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Brenchley, P J
Sedimentology: Recent Developments and Applied Aspects.  £68.00 
Smith, B J
Uplift, Erosion and Stability.  £68.00 
Miller, Jodie
Continental Reactivation and Reworking.  £98.00 
Wilson, R C L
Non-volcanic Rifting of Continental Margins: A Comparison of Evidence from Land and Sea.  £148.00 
Castro, A
Understanding Granites: Integrating New and Classical Techniques.  £112.00 
Vance, D
Geochronology: Linking the Isotopic Record with Petrology & Textures.  £132.00 
Grady, M M
Meteorites: Flux with Time and Impact Effects.  £68.00 
Jolley, D W
The North Atlantic Igneous Province: Stratigraphy, Tectonic, Volcanic and Magmatic Processes.  £134.00 
Marriott, S B
Floodplains: Interdisciplinary Approaches.  £58.00 
Robins, N S
Groundwater in Celtic Regions.  £66.00 
Pye, K
Coastal and Estuarine Environments: Sedimentology, Geomorphology and Geoarchaeology.  £168.00 
Pollard, A M
Geoarchaeology.  £82.00 
Siegesmund, S
Natural Stone, Weathering Phenomena, Conservation Strategies and Case Studies.  £146.00 
Holdsworth, R E
Continental Transpressional Tectonics and Transtensional Tectonics.  £76.00 
Ott, Henry
Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems.  £40.00 
McGuire, Robin
The Practice of Earthquake Hazard Assessment.  £64.00 
Robinson, Enders
University Course in Digital Seismic Methods Used in Petroleum Exploration.  £46.00 
Robinson, Enders
Treitel, Sven
The Robinson Treitel Reader.  £24.00 
Brown, Jack
Techniques in Obtaining Multiple Subsurface Coverage.  £46.00 
Frost, Noel
Do-It-Yourself Synthetic Seismogram.  £46.00 
Green, W R
Exploration with a Computer: Geoscience Data Analysis Applications.  £36.00 
Chen, C H
Computer-Aided Seismic Analysis and Discrimination.  £36.00 
Okada, Hiroshi
The Microtremor Survey Method.  £46.00 
British Commercial Gas Association
The Romance of a Lump of Coal.  £18.00 
British Commercial Gas Association
This Made a New World. The Story of Town Gas.  £18.00 
Briggs, Asa
Iron Bridge to Crystal Palace. Impact and Images of the Industrial Revolution.  £10.00 
Morley, Arthur
Strength of Materials.  £26.00 
Bryan, G H
Stability in Aviation. An Introduction to Dynamical Stability as applied to the Motions of Aeroplanes.  £92.00 
Jeans, J H
An Elementary Treatise on Theoretical Mechanics.  £10.00 
No Author A Text-Book on Sound.  £22.00 
Butler, J A V
Electrical Phenomena at Interfaces in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  £20.00 
Watts, Cecil
A Guide to the Better Care of LP and Stereo Records.  £12.00 
Hogg, A H A
Surveying for Archaeologists and Other Fieldworkers.  £24.00 
Hewitt, James
The Horse in Medieval England.  £36.00 
Sinnott, R K
Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering. Volume 6 Chemical Engineering Design. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Lyle, Oliver
Technology for Sugar Refinery Workers.  £12.00 
Levenspiel, Octave
Chemical Reaction Engineering. Second Edition.  £10.00 
Hugot, E
Handbook of Cane Sugar Engineering.  £32.00 
Fisher, H G
Forrest, H S
Emergency Relief System Design Using DIERS Technology.  £98.00 
Emsley, John
The Consumer's Good Chemical Guide. A Jargon-Free Guide to the Chemicals of Everyday Life.  £16.00 
Bamforth, A W
Industrial Crystallization.  £16.00 
Schmidthals, Werner
Burgmann Gas Lubricated Mechanical Seals.  £20.00 
Colorado Assaying Company
Mineralogist's Pocket Reference.  £10.00 
Brigham, Allan
Cambridge Iron Founders.  £12.00 
Da Vinci, Leonardo
Ahl, Diane Cole
Leonardo da Vinci's Sforza Monument Horse: The Art and the Engineering.  £28.00 
Earnshaw, J B
An Introduction to A-C Circuit Theory.  £10.00 
Perry, Robert
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook.  £48.00 
Rhodes, Martin
Principles of Powder Technology.  £88.00 
DeBlieu, Jan
Wind. How the Flow of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth and the Land.  £6.00 
Britton, George
The Biochemistry of Natural Pigments.  £66.00 
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