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Stoker, M S
Geological Processes on Continental Margins: Sedimentation, Mass-Wasting and Stability.  £64.00 
Wright, V P
Burchette, T P
Carbonate Ramps.  £64.00 
Hunt, David
Gawthorpe, R L
Sedimentary Response to Forced Regression.  £86.00 
Ramsay, John
Folding and Fracturing of Rocks.  £36.00 
McGuire, Robin
The Practice of Earthquake Hazard Assessment.  £64.00 
Robinson, Enders
University Course in Digital Seismic Methods Used in Petroleum Exploration.  £46.00 
Robinson, Enders
Treitel, Sven
The Robinson Treitel Reader.  £24.00 
Brown, Jack
Techniques in Obtaining Multiple Subsurface Coverage.  £46.00 
Frost, Noel
Do-It-Yourself Synthetic Seismogram.  £46.00 
Green, W R
Exploration with a Computer: Geoscience Data Analysis Applications.  £36.00 
Phillips, F C
The Use of Stereographic Projection in Structural Geology.  £8.00 
Chen, C H
Computer-Aided Seismic Analysis and Discrimination.  £36.00 
Okada, Hiroshi
The Microtremor Survey Method.  £46.00 
Searle, Ronald
Webb, Kaye
Looking at London and People Worth Meeting.  £12.00 
No Author Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire with the City of Hull (With a Coloured Map and a Plan of Hull)  £48.00 
Mortlock, D P
Roberts, C V
The Popular Guide to Norfolk Churches No. 1 North-East Norfolk.  £6.00 
Revel, Jean-François
As For Italy.  £12.00 
Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely County Council
Coe Fen.  £10.00 
No Author Tourist Map of Cambridge.  £12.00 
No Author One-Inch Map of Great Britain. Cambridge and Ely. Sheet 135.  £12.00 
No Author Map of Edo.  £24.00 
Waley-Cohen, Joanna
The Sextants of Beijing. Global Currents in Chinese History.  £8.00 
DeBlieu, Jan
Wind. How the Flow of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth and the Land.  £6.00 
Pevsner, Nikolaus
The Buildings of England: Northhamptonshire.  £8.00 
Burke, Lucy
Travelogues: Journeys Between Cultures (Diatribe, No 2, Autumn/Winter 1993/4)  £16.00 
Pevsner, Nikolaus
The Buildings of England: South and West Somerset.  £10.00 
Pevsner, Nikolaus
The Buildings of England: North Somerset and Bristol.  £10.00 
Munro, Katharine
France Yesterday and Today. A Short Survey.  £6.00 
Swavesey Village College
Fen and Upland. 2,000 Years of History.  £24.00 
Jamieson, Alan
Lords of the Sea. A History of the Barbary Corsairs.  £24.00 
Campbell, Randolph
Gone to Texas. A History of the Lone Star State.  £28.00 
McCoy, Roger
On The Edge. Mapping North America's Coasts.  £18.00 
Proudfoot, Helen
A Guide to Historic Sydney.  £8.00 
Chevallier, Raymond
Littérature Gréco-Romaine et Géographie Historique. Mélanges Offerts a Roger Dion.  £16.00 
Gibbon, Edward
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In Six Volumes.  £68.00 
Pujades, Ramon
Les Cartes Portolanes. La Representacio Medieval d'una Mar Solcada.  £120.00 
Querrien, Armelle
Parcellaires Antiques et Médiévaux du Berry. (Journal des Savants)  £28.00 
Fatio, G
Boissonnas, Fred
La Campagne Genevoise d'après nature.  £46.00 
Fatio, G
Boissonnas, Fred
Genève à Travers les Siècles.  £56.00 
Clancy, Robert
The Mapping of Terra Australis.  £56.00 
British Rail
Passenger Timetable 7 May 1973 to 5 May 1974 Eastern (Other then London Suburban Services) London, Eastern Counties, East Midlands, Northern England.  £10.00 
Wright, G W
Goodall's Guide to Glastonbury Including a Brief History of its Monastic Buildings.  £5.00 
Kennett, B L N
Seismic Wave Propagation in Stratified Media.  £20.00 
Bartholomew, J G
The Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles. Topographical, Statistical and Commercial Compiled from the 1901 Census and the Latest Official Returns.  £46.00 
Sibert, John
Spatial Autocorrelation and the Optimal Prediction of Assessed Values.  £24.00 
Arbia, Giuseppe
Espa, Giuseppe
Statistica Economica Territoriale.  £24.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Spatial Statistics: Past, Present, and Future: Proceedings from a Symposium, of the same Name, Held on the Campus of Syracuse University, 1989.  £36.00 
Fischer, Manfred
Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS.  £12.00 
Tiefelsdorf, Michael
Modelling Spatial Processes: The Identification and Analysis of Spatial Relationships in Regression Residuals by Means of Moran's I.  £24.00 
Heuvelink, Gerard
Error Propagation in Quantitative Spatial Modelling: Applications in Geographical Information Systems.  £46.00 
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