00 
Lebois, André
Prestiges et Actualité des Petits Poèmes en Prose de Baudelaire. (Archives des Lettres Modernes, No. 18)  £10.00 
Vier, Jacques
Barrès et Le Culte du Moi (Archives des Lettres Modernes, Nos 10 to 11)  £12.00 
Vier, Jacques
Le Joseph Delorme de Sainte-Beuve. (Archives des Lettres Modernes, No. 29)  £12.00 
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