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Shakespeare, William
Merchant of Venice. New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Ed. H H Furness.  £34.00 
Shakespeare, William
As You Like It. New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Ed. H H Furness.  £34.00 
Moore, Aubrey Lackington
Lectures and Papers on the History of the Reformation in England and on the Continent.  £24.00 
Foxcroft, Albert Broadbent
A Catalogue of English Books and Fragments from 1477 to 1535 in the Public Library of Victoria.  £24.00 
Miller, Edward
Wessel Gansfort: Life and Writings in Two Volumes.  £46.00 
Jacob, Violet
The Lairds of Dun.  £46.00 
Hal O'Nians Gallery
Exhibition of Old Master Paintings, 1972.  £26.00 
Kunsthandel Bellinger
Kunsthandel Bellinger Katrin Krass 1987: Meisterzeichnungen. Master Drawings 1500-1900.  £24.00 
Colnaghi Gallery
Paintings by Old Masters.  £14.00 
Dürer, Albrecht
Colnaghi Gallery
Albrecht Dürer. His Prints and his Influence.  £14.00 
Colnaghi Gallery
Exhibition of Fine Prints from Mantegna to Mantisse.  £10.00 
Colnaghi Gallery
Paintings by Old Masters.  £12.00 
Wölfflin, Heinrich
Das Erklären von Kunstwerken.  £7.00 
Fliche, Augustin
La Réforme Grégorienne et la Reconquête Chrétienne (1057 - 1125)  £18.00 
De Waele, Michel
Reconcilier le Francais: Henri IV et la Fin de Troubles de Religions (1589 - 1598)  £46.00 
Wallerstein, Immanuel
The Modern World-System. Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World-Economy in the 16th Century.  £26.00 
Hugelshofer, Walter
Swiss Drawings of the XV and XVI Century.  £42.00 
Milton, John
Hales, John
Milton Areopagitica. With Introduction and Notes.  £14.00 
Stokes, Adrian
Wollheim, Richard
The Image in Form: Selected Writings of Adrian Stokes.  £24.00 
Andrews, Keith
Italian 16th Century Drawings from British Private Collections.  £16.00 
Desonay, Fernand
Ronsard, Poète de l' Amour. Vol 1: Cassandre, Vol 2: De Marie à Genèvre, Vol 3: Du poète de cour au chantre d'Hélène.  £34.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Life and Death of King John. New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Ed. H H Furness.  £46.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedie of Cymbeline. New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Ed. H H Furness.  £46.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedie of Coriolanus. New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare, Ed. H H Furness.  £46.00 
Holbein, Hans
The Dance of Death. With an Introduction and Notes by James Clark.  £18.00 
Montaigne, Michel de
Journal de Voyage en Italie par la Suisse et l'Allemagne. Préface du Comte de Saint-Aulaire. Nouvelle édition unifiée avec une notice historique et des notes par P Faure.  £14.00 
Possevino, Antonio
Coltura degl'ingegni (Vicenza 1598). Ristampa Anastatica, Postfazione di Alessandro Arcangeli.  £24.00 
Villari, Pasquale
Villari, Linda
Life and Times of Savonarola.  £28.00 
Villari, Pasquale
Villari, Linda
History of Florence. The Two First Centuries of Florentine History. The Republic and Parties at the Time of Dante.  £30.00 
Stubblebine, James
Giotto: The Arena Chapel Frescoes.  £12.00 
Brucker, Gene
The Society of Renaissance Florence. A Documentary Study.  £24.00 
Brown, Horatio
The Venetian Republic.  £16.00 
Herbert, George
George Herbert: The Critical Heritage, Ed. C A Patrides.  £24.00 
Castillo Solorzano, Alonso de
La Garduna de Sevilla y Anzuelo de las Bolsas. Ed. F R Morcuende.  £8.00 
Easlea, Brian
Witch Hunting, Magic and the New Philosophy: An Introduction to Debates of the Scientific Revolution 1450 - 1750.  £28.00 
Open University
Medicine and Society in Europe, 1500 - 1930. Study Guide 2.  £24.00 
Grant, A J
The Huguenots.  £10.00 
No Author The Healing Arts. Health, Disease and Society in Europe 11500-1800.  £16.00 
No Author The Isenheim Altarpiece. God's Medicine and the Painter's Vision.  £15.00 
Ranke, Leopold von
The History of the Popes, Their Church and State and especially their Conflicts with Protestantism in the 16th and 17th Centuries in Three Volumes.  £48.00 
Rose, Graham
Winchelsea, Robert
Diocesis Cantanuariensis Registrum Roberti Winchelsey 1294-1313 Pars Prima LV, Pars Secunda LXIV, Pars Tertia LXXVI, Quarta LXXXII, Quinta XC, Sexta C, Septima CIV, Octa CVIII, Nona CX, Decima CXIV, Undecima CXIX, Duodecima CXXIII.  £160.00 
Flower, Cyril
de Gandavo, Simon
Diocesis Saresbiriensis Registrum Simonis de Gandavo 1297-1315 Pars Prima XLII, Pars Secunda XLVIII, Pars Tertia LXXIII, Quarta LXXXI, Quinta LXXXVI, Sexta LXXXIX, Septima XCII, Octa XCV.  £92.00 
Frere, W H
Parker, Matthew
Diocesis Cantuariensis: Registrum Matthei Parker 1559 1575 Pars Tertia XXX, Quarta XL, Quinta LII Sexta LXXII, Septima LXXVIII, Octa LXXXIII, Nona XCIII, Decima XCIV.  £92.00 
Froude, James Anthony
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century. Lectures delivered at Oxford 1893/4.  £19.00 
Veldmann, Ilja
Images for the Eye and Soul: Function and Meaning in Netherlandish Prints (1450-1650)  £36.00 
Bacon, Francis
The Essays of Lord Bacon Including his Moral and Historical Works.  £10.00 
Nashe, Thomas
The Unfortunate Traveller and other Works.  £8.00 
Yates, Frances
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment.  £8.00 
Centre d'Études Lexicologiques et Lexicographiques
Le Français Préclassique, 1500 - 1650. Volume 14.  £46.00 
Holbein, Hans
Images from the Old Testament. Historiarum Veteris Testamenti Icones.  £8.00 
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