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Mesthene, Emmanuel
Technological Change: Its Impact on Man and Society.  £6.00 
Francois, D
Advances in Fracture Research. 5 Volume Complete Set.  £180.00 
Haug, Albert
Ingenieurausbildung 2000: Internationales Symposium Ingenieurpädagogik '90.  £62.00 
Mills, N J
Plastics. Microstructure, Properties, and Applications.  £12.00 
Sinclair, Ian
Simple Electronics for Modellers.  £6.00 
Collier, Robert
Burckhardt, Christoph
Lin, Lawrence
Optical Holography.  £18.00 
Winder, A
Loda, Charles
Space-Time Information Processing.  £14.00 
Society of Automotive Engineers
Third International Conference on Automotive Electronics.  £12.00 
Selvadurai, A P S
Mechanics of Structured Media: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Mechanical Behaviour of Structured Media. Ottawa, May 18-21, 1981. Parts A and B. Complete Set.  £36.00 
Earnshaw, R A
Wiseman, N
An Introductory Guide to Scientific Visualization.  £10.00 
Klingenstein, Werner
Semiconductors. Technical Information, Technologies and Characteristic Data.  £14.00 
Phukan, Arvind
Frost in Geotechnical Engineering.  £86.00 
Hu, Y X
Liu, S C
Dong, W
Earthquake Engineering.  £226.00 
Pusch, R
Rock Mechanics on a Geological Base.  £278.00 
Panagiotou, G N
Sturgul, J R
Mine Simulation: Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Mine Simulation via the Internet, 2-13 December 1996.  £68.00 
El Sabh, M I
Venkatesh, S
Lomnitz, C
Earthquakes and Atmospheric Hazards. Preparedness Studies.  £78.00 
Galperin, A M
Zaytsev, V S
Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.  £148.00 
Woodcock, N H
Quirk, D G
Fitches, W R
In Sight of the Suture. Palaeozoic Geology of the Isle of Man in its Iapetus Ocean Context.  £52.00 
Sasowsky, Ira
Wicks, Carol
Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport in Carbonate Aquifers.  £76.00 
National Research Council
Rock Fractures and Fluid Flow: Contemporary Understanding and Applications.  £98.00 
Whateley, M K G
Harvey, P K
Mineral Resource Evaluation II. Methods and Case Histories.  £16.00 
Zöller, Uri
Groundwater Contamination and Control.  £98.00 
Ameen, M S
Fractography. Fracture Topography as a Tool in Fracture Mechanics and Stress Analysis.  £42.00 
No Author Model Specification for Tunnelling.  £15.00 
Nath, S K
Patra, H P
Geophysical Prospecting for Groundwater.  £34.00 
Barends, Frans
Brouwer, Frits
Land Subsidence. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Land Subsidence, held at The Hague, The Netherlands 16 - 20 October 1995.  £36.00 
Wang, John G Z Q
Law, K T
Siting in Earthquake Zones.  £72.00 
Crolet, J M
El Hatri, M
Recent Advances in Problems of Flow and Transport in Porous Media.  £38.00 
Wackernagel, Hans
Multivariate Geostatistics. An Introduction with Applications.  £48.00 
Rammlmair, D
Mederer, J
Applied Mineralogy in Research, Economy, Technology, Ecology and Culture. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £92.00 
Stanley, C J
Mineral Deposits: Processes to Processing.  £56.00 
Yershov, E D
General Geocryology.  £86.00 
Davies, M C R
Schlosser, F
Ground Improvement Geosystems. Densification and Reinforcement.  £18.00 
Laznicka, P
Empirical Metallogeny. Depositional Environments, Lithologic Associations, and Metal Ores. Volume 1: Phanerozoic Environments, Associations and Deposits - Parts A and B in Two Volumes.  £168.00 
Juhasova, E
Seismic Effects on Structures.  £72.00 
Eddleston, M
Walthall, S
Engineering Geology of Construction.  £28.00 
Papunen, Heikki
Mineral Deposits: Research and Exploration - Where Do They Meet?  £114.00 
Coburn, Andrew
Spence, Robin
Earthquake Protection.  £18.00 
Mather, J
Banks, D
Dumpleton, S
Fermor, M
Groundwater Contaminants and their Migration.  £12.00 
Hawkins, A Brian
Ground Chemistry. Implications for Constructions.  £96.00 
Gregory, K J
Brown, A G
Branson, J
Global Continental Changes: The Context of Palaeohydrology.  £44.00 
Langel, R A
Hinze, W J
The Magnetic Field of the Earth's Lithosphere. The Satelite Perspective.  £78.00 
Medzhitova, E D
Meshavkin, S
V seredine Rossii: fotoalovsky o sverdlovskoy oblasti.  £60.00 
Sawaragi, T
Coastal Engineering-Waves, Beaches, Wave-Structure Interactions.  £256.00 
Nakato, Tatsuaki
Ettema, Robert
Issues and Directions in Hydraulics.  £112.00 
Bhattacharyya, Ajit
Chakraborty, Chandan
Analysis of Sedimentary Successions. A Field Manual.  £58.00 
Korvin, G
Fractal Models in the Earth Sciences.  £76.00 
Brebbia, C A
San José, R
Measurements and Modelling in Environmental Pollution.  £298.00 
Blight, G E
Mechanics of Residual Soils.  £152.00 
Broek, David
Elementary Engineering Fracture Mechanics.  £48.00 
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