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Köhler, Werner
Signalwandlung und Informationsverarbeitung. Vorträge anlässlich der Jahresversammlung vom 7. bis 10. April 1995.  £24.00 
Harvey, H W
Biological Chemistry and Physics of Sea Water.  £16.00 
Hamelink, Wendie
Muscle Contraction on the Molecular Level. Actin-Myosin Interaction Studied in an In Vitro Motility Assay.  £12.00 
Langley, Gill
Animal Experimentation. The Consensus Changes.  £18.00 
Langley, Gill
Animal Experimentation. The Consensus Changes.  £20.00 
Edwards, Marcia
McDonnell, Unity
Animal Disease in Relation to Animal Conservation.  £16.00 
Kitchell, Ralph
Erickson, Howard
Animal Pain. Perception and Alleviation.  £14.00 
Hill, A V
The Ethical Dilemma of Science.  £12.00 
Smith, Jane
Boyd, Kenneth
Lives in the Balance. The Ethics of Using Animals in Biomedical Research.  £10.00 
Botting, J H
Animal Experimentation and the Future of Medical Research. Proceedings of a Conference Organized by the Research Defence Society, held on 26 April 1991 at the Royal Society, London.  £9.00 
Barany, Ernst
A Contribution to the Physiology of Bone Conduction.  £24.00 
Brundin, Lou
Outer Hair Cells. Sensory Cells with a Motor Function.  £22.00 
Johansson, Staffan
Electrophysiology of Small Cultured Hippocampal Neurons. On Graded Action Potentials and Ion Channels.  £16.00 
Reiss, Michael
Anderson, Diana
Ethical Issues in Biomedical Sciences. Animals in Research and Education.  £16.00 
Callahan, Daniel
Brandt, Allan
Bosk, Charles
Bioethics and Beyond.  £12.00 
Bernal, J D
Science in History.  £18.00 
Bloom, William
Maximow, Alexander
A Textbook of Histology. Fourth Edition.  £24.00 
Bennett, M R
Autonomic Neuromuscular Transmission.  £10.00 
Zeki, S
A Vision of the Brain. First Edition.  £24.00 
Lüttgau, Hans Christoph
Necker , Reinhold
Biological Signal Processing. Final Report of the Sonderforschungsbereich Biologische Nachrichtenaufnahme und-verarbeitung. Grundlagen und Anwendung.  £28.00 
Hill, A V
Muscular Activity.  £48.00 
Hill, Terrell
Free Energy Transduction in Biology. The Steady State Kinetic and Thermodynaic Formalism.  £46.00 
Herzog, Walter
Skeletal Muscle Mechanics. From Mechanisms to Function.  £180.00 
Bayliss, L E
Winton, F R
Human Physiology.  £18.00 
Goldspink, D
Development and Specialization of Skeletal Muscle.  £40.00 
Bruce, Vicki
Green, Patrick
Georgeson, Mark
Visual Perception. Physiology, Psychology, and Ecology. Fourth Edition.  £16.00 
Faith, Chris
Wolpert, Daniel
The Neuroscience of Social Interaction. Decoding, Imitating and Influencing the Actions of Others.  £28.00 
Johnson, Paley
Perrella, M
Essay on the Dissociation of the Sheep Haemoglobin Molecule at Neutral pH. Royal Society Proceedings. Part B Only.  £10.00 
Britton, E
Domestic Wood-Boring Beetles.  £6.00 

Halkyard, E
The Fossil Foraminifera of the Blue Marl of the Côte des Basques, Biarritz.  £14.00 
Jackson, J

Notes on Myriopoda. A Revision of Some Fossil Material from Sparth Bottoms, Lancs.  £8.00 
Johnstone, James
Conditions of Life in the Sea.  £16.00 
Huxley, Andrew
Walton, J N
The Muscular Dystrophies. Clinical and Gentic Studies. Pathogenesis and Current Trends in Research.  £10.00 
University of Konstanz
Symposium: Plasticity of Muscle. Abstracts book. Programme.  £16.00 
Simons, Robert
Grunberg-Manago, Marianne
RNA Structure and Function.  £24.00 
Monnier, Alexandre
Actualités Neurophysiologiques. Cinquième Série. Biophysique et Biochimie de la Fibre Nerveuse, Physiologie Musculaire, Physiologie du Système Nerveux Central, Physiologie Sensorielle, Neurophysiologie Appliquée.  £36.00 
Cheldelin, Vernon
Newburgh, R W
The Chemistry of Some Life Processes.  £10.00 
Baker, J R
Green, Jens-Peter
Julian Huxley. Scientist and World Citizen 1887 to 1975.  £28.00 
Steiner, Robert
Edelhoch, Harold
Molecules and Life.  £10.00 
Hill, A V
Chemical Wave Transmission in Nerve.  £18.00 
Ritchie, A D
The Comparative Physiology of Muscular Tissues.  £18.00 
Beatty, R T
Hearing in Man and Animals.  £14.00 
Rosenberg, Martin
Sound and Hearing.  £18.00 
Carafoli, E
Klee, C
Calcium As A Cellular Regulator.  £44.00 
Engel, A
Myology. Basic and Clinical. 2 Volume Set.  £82.00 
Tobias, P
Raath, M
Humanity from African Naissance to Coming Millennia. Colloquia in Human Biology and Palaeoanthropology.  £32.00 
Needham, Dorothy
Machina Carnis. The Biochemistry of Muscular Contraction in its Historical Development.  £48.00 

Rehbock, P
Philosophical Naturalists. Themes in Early Nineteenth Century British Biology.  £10.00 
Goodrich, Edwin
Studies on the Structure and Development of Vertebrates. Volume 2. Chapters 9-14.  £12.00 
Mathieson, A
Stevenson, A
The Anatomy of Bragg Reflections From Small Single Crystals.  £16.00 
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