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Bentham, George
On the Recent Progress and Present State of Systematic Botany.  £14.00 
Hitchcock, Edward
The Religion of Geology and its Connected Sciences.  £72.00 
Strasburger, E
Strasburger's Text-Book of Botany. Fourth English Edition.  £44.00 
Spinner, E
Clayton, G
Visean Spore Assemblages from Skateraw, East Lothian, Scotland.  £10.00 
Hames, B D
Higgins, S J
RNA Processing: A Practical Approach. Volume 1 & Volume 2.  £26.00 
Broach, James
Pringle, John
Jones, Elizabeth
The Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Yeast Saccharomyces: 1: Genome Dynamics; 2: Gene Expression; 3: Cell Cycle and Cell Biology;.  £124.00 
Chargaff, Erwin
Davidson, J N
The Nucleic Acids. Chemistry and Biology. Volume 2.  £20.00 
Krüger, Edgar
Biologische Schülerübungen. Ein Leitfaden für die Oberklassen höherer Lehranstalten.  £20.00 
Shipley, Arthur
Life. A Book for Elementary Students.  £10.00 
Lewis, Dan
Sexual Incompatibility in Plants.  £8.00 
Piccolino, Marco
The Taming of the Ray. Electric Fish Research in the Enlightenment from John Walsh to Alessandro Volta.  £16.00 
Young, J Z
Doubt and Certainty in Science. A Biologists Reflection on the Brain.  £8.00 
Overton, E
Studien über die Aufname der Anilinfarben durch die lebende Zelle.  £12.00 
Strasburger, E
Das weitere Schicksal meiner isolierten weiblichen Mercurialis annua-Pflanzen.  £12.00 
Johannsen, W
Hundert Jahre Vererbungsforschung.  £14.00 
Marshall, Rush
A Simple Tree Injector.  £12.00 
Lotsy, J P
Hybrides entre Especes d'Antirrhium.  £12.00 
Hallqvist, Carl
Chlorophyllmutanten bei Gerste.  £12.00 
Hallqvist, Carl
Gametenelimination bei der Spaltung einer Zwerghaften und Klorophylldefekten Gerstensippe.  £12.00 
Lang, William
On the Genetic Analysis of a Heterozygotic Plant of Scolopendrium Vulgare.  £12.00 
Balls, William Lawrence
A Problem in Biometrical Statistics.  £12.00 
Schaeffer, Asa
A Simple and Economical Aquarium Aerator.  £12.00 
Plimmer, H G
Paine, S G
A New Method for the Staining of Bacterial Flagella.  £12.00 
Menaker, Lewis
Biologic Basis of Wound Healing.  £14.00 
Economic Advisory Council
Committee on Education and Supply of Biologists. Report.  £18.00 
Moll, J W
Het Slijpen von Microtoom-Messen.  £16.00 
Tincker, M A H
The Effect of Length of Day upon the Growth and Reproduction of some Economic Plants.  £12.00 
Gates, R R
Mutation in Oenothera.  £12.00 
Keeble, Frederick
Pellew, C
The Mode of Inheritance of Stature and of Time of Flowering in Peas (Pisum sativum).  £8.00 
Lundegardh, Henrik
Die Morphologie des Kerns und der Teilungsvorgänge bei höheren Organismen. Dissertation.  £34.00 
Gray, Asa
Some Points in Botanical Nomenclature: A Review of Nouvelles Remarques by Candolle.  £12.00 
Huxley, Andrew
Ford, L E
Tension Response to Sudden Length Change in Stimulated Frog Muscle Fibres Near Slack Length.  £8.00 
Burton, Alan
Man in a Cold Environment. Physiological and Pathological Effects of Exposure to Low Temperatures.  £48.00 
Brindley, G S
Physiology of the Retina and the Visual Pathway.  £48.00 
Smith, Audrey
Biological Effects of Freezing and Supercooling.  £24.00 
Gregory, R A
Secretory Mechanisms of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract.  £24.00 
Whitfield, I C
The Auditory Pathway.  £24.00 
O'Connor, W J
Renal Function.  £46.00 
Burgen, A S V
Emmelin, N G
Physiology of the Salivary Glands.  £34.00 
Whittam, R
Transport and Diffusion in Red Blood Cells.  £84.00 
Grayson, John
Mendel, D
Physiology of the Splanchnic Circulation.  £36.00 
Brown, R
Danielli, J F
Nucleic Acid.  £14.00 
Tasaki, Ichiji
Nerve Excitation. A Macromolecular Approach.  £18.00 
Tasaki, Ichiji
Nervous Transmission.  £18.00 
Monnier, Alexandre
Fessard, A
Électrophysiologie: Paris, 31 Mars - 9 Avril 1949.  £36.00 
Monnier, Alexandre
Actualités Neurophysiologiques. Sixième Série: Neurohistologie, Neurochimie et Biologie Neuronique. Physiologie des Éléments Nerveux Périphériques, Physiologie Sensorielle, Neurophysiologie Centrale, Théorie de l'Information et Comportement.  £36.00 
Lloyd, Peter
Optical Methods in Ultracentrifugation, Electrophoresis and Diffusion: With a Guide to the Interpretation of Records.  £16.00 
Adams, Roger
Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids.  £18.00 
Anfinsen, Christian
The Molecular Basis of Evolution.  £8.00 
Eccles, John
The Brain and the Person.  £8.00 
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