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Burnley, I H
Urbanization in Australia. The Post-War Experience.  £14.00 
Costello, V F
Urbanization in the Middle East.  £10.00 
d'Achiardi, Giovanni
Considerazioni Critiche sulla Origine dell'Acido Borico nei Soffioni Boriferi della Toscana.  £46.00 
Deer, W A
Collection of Offprints.  £12.00 
Ramberg, Hans
Experimental Study of Gravity Tectonics by Means of Centrifuged Models.  £18.00 
Boswell, P H G
British Glass-Sands: Their Location and Characteristics.  £24.00 
Hall, A L
du Toit, A L
On the Section across the Floor of the Bushveld Complex at the Hartebeestpoort Dam, West of Pretoria.  £14.00 
Westphal, Otto
Beitrag zur Kenntnis des Bructis und Metabructis. Inaugural-Dissertation.  £18.00 
Wong Wen-hao
Weng Wenhao
Les Provinces Metallogeniques de Chine.  £240.00 
d'Achiardi, Giovanni
I Minerali dei Marmi di Carrara.  £46.00 
Geological Society
Geological Literature Added to the Geological Society's Library. No 2 - No 18.  £90.00 
Wilson, A G
Entropy in Urban and Regional Modelling.  £24.00 
Herbertson, F D
North America.  £8.00 
Berthelsen, Asger
Noe-Nygaard, Arne
The Precambrian of Greenland.  £24.00 
Kushiro, I
Studies of the Atumi Dolerite, Japan.  £16.00 
Hutton, Colin Osborne
Studies of Heavy Detrital Minerals.  £18.00 
Miyashiro, A
Progressive Metamorphism of the Calcium Rich Rocks of the Gosaisyo-Takanuki District, Abukuma Plateau, Japan.  £14.00 
Möckel, J R
Structural Petrology of the Garnet-Peridotite of Alpe Arami (Ticino, Switzerland.  £24.00 
Reinhardt, B M
On the Genesis and Emplacement of Ophiolites in the Oman Mountains Geosyncline.  £16.00 
Soper, N
Three Critical Localities on the Junction of the Borrowdale Volcanic Rocks with the Skiddaw Slates in the Lake District.  £8.00 
Windley, B F
Herd, R K
The Mode of Occurrence and Petrogenesis of the Sapphirine-Bearing and Associated Rocks of West Greenland.  £14.00 
Viswanathiah, M N
The Indian Mineralogist. Journal of the Mineralogical Society of India. Vol 7, No 1-2.  £14.00 
King, B C
Petrogenesis of the Alkaline Igneous Rock Suites of the Volcanic and Intrusive Centres of Eastern Uganda.  £10.00 
Daniels, J L
Skiba, W J
The Deformation of some Banded Gabbros in the Norther Somalia Fold-Belt.  £8.00 
Evans, Graham
Intertidal Flat Sediments and their Environments of Deposition in the Wash.  £8.00 
Sederholm, J J
On Migmatites and Associated Pre-Cambrian Rocks of Southwestern Finland: Part 2: The Region around the Barosundsjard W of Helsingfors and Neighbouring Areas.  £24.00 
Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas
Namesverzeichnis zu Andrees Handatlas. Achte Auflage. Fünfter revidierter Abdruck.  £46.00 
Bahat, Dan
Carta's Historical Atlas of Jerusalem - Brief Illustrated Survey.  £24.00 
Loftus, E A
Thomson. Through Masai Land.  £12.00 
Richards, C G
Krapf. Missionary and Explorer.  £12.00 
Richards, C G
Count Teleki and the Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanie.  £12.00 
Holmes, Charles
Browne, G S
Australian Cavalcade.  £24.00 
Pausaniae Descriptio Graeciae, Recognovit J H C Schubart. 2 Volumes.  £36.00 
Board, C
The Border Region. Natural Environment and Land Use in the Eastern Cape.  £34.00 
Kiepert, Heinrich
A Manual of Ancient Geography. Authorized Translation from the German.  £24.00 
Crickmay, C H
The Work of the River: A Critical Study of the Central Aspects of Geomorphogeny.  £24.00 
Meiklejohn, M J C
Asia. Its Geography, Commerce and Resources with Tables of Salient Distances.  £8.00 
Haddon, Alfred
The Wanderings of People.  £7.00 
Cullingworth, J B
Problems of an Urban Society: 3 Volumes.  £36.00 
Müller-Wolfer, Theodor
Putzger. Historische Atlas zur Welt und Schweizer Geschichte. Neubearbeitung 1981.  £34.00 
No Author Gemini Space Photographs of Libya and Tibesti: A Geological and Geographical Analysis.  £24.00 
Broc, Numa
Les Montagnes vues par les Géographes et les Naturalistes de Langue Française au XVIIIe siècle: Contribution á l'Histoire de la Géographie. Thèse Montpellier.  £68.00 
Poulter, Sebastian
Law and Population Growth in Lesotho.  £24.00 
Fisher, W B
The Middle East. A Physical, Social and Regional Geography.  £16.00 
Dabrowski, Franciszek
Studia nad administracja kasztelanska Polski XIII wieku.  £24.00 
Kretschmer, Konrad
Historische Geographie von Mitteleuropa.  £48.00 
Ord, J K
Cliff, Andrew
Spatial Autocorrelation.  £44.00 
Thomas, R W
Spatial Epidemiology.  £16.00 
Winchell, Alexander
Elements of Optical Mineralogy - An Introduction to Microscopic Petrography. Part 1: Principles and Methods. Fifth Edition.  £18.00 
Cairns-Smith, A G
Seven Clues to the Origin of Life: A Scientific Detective Story.  £10.00 
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