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Collinson, Patrick
English Puritanism.  £6.00 
Outhwaite, R B
Inflation in Tudor and Early Stuart England.  £6.00 
Loades, David
The Tudor Court.  £6.00 
Gairdner, James
Henry the Seventh.  £14.00 
Stone, Lawrence
The Crisis of the Aristocracy 1558 - 1641.  £16.00 
Hill, Christopher
Oliver Cromwell, 1658 to 1958.  £6.00 
Borah, Woodrow
Griffiths, Gordon
Representative Institutions in the Spanish Empire in the Sixteenth Century.  £10.00 
Irwin, Margaret
The Stranger Prince. The Story of Rupert of the Rhine.  £12.00 
Ward, Adolphus
On some Academical Experiences of the German Renascence: An Address Introductory to the Session 1878-9 of the Owens College, Manchester.  £14.00 
Simon, Joan
Education and Society in Tudor England.  £24.00 
Cantle, A
The Pleas of Quo Warranto for the County of Lancaster.  £46.00 
Anglo, Sydney
The British History in Early Tudor Propaganda. With an Appendix on Manuscript Pedigrees of the Kings of England, Henry VI - Henry VIII.  £12.00 
Anglo, Sydney
The Courtier's Art. Systematic Immorality in the Renaissance. Inaugural Lecture.  £12.00 
University of Oxford
Oxford Honours 1220 to 1894. Being an Alphabetical Register of Distinctions Conferred by the University of Oxford from the Earliest Times.  £24.00 
Allen, P S
The Age of Erasmus.  £24.00 
Hartley, Harold
The Royal Society. Its Origins and Founders.  £18.00 
Erasmus, Desiderius
The Praise of Folly and Other Writings.  £10.00 
Winny, James
The Elizabethan Voyages. A Selection taken from the Literature of Elizabethan Travel and Discovery.  £12.00 
Burke, Peter
The Historical Anthropology of Early Modern Italy.  £28.00 
Trevor-Roper, Hugh
Queen Elizabeth's First Historian. William Camden and the Beginnings of English Civil History.  £14.00 
Dodwell, C R
Medieval Architecture and Sculpture in the North West.  £12.00 
Taylor, Thomas
On the Beautiful (Ennead I. 6); On Intelligible Beauty (Ennead V. 8)  £12.00 
Graves, Robert
Wife to Mr Milton. The Story of Marie Powell.  £6.00 
Crosby, Alfred
The Measure of Reality. Quantification and Western Society, 1250 to 1600.  £20.00 
Debus, Allen
Man and Nature in the Renaissance.  £8.00 
Field, J V
James, Frank
Renaissance and Revolution. Humanists, Scholars, Craftsmen and Natural Philosophers in Early Modern Europe.  £22.00 
Crowe, Michael
Theories of the World from Antiquity to the Copernican Revolution.  £14.00 
Maruyama, Toru
Keyword-in-Context Index of the Grammatica da Lingoagem Portuguesa (1536) by Fernao de Oliveyra.  £40.00 
Setton, Kenneth
Pope Leo X and the Turkish Peril.  £24.00 
Jacobs, Charles
Spanish Renaissance Discussion of Musica Ficta.  £12.00 
Sidney, Philip
Sidney's Apologie for Poetrie. Ed. J Churton Collins.  £10.00 
Krille, Michael
Martin Luther 1483 -1983. Martin Luther Ehrung 1983 der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik.  £15.00 
Cortes, Hernan
Hernan Cortes: Letters from Mexico. Translated A R Pagden.  £18.00 
Maus, K E
Inwardness and Theater in the English Renaissance.  £12.00 
St Teresa
The Interior Castle or the Mansions by Saint Teresa of Jesus. Done into English by a Discalced Carmelite.  £14.00 
James 1
The Kingis Quair. Edited from the Manuscript with Introduction, Notes and Glossary by W Mackay Mackenzie.  £16.00 
Arts Council
Old Master Drawings form Chatsworth.  £10.00 
Seznec, Jean
The Survival of the Pagan Gods: Mythological Tradition in Renaissance Humanism and Art.  £12.00 
Bèze, Théodore de
Abraham Sacrifiant. Tragedie Francaise.  £12.00 
Isaacson, Henry
Isaacson, Stephen
The Life and Death of Lancelot Andrewes.  £58.00 
Milton, John
Areopagitica and Other Prose Works of John Milton.  £10.00 
Hall, Marie Boas
The Scientific Renaissance 1450 to 1630.  £8.00 
Michon, Cedric
Conseils et Conseillers dans l'Europe de la Renaissance, 1470 - 1550.  £34.00 
Bange, Petty
Tussen Heks en Heilige: Het Vrouwbeeld op de Drempel van de Moderne Tijd.  £16.00 
Spenser, Edmund
Morris, R
The Works of Edmund Spenser.  £12.00 
Baldini, Artemio
L'Educazione di un Principe Luterano. Il Furschlag di Johann Eberlin, tra Erasmo, Lutero e la Sconfitta dei Contadini.  £24.00 
Fallows, Noel
Jousting in Medieval and Renaissance Iberia.  £62.00 
Cornwall, Robert
Religion, Politics and Dissent, 1660 to 1832. Essays in Honour of James E. Bradley.  £60.00 
Schreiner, Susan
The Theater of His Glory. Nature and the Natural Order in the Thought of John Calvin.  £24.00 
Gollancz, Israel
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. Second Edition.  £16.00 
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