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Engel, P C
Enzymology Labfax.  £10.00 
Watt, Ian
The Principles and Practice of Electron Microscopy.  £16.00 
Clark, R J
Spectroscopy of Biological Systems.  £600.00 
Wilson, H R
Diffraction of X-Rays by Proteins, Nucleic Acids and Viruses.  £12.00 
McConnell, James
The Worm Runner's Digest. An Informal Journal of Comparative Psychology.  £120.00 
Oke, T R
Boundary Layer Climates.  £24.00 
Gage, Simon Henry
The Microscope. An Introduction to Microscopic Methods and to Histology.  £68.00 
Gradmann, Christoph
Laboratory Disease. Robert Koch's Medical Bacteriology.  £16.00 
Leder, Drew
The Body in Medical Thought and Practice.  £94.00 
Society for Experimental Biology
Active Transport and Secretion.  £32.00 
Fritsch, F E
The Structure and Reproduction of the Algae. Volume 1 and Volume 2.  £36.00 
Dicker, S E
Mechanisms of Urine Concentration and Dilution in Mammals.  £12.00 
Burns, Delisle
The Mammalian Cerebral Cortex.  £12.00 
Sanders, F K
Mitochondria and other Cytoplasmic Inclusions.  £14.00 
Harrison, J M
Elementary General Science. Book One. Third Edition.  £8.00 
Bell, D J
Introduction to Biochemistry.  £6.00 
Lewis, K R
The Matter of Mendelian Heredity.  £16.00 
Srb, Adrian
General Genetics.  £18.00 
Höög, J-O
Jörnvall, Hans
Methods in Protein Sequence Analysis.  £26.00 
Buck, Margaret Waring
In Ponds and Streams.  £14.00 
Round, F E
Introduction to the Lower Plants.  £10.00 
Hudson, Peter
Red Grouse. The Biology and Management of a Wild Gamebird. The Report of the North of England Grouse Research Project 1977 - 1985.  £24.00 
Newsholme, E A
Regulation in Metabolism.  £12.00 
Bier, Milan
Electrophoresis. Theory, Methods, and Applications.  £16.00 
Rawlins, D J
Light Microscopy.  £16.00 
Wind, Richele Deodata
Starch Converting Enzymes from Thermophilic Microorganisms.  £14.00 
Payne, J P
Hill, D W
A Symposium on Oxygen Measurements in Blood and Tissues and their Significance.  £68.00 
Wilson, John
Wood, William
Hood, Leroy
Molecular Biology of Eucaryotic Cells. A Problems Approach Volume 1.  £36.00 
Hardy, Anne
The Epidemic Streets. Infectious Disease and the Rise of Preventive Medicine 1856 to 1900.  £48.00 
Wallace, Alan
Contemplative Science. Where Buddhism and Neuroscience Converge.  £18.00 
Voet, Donald
Voet, Judith
Pratt, Charlotte
Principle of Biochemistry. International Student Version. Third Edition.  £36.00 
Jackson, J E
The Biology of Apples and Pears. The Biology of Horticultural Crops.  £92.00 
Harberd, Nicholas
Seed to Seed. The Secret Life of Plants.  £6.00 
Carlile, W R
Pesticide Selectivity, Health and the Environment.  £36.00 
Robin, Stephane
DNA, Words and Models. Statistics of Exceptional Words.  £34.00 
McDowall, Stewart
Evolution and the Need of Atonement.  £14.00 
Briggs, G E
Frederick Frost Blackman, 1866 - 1947.  £8.00 
True, Rodney
Julius von Sachs: The Man and the Teacher.  £6.00 
Schrödinger, Erwin
What is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell. With Mind and Matter, Autobiographical Sketches.  £8.00 
Scott, D H
Arthur Lister, FRS.  £8.00 
Gates, R R
Huxley as Mutationist; An Anticipatory Mutationist.  £8.00 
Bower, F O
Obituary Notice. Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour.  £8.00 
Kny, L
Carl Müller.  £8.00 
Scott, D H
David Thomas Gwynne-Vaughan. With Portrait.  £8.00 
Scott, D H
Obituary Notice of Hermann Graf zu Solms-Laubach, 1842 - 1915. With Portrait.  £10.00 
Lang, W H
Obituary Notice of Robert Kidston, 1852 - 1924, with Portrait.  £12.00 
Hankin, Hanbury
Some New Methods of Using the Aniline Dyes for Staining Bacteria.  £10.00 
Trelease, William
Botanical Opportunity.  £14.00 
Errera, Léo
Discours Prononcés aux Funérailles de Léo Errera, 4 Aout 1905.  £14.00 
Douvillé, H
René Zeiller. Notice Nécrologique.  £15.00 
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