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Peel, Albert
The Notebook of John Penry 1593.  £10.00 
Wills, John
The World from 1450 to 1700.  £16.00 
Horodowich , Elizabeth
Language and Statecraft in Early Modern Venice.  £40.00 
No Author Lazarillo de Tormes. Edited Stanley Applebaum.  £7.00 
Villalon, Cristobal de
El Crotalon. Edicion de Augusto Cortina.  £12.00 
Ruiz de Alarcon, Juan
Teatro. Edicion de Alfonso Reyes.  £14.00 
No Author Lazarillo de Tormes. Edicion Francisco Rico.  £12.00 
Cadalso, José
Cartas Marruecas. Ed. Juan Tamayo y Rubio.  £10.00 
Gracian, Baltasar
El Criticon. Edicion anotada.  £20.00 
Delicado, Francisco
Retrato de la Lozana Andaluza.  £10.00 
Molina, Tirso de
Damned for Despair. Edited and Translated by Nicholas Round.  £15.00 
Molina, Tirso de
The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest. Edited and Translated by Gwynne Edwards.  £14.00 
Molina, Tirso de
Tamar's Revenge: La Venganza de Tamar. Edited and Translated by John Lyon.  £12.00 
de Guevara, F A
Menosprecio de Corte y Alabanza de Aldea. Segunda Edicion.  £8.00 
de Aldana, Francisco
Poesias. Ed. Elias Rivers.  £8.00 
Polo, Gaspar Gil
Diana enamorada. Ed. Rafael Ferreres.  £10.00 
Vélez de Guevara, Luis
Los Hijos de la Barbuda. Edited by M G Profeti.  £46.00 
Vélez de Guevara, Luis
Virtudes Vencen Senales. Edited by M G Profeti.  £46.00 
Cranmer, Thomas
Pollard, A F
Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation.  £10.00 
Kettering, Sharon
Power and Reputation at the Court of Louis XIII: The Career of Charles D'Albert, Duc De Luynes (1578 - 1621)  £44.00 
Storey, Tessa
Carnal Commerce in Counter-Reformation Rome.  £46.00 
Edwards, Francis
The Enigma of the Gunpowder Plot 1605: The Third Solution.  £36.00 
Flavin, Susan
Jones, Evan
Bristol's Trade with Ireland and the Continent, 1503-1601: The Evidence of the Exchequer Customs Accounts.  £36.00 
Todd, Margo
The Perth Kirk Session Books, 1577-1590.  £30.00 
Stretton, Tim
Marital Litigation in the Court of Requests 1542-1642.  £30.00 
Innes, A D
Cranmer and the Reformation in England.  £12.00 
Hyde, Helen
Cardinal Bendinello Sauli and Church Patronage in Sixteenth-Century Italy: The Career of Cardinal Bendinella Sauli, C.1481-1518.  £40.00 
Strocchia, Sharon
Nuns and Nunneries in Renaissance Florence.  £24.00 
Child, Gilbert
Church and State under the Tudors.  £18.00 
Postan, M M
Power, Eileen
Studies in English Trade in the Fifteenth Century.  £10.00 
Gould, J D
The Great Debasement: Currency and the Economy in Mid-Tudor England.  £24.00 
Puttenham, George
The Arte of English Poesie. Ed. Baxter Hathaway.  £18.00 
Schmidt, Albert-Marie
Études sur le 16th Siècle.  £8.00 
Pasquier, Etienne
Le Monophile. Ed. E H Balmas.  £12.00 
Holt, Elizabeth
A Documentary History of Art. Vol 2: Michelangelo and Mannerists, The Baroque and the eighteenth Century.  £12.00 
Newton, Isaac
Cajori, Florian
Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and his System of the World. Translated by Andrew Moette in 1729. Revised, with an Historical and Explanatory Appendix by Florian Cajori.  £46.00 
Workman, Herbert
Christian Thought to the Reformation.  £12.00 
Krause, Carl
Helius Eobanus Hessus. Sein Leben und seine Werke: Ein Beitrag zur Cultur- und Gelehrtengeschichte des 16. Jahrhunderts. 2 Volumes.  £46.00 
Scheel, Otto
Dokumente zur Luthers Entwicklung (bis 1519).  £26.00 
Aydelotte, Frank
Elizabethan Rogues and Vagabonds.  £26.00 
Pignatti, Terisio
Giorgone. Complete Edition.  £36.00 
Schade, Werner
Sebba, Helen
Cranach, Lucas
Cranach. A Family of Master Painters.  £48.00 
De Groot, Irene
Vorstman, Robert
Martime Prints by the Dutch Masters.  £46.00 
Erasmus, Desiderius
The Correspondence of Erasmus. Volume 2: Letters 142 - 297.  £46.00 
Bowers, Fredson
Marlowe, Christopher
The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe. Volume 1 and 2.  £88.00 
Starkey, David
The English Court: From the Wars of the Roses to the Civil War.  £10.00 
Wölfflin, Heinrich
Renaissance and Baroque.  £12.00 
Latourette, Kenneth
A History of Christianity. 5 Volumes. Boxed Set.  £30.00 
Bowers, Fredson
The Dramatic Works in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon. Volume 4.  £68.00 
Erasmus, Desiderius
The Correspondence of Erasmus. Volume 1: Letters 1 - 141.  £46.00 
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