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Marchant, James
Cragg, Anthony
Hints To Young Valuers. A Practical Treatise on the Valuation of Property.  £46.00 
Vidalenc, Jean
La Société Française de 1815 a 1848. Vol 1: Le Peuple des Campagnes; Vol 2: Le Peuple des Villes et des Bourgs.  £38.00 
Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel
Les Paysans de Languedoc. Volume 1.  £26.00 
Gjessing, Just
Isavsmeltnings-Tidens Drenering, dens forlop og formdannende virkning i Nordre Atnedalen. Med sammenlignende studier fra Nordre Gudbrandsdalen og Nordre Osterdalen.  £46.00 
Uhryn, Kalena
La Notion de "Russie" dans la Cartographie Occidentale du Début du XVIe Siecle a la Fin du XVIIIe Siecle.  £34.00 
Barry, Roger
Mountain, Weather and Climate.  £12.00 
The Geography of Strabo, Volume 6. Translated by Horace Leonard Jones.  £18.00 
Baker, T
Elementary Treatise on Land and Engineering Surveying, With All the Modern Improvements.  £36.00 
Le Lannou, Maurice
Pâtres et Paysans de la Sardaigne.  £64.00 
Miège, Jean
La Vie Rurale du Sillon Alpin. Etude Géographique.  £44.00 
Société de Géographie de Genève
Genève. Le Pays et les Hommes. Études Géographiques.  £36.00 
Dainville, Francois de
Le Language des Géographes. Termes, Signes, Couleurs des Cartes Anciennes, 1500 - 1800.  £80.00 
Coningsby, Robert James
The Discovery of Gold in Australia.  £56.00 
Robertson, C Grant
Bartholomew, J G
Historical and Modern Atlas of the British Empire: Specially Prepared for Students.  £34.00 
Farrington, Oliver Cummings
Meteorites. Their Structure, Composition, and Terrestrial Relations.  £56.00 
Jeffreys, Harold
The Earth: Its Origin, History and Physical Constitution. Second Edition.  £46.00 
Milone, Ferdinando
L'Italia nell'Economia delle sue Regioni.  £46.00 
Dresch, Jean
Recherches sur l'évolution du relief dans le massif central du Grand Atlas: Le Haouz et le Sous.  £64.00 
Munzinger, Werner
Ostafrikanische Studien, mit einer Karte von Nord-Abyssinien und den Ländern am Mareb, Barka und Anseba.  £120.00 
Royle, William
Dalmatia Illustrata: With Original Pictures.  £120.00 
Montague, Gilbert Holland
The Rise and Progress of the Standard Oil Company.  £8.00 
Schüller, Arno
Die Druck-, Temperatur- und Energiefelder der Metamorphose.  £14.00 
Ramberg, Hans
Fluid Dynamics of Viscous Buckling Applicable to Folding of Layered Rocks.  £12.00 
Whitten, Eric
The Gola Granite (Co. Donegal) and its Regional Setting.  £12.00 
Lundegardh, Henrik
Den Ultrabasiska Gabbron i Roslagen.  £10.00 
Urry, William
Piggot, C S
Time Relations in Ocean Sediments.  £12.00 
Reynolds, Doris
The Genetic Significance of Biotite-Pyroxenite and Hornblendite.  £10.00 
Baker, George
Nirranda Strewnfield Australites, South-East of Warrnambool, Western Victoria.  £36.00 
Baker, George
Natural Black Glass Resembling Australite Fragments.  £12.00 
Milton, Charles
Nickel-Gold Ore of the Mackinaw Mine, Snohomish County, Washington.  £14.00 
Jérémine, E
Sur un Météorite (Chondrite) tombée au Maroc le 22 Aout 1932.  £12.00 
Agard, J
Morin, Ph
Les Gisements de Fluorine du Maroc.  £14.00 
von Eckermann, Harry
The Jotnian Formation and the Sub-Jotnian Unconformity.  £12.00 
von Eckermann, Harry
A New Manganese-Chlorite from Långban.  £8.00 
Brown, Ernest
An Introductory Treatise on the Lunar Theory.  £88.00 
Baker, P E
Petrology of Mt Misery Volcano, St Kitts, West Indies.  £10.00 
Henderson, Hubert Douglas
Royal Commission on Population: Report. Presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty June 1949. (Cmd 7695)  £12.00 
von Eckermann, Harry
The Anorthosite and Kenningite of the Nordingra-Rödö Region. A Contribution to the Theory of Anorthosites.  £12.00 
von Eckermann, Harry
The Genesis of the Rapakivi Granites.  £12.00 
Barth, Tom F W
Mineralogical Petrography of Pacific Lavas.  £14.00 
Kiyohiko, Ishi
Granitic Rocks of the Hinokami-yama District, Northeastern Kitakami Massif.  £10.00 
Ringwood, A E
The Chemical Composition and Origin of the Earth.  £10.00 
Mehren, M A F
Cosmographie de Chems-ed-Din Abou Abdallah Mohammed ed-Dimichqui.  £240.00 
Ringwood, A E
The Geology of the Deddick-Wulgulmerang Area, East Gippsland.  £15.00 
Hitchcock, Edward
The Religion of Geology and its Connected Sciences.  £72.00 
Arunachalam, P
Ceylon. Administration Reports, 1909 Part 1: Civil. Vital Statistics.  £86.00 
Arunachalam, P
[Ceylon. Administration Reports, 1895] Part 5: Miscellaneous: Registrations (Land)  £64.00 
Vallance, T G
Studies in the Metamorphic and Plutonic Geology of the Wantabadgery-Adelong-Tumbarumba District, NSW. Part 1, 2, 3.  £14.00 
Merrill, George
A Newly Found Meteorite from Perryville, Perry County, Missouri.  £10.00 
Merrill, George
A Newly Found Meteorite from Near Cullison, Pratt County, Kansas. A Second Meteoric Find from Scott County, Kansan.  £12.00 
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