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Huxley, Julian
Evolution in Action. Based on the Patten Foundation Lectures delivered at Indiana University in 1951.  £8.00 
Huxley, Julian
Essays of a Biologist.  £10.00 
De Beer, Gavin
Embryos and Ancestors.  £18.00 
Hughes, Norman Francis
Palaeobiology of Angiosperm Origins.  £20.00 
Woods, Henry
Palaeontology Invertebrate. Eighth Edition.  £10.00 
Pengelly, Hester
A Memoir of William Pengelly, of Torquay, FRS, Geologist, with a Selection from His Correspondence.  £46.00 
De Beer, Gavin
Handbook on Evolution.  £8.00 
Dobzhansky, Theodosius
Dunn, L C
Heredity, Race and Society. Revised and Enlarged.  £6.00 
Lubbock, John
British Wild Flowers Considered in Relation to Insects.  £12.00 
Ratzan, Scott
The Mad Cow Crisis: Health and the Public Good.  £12.00 
Jones, John
A Human Geography of Cambridgeshire.  £12.00 
Massey, Harrie
Gravity and Biological Systems. A Discussion.  £14.00 
Richmond, M H
The Cell as Habitat. A Discussion.  £14.00 
Smith, John Maynard
Holliday, R
The Evolution of Adaptation by Natural Selection. A Discussion.  £18.00 
Kingman, J F C
Bodmer, W F
Mathematical Genetics. A Discussion.  £24.00 
Bodmer, W F
Oncogenes: Their Role in Normal and Malignant Growth. A Discussion.  £14.00 
Flew, Antony
Darwinian Evolution.  £8.00 
Gründerman, Rob
The Length-Tension Relation in Striated Muscle Reconsidered. Proefschrift.  £16.00 
Best, John
From the Seen to the Unseen.  £36.00 
Duenas, Marta
Phage Display and Bacterial Expression of Antibody Fragments. Dissertation.  £20.00 
Malmborg, Ann-Christin
Molecular Recognition in Antibody Engineering: Studies on Recombinant and Phage Displayed Antibodies. Dissertation.  £14.00 
Wildt, Ruud de
Studies on the Human Auto-Antibody Repertoire using the Phage Display Technique. Proefschrift.  £24.00 
Kruif, Cornelis Adriaan de
Phage Display, Selection, and Engineering of Human Antibodies. Proefschrift.  £22.00 
van Helvoort, Ton
Biochemie tussen Nut en Cultuur. De "Triple Helix" van de Nederlandse Biowetenschappen.  £16.00 
A Skeptical Biochemist.  £14.00 
Parsons, Winifred
The Circulation of the Blood.  £8.00 
Haldane, J S
Organism and Environment as Illustrated by the Physiology of Breathing.  £10.00 
Keilin, David
Hartree, E F
Absorption Spectra of Haemoglobin in Solution and in Red Blood Corpuscles (Offprint from NATURE Vol. 148, July 19, 1941)  £8.00 
Bell, J A
Allfrey, V G
Cellular Biology Nucleic Acids and Viruses.  £24.00 
Busch, Harris
The Molecular Biology of Cancer.  £16.00 
Birnstiel, Max
Structure and Function of Major and Minor Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Particles.  £36.00 
Michaelis, Anthony
Research Films in Biology, Anthropology, Psychology and Medicine.  £88.00 
Frenk Mora, Silvia Elena
Embryology in its Relation to Genetics and Evolution: Experimental Analysis and Historical Perspectives.  £46.00 
Vega-Redondo, Fernando
Evolution, Games, and Economic Behaviour.  £28.00 
Mesoudi, Alex
Cultural Evolution. How Darwinian Theory Can Explain Human Culture and Synthesize the Social Sciences.  £14.00 
Phipps, Barry
Beyond Measure. Conversations Across Art and Science.  £12.00 
Sannié, Charles
Symposium sur la Biochemie des Stéroides.  £24.00 
Kluyver, Albert Jan
Albert Jan Kluyver. His Life and Work. Biographical Memoranda, Selected Papers, Bibliography and Addenda.  £18.00 
Wilkie, J S
The Science of Mind and Brain.  £8.00 
British Commonwealth Leaflets
The Locust.  £10.00 
Doncaster, Islay
Discovering Man's Habitat.  £8.00 
Tattersall, W M
Nature's Reaction to Man.  £14.00 
Hammerstein, Peter
Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation.  £18.00 
Mai, Larry
Owl, Marcus Young
The Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution.  £24.00 
Smith, Philip
Cobb, George
Evaluating Veterinary Pharmaceutical Behavior in the Environment.  £68.00 
Coates, Peter
American Perceptions of Immigrant and Invasive Species. Strangers on the Land.  £28.00 
Bateson, Patrick
Martin, Paul
Measuring Behaviour.  £10.00 
de Chadarevian, Soraya
Kamminga, Harmke
Molecularizing Biology and Medicine. New Practices and Alliances 1910s to 1970s.  £54.00 
Bos, Pieter
Beijernck and the Delft School of Microbiology.  £18.00 
Brightwell, C R
The Nano-Reef Handbook.  £20.00 
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