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Moores, Eldridge
Twiss, Robert
Tectonics.  £32.00 
Wagner, L R
Brown, G M
Layered Igneous Rocks.  £124.00 
Cartwright, John
Burn, Edward
Maudsley and Burn's Land Law Cases and Materials. Ninth Edition.  £26.00 
Zussman, J
Deer, W A
Howie, R A
Rock-Forming Minerals, Volume 2: Chain Silicates.  £24.00 
No Author Proceedings of the Ninth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, Texas. 1978.  £56.00 
Johnson, Norman
A Brief Guide to Dunfermline.  £8.00 
Highman, Frank
Plan of the City of Salisbury.  £24.00 
Taylor, E G R
Production and Trade. A Geographical Survey of All the Countries of the World.  £16.00 
Currie, A W
Economic Geography of Canada.  £12.00 
Wood, Gordon
The Pacific Basin.  £12.00 
Synge, M B
The Growth of the British Empire: From Waterloo to the Present Day, 1815 - 1903.  £12.00 
Zittel, Karl Alfred von
Schimper, W Ph
Traité de Paléontologie. Partie 2: Paléophytologie. Avec 432 Figures dans le Text.  £88.00 
Zittel, Karl Alfred von
Traité de Paléontologie. Partie 1: Paléozoologie; Tome 4: Vertebrata (Mammalia) Avec 590 Figures dans le Text.  £88.00 
Zittel, Karl Alfred von
Traité de Paléontologie. Partie 1: Paléozoologie; Tome 3: Vertebrata (Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves) Avec 719 Figures dans le Text.  £88.00 
Zittel, Karl Alfred von
Traité de Paléontologie. Tome 2: Paléozoologie; Partie 1: Mollusca et Arthropoda. Avec 1109 Figures dans le Texte.  £68.00 
Zittel, Karl Alfred von
Traité de Paléontologie. Tome 1: Paléozoologie; Partie 1: Protozoa, Coelenterata, Echinodermaa et Mulluscoidea. Avec 563 Figures dans le Text.  £68.00 
John Bartholomew and Son
Bartholomew's Pocket Guide to Melrose, Abbotsford etc. The Land of Scott.  £10.00 
Norges Svalbard - og Ishavs - Undersøkelser
The Place-Names of Svalbard.  £68.00 
Salop, Lazarus
Geological Evolution of the Earth During the Precambrian.  £26.00 
Washington, H S
Manual of the Chemical Analysis of Rocks.  £28.00 
Iddings, Joseph
Rock Minerals. Their Chemical and Physical Characters and their Determination in Thin Sections.  £56.00 
Florence, L Secor
Only an Ocean Between.  £12.00 
Harland, W B
A Geologic Time Scale 1989.  £12.00 
Logan, Alan
Hills, L V
The Permian and Triassic Systems and their Mutual Boundary.  £88.00 
Cross, Whitman
Quantitative Classification of Igneous Rocks: Based on Chemical and Mineral Characters, with a Systematic Nomenclature.  £64.00 
John Bartholomew and Son
London Pocket Atlas.  £8.00 
Field, Richard
Geophysical Exploration of the Ocean Bottom. Symposium Arranged by the American Geophysical Union, 26 Nov 1937.  £18.00 
Hamilton, Edward
Rums of the Eastern Caribbean.  £48.00 
Geikie, James
Earth Sculpture.  £14.00 
British Telecom
British Telecom Code Decoder. A Guide to the Location of Telephone Area Codes.  £14.00 
Alexander, William
Allen, W J D
The Observer's Book on Meteorology.  £12.00 
Sölch, Johann
Die Landschaften der Britischen Inseln. Band 1: England und Wales, Band 2: Schottland und Ireland.  £38.00 
McKinney, John
Walking Los Angeles. Adventures on the Urban Edge.  £6.00 
McKinney, John
Rae, Cheri
Walking Santa Barbara. City Strolls and Country Hikes.  £10.00 
Guide to Greece. Volume 2: Southern Greece.  £6.00 
Moor, Nigel
Planning Brief, South East England: A Regional Survey of the Development Opportunities and Constraints which Exist in Great Britain Today.  £24.00 
Schurmann, Franz
Imperial China. China Readings 1.  £6.00 
Turk, Cyril
Box 1800 to 1850.  £10.00 
Roush, J Fred
Chalmette National Historical Park, Louisiana.  £14.00 
Adams, L H
Elastic Properties of Materials of the Earth's Crust.  £6.00 
Agard, J
Géologie et Minéralisation de la Boutonnière Précambrienne d'Iguerda-Taifst (Anti-Atlas)  £14.00 
Neumann, Henrich
The Cyprin-Thulite Deposit at Ovstenbo, near Kleppan in Sauland, Norway.  £8.00 
Ingerson, Earl
Ramisch, Joseph
Origin of Shapes of Quartz Sand Grains.  £8.00 
Peacock, Martin
The Vulcano-Glacial Palagonite Formation of Iceland.  £8.00 
Merrill, George
Collection of 6 Offprints on Meteorites.  £10.00 
Kracek, F C
Melting and Transformation Temperatures of Mineral and Allied Substances.  £8.00 
Lock, Muriel
Modern Maps and Atlases: An Outline Guide to Twentieth Century Literature.  £14.00 
Cooper, Anthony
Planners and Preservationists: The Cambridge Preservation Society and the City's Green Belt, 1928 - 1985.  £18.00 
Lebeau, R
La Vie Rurale dans les Montagnes du Jura Méridional: Étude de Géographie Humaine.  £46.00 
Ginier, J
Géographie Touristique de la France. Etude Générale et Régionale.  £12.00 
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