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Emmons, R C
The Universal Stage (With Five Axes of Rotation)  £36.00 
Levorsen, A I
Paleogeologic Maps.  £15.00 
Valentin, Hartmut
Die Küsten der Erde. Beiträge zur allgemeinen und regionalen Küstenmorphologie.  £15.00 
Busk, H G
Earth Flexures. Their Geometry and their Representation and Analysis in Geological Sections with Special Reference to the Problem of Oil Finding.  £24.00 
Harland, W B
The Geology of Svalbard.  £84.00 
Wang, Hongzhen
Zhongguo gu sheng dai shan hu fen lei yan hua ji sheng wu gu di li.  £64.00 
Schwarzbach, Martin
Das Klima der Vorzeit. Eine Einführung in die Paläoklimatologie.  £10.00 
Nairn, A E M
Descriptive Palaeoclimatology.  £14.00 
Trechmann, C T
The British Association for the Suppression of Science Or a New Explanation of Mountain Uplift Based on Lunar Gravitation and Oceanic Pressure.  £46.00 
Malaise, Rene Edmond
A New Deal in Geology, Geography and Related Sciences.  £36.00 
Hobbs, William
Earth Evolution and Its Facial Expression.  £24.00 
Trenberth, Kevin
Climate System Modeling.  £64.00 
Medaris, L G
Proterozoic Geology: Selected Papers from an International Proterozoic Symposium.  £36.00 
Ramsay, John
The Techniques of Modern Structural Geology.  £38.00 
No Author Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Sea Level: Effect of a Co2-Induced Climatic Change. Report of a Workshop Held in Seattle, Washington, September 13-15, 1984.  £18.00 
Beuf, Serge
Les Grès du Paléozoique Inférieur au Sahara: Sédimentation et Discontinuités. Évolution Structurale d'un Craton.  £64.00 
Phinney, Robert
The History of the Earth's Crust. A Symposium.  £18.00 
British National Committee for Geodynamics
Geodynamics Today. A Review of the Earth's Dynamic Processes.  £16.00 
Platt, J P
Thrusting and Deformation. Special Issue of Journal of Structural Geology.  £28.00 
Cook, P J
Shergold, J H
Phosphate Deposits of the World, Volume 1: Proterozoic and Cambrian Phosphorites.  £80.00 
Condie, Kent
Plate Tectonics and Crustal Evolution.  £28.00 
Schopf, William
Earth's Earliest Biosphere: Its Origin and Evolution.  £34.00 
Hanzawa, Shoshiro
Cenozoic Foraminifera of Micronesia.  £36.00 
Spencer, A M
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Orogenic Belts: Data for Orogenic Studies.  £36.00 
Stewart, Ralph
Geology of Reef Ridge Coalinga District California.  £12.00 
Holubec, Jan
Structural Development of the Geosynclinal Proterozoic and its Relations to the Deeper Zones of the Earth's Crust. (Central European Domain)  £20.00 
Cole, William Storrs
Upper Eocene and Oligocene Larger Foraminifera From Viti Levu, Fiji.  £12.00 
Campbell, K S W
New Species of the Permian Spiriferoids Ingelarella and Notospirifer from Queensland and their Stratigraphic Implications.  £14.00 
Adams, R D
Preliminary Reports on the Inangahua Earthquake, New Zealand, May 1968.  £14.00 
Kuyl, O S
The Application of Palynology to Oil Geology, with Special Reference to Western Venezuela.  £14.00 
Yochelson, E L
Salterella from the Lower Cambrian of Central Nevada,.  £12.00 
Grabau, Amadeus
Palaeozoic Formations in the Light of the Pulsation Theory (Volume 1 - 4)  £360.00 
McElhinny, M W
Palaeomagnetism and Plate Tectonics.  £18.00 
Tozer, E T
The Trias and its Ammonoids: The Evolution of a Time Scale.  £26.00 
Gwinner, Manfred
Geologie der Alpen: Stratigraphie, Paläogeographie, Tektonik.  £20.00 
Bowes, R D
Leake, B E
Crustal Evolution in Northwestern Britain and Adjacent Regions.  £18.00 
Hume, W F
Terrestrial Theories. A Digest of Various Views as to the Origin and Development of the Earth and their Bearing on the Geology of Egypt.  £48.00 
Yang, Zunyi
Yuqi, Cheng
The Geology of China.  £84.00 
Schaffer, F X
Geologie von Österreich. Zweite Auflage.  £30.00 
Kober, Leopold
Der Bau der Erde. Eine Einführung in die Geotektonik.  £20.00 
Staub, Rudolf
Der Bewegungsmechanismus der Erde dargelegt am Bau der irdischen Gebirgssysteme.  £18.00 
Heritsch, Franz
The Nappe Theory in the Alps. Alpine Tectonics, 1905 - 1928.  £12.00 
Jukes-Brown, A J
The Student's Handbook of Stratigraphical Geology. Second Edition.  £24.00 
Oxburgh, E R
The Geology of the Eastern Alps.  £12.00 
Preller, C S du Riche
Italian Mountain Geology, Part III, The Gran Sasso d'Italia Group, Abruzzi, Central Appenines, the Volcanoes of Central and Southern Italy.  £16.00 
Cadisch, J
Geologie der Schweizer Alpen.  £20.00 
Madigan, C T
Central Australia.  £14.00 
Canada Geological Survey
Ontario Bureau of Mines
Guide Books of Excursions in Canada, No 1 - No 10.  £146.00 
Stevens, Graeme
New Zeland Adrift: The Theory of Continental Drift in a New Zeland Setting.  £18.00 
Hatch, F H
Corstorphine, G S
The Geology of South Africa. Second Edition.  £34.00 
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