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Dolphin, David
Coenzymes and Cofactors: Glutathione - Chemical, Biochemical and Medical Aspects. Volume 3 B.  £38.00 
Namba, Keiichi
Structure and Function of Macromolecular Assembly. Proceeding of the 22nd International Symposium, Division of Biophysics, the Taniguchi Foundation.  £36.00 
Needham, Joseph
The Chemistry of Life: Eight Lectures on the History of Biochemistry.  £16.00 
Kendrew, John
The Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology.  £48.00 
Höglund, Anna-Stina
Cell Motility: The Dynamics of the Cortical Wave of Microfilaments and its Relation to Microtubules and Coated Vesicles in Fibroblasts and Glial.  £24.00 
Glauert, Audrey
Misell, D L
Image Analysis, Enhancement and Interpretation.  £24.00 
Dear, Paul
Genome Mapping: A Practical Approach.  £24.00 
Ausubel, Frederick
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology.  £120.00 
Wilson, Keith
Principles and Techniques of Practical Biochemistry.  £84.00 
MacKinnon, Doris
An Introduction to the Study of Protozoa.  £16.00 
Fenchel, Tom
The Origin and Early Evolution of Life.  £12.00 
Sambrook, J
Fritsch, E F
Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual. Second Edition.  £200.00 
Klein, Jan
Biology of the Mouse Histocompatibility 2 Complex. Principles of Immunogenetics Applied to a Single System.  £18.00 
Arnstein, H R V
Cox, R A
Protein Biosynthesis.  £8.00 
Schulze-Kremer, Steffen
Molecular Bioinformatics: Algorithms and Applications.  £36.00 
Sattelle, David
Mason, W T
Secretory Event. Special issue of Journal of Experimental Biology.  £46.00 
Dear, Paul
Genome Mapping: A Practical Approach.  £46.00 
Singer, Charles
Greek Biology and Geek Medicine.  £24.00 
Needham, Joseph
Perspectives in Biochemistry: Thirty-One Essays Presented to Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins by Past and Present Members of His Laboratory. Second Impression.  £12.00 
Neuberger, Albert
Symposium on Protein Structure.  £16.00 
Sambrook, J
Fritsch, E F
Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual. 2nd Edition.  £180.00 
Laage, R J Ch ter
Jaques Moleschott (Jacobus Albertus Willebrordus Moleschott, 1822 - 1893). Een markante Persoonlijkheid in de negentiende eeuwse Fysiologie?  £24.00 
Ciba Foundation
The Freezing of Mammalian Embryos.  £12.00 
Antolini, Renzo
Gliozzi, Alessandra
Transport in Biomembranes. Model Systems and Reconstitution.  £30.00 
Sharon, N
Lis, H
Lectins.  £12.00 
Phillips, D C
North, A C T
Protein Structure.  £12.00 
Hames, B D
Glover, D M
Gene Rearrangement.  £12.00 
Slater, R J
Radioisotopes in Biology: A Practical Approach.  £12.00 
Robertson, E J
Teratocarcinomas and Embryonic Stem Cells: A Practical Approach.  £12.00 
Habel, Karl
Salzmann, Norman
Fundamental Techniques in Virology.  £14.00 
Adams, Roger
Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids.  £18.00 
Poulton, Edward
A Naturalist's Contribution to the Discussion upon the Age of the Earth.  £10.00 
Poulton, Edward
Theories of Evolution.  £12.00 
Poulton, Edward
A Remarkable Anticipation of Modern Views on Evolution.  £10.00 
Holzmüller, Werner
Information in Biological Systems: The Role of Macromolecules.  £12.00 
Perutz, Max
Proteins and Nucleic Acids. Structure and Function.  £24.00 
Snedecor, George
Cochran, William
Statistical Methods Applied to Experiments in Agriculture and Biology. Fifth Edition.  £24.00 
Martin, Bruce
Introduction to Biophysical Chemistry.  £16.00 
Jaenicke, R
Protein-Protein Interactions (Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie in Mosbach Baden)  £24.00 
Porter, Roy
Bayertz, Kurt
From Physico-Theology to Bio-Technology: Essays in the Social and Cultural History of Biosciences. A Festschrift for Mikulas Teich.  £64.00 
Grüneberg, R N
Microbiology for Clinicians.  £26.00 
Slater, E C
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: The Story of a Biochemical Journal.  £18.00 
Ruse, Michael
The Darwinian Revolution: Science Red in Tooth and Claw.  £8.00 
Morton, Richard
The Biochemical Society: Its History and Activities, 1911-1969.  £8.00 
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Sixteen Research Reports by the Niels Bohr Fellows. Part 2: Six Papers in the Biological Sciences.  £16.00 
Dixon, Bernard
The Microbe: Friend and Foe. Special Issue of Impact of Science on Society.  £10.00 
Brenner, Sidney
The Human Genome in Europe. Scientific, Ethical and Social Aspects. Conference Proceedings, Brussels, 1995.  £16.00 
Warboys, Michael
Spreading Germs: Disease Theories and Medical Practice in Britain, 1865 - 1900.  £48.00 
Pressman, David
Grossberg, Allan
The Structural Basis of Antibody Specificity.  £18.00 
Rosenberg, Alexander
Instrumental Biology, or the Disunity of Science.  £46.00 
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