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Jennings, C
Widnall. A Capital Contriver. First Edition.  £16.00 
Hawkes, Jacquetta
A Land. Fifth Impression.  £24.00 
Robbins, F E
Ptolemy Tetrabiblos.  £14.00 
Collet, L
The Structure of the Alps.  £16.00 
Lord Avebury
The Scenery of Switzerland.  £16.00 
Holland, W
Commodity Control in the Pacific.  £32.00 
Bailey, Edward
Charles Lyell.  £10.00 
Soja, Edward
Thirdspace. Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-and-Imagined Places.  £20.00 
Shaw, M A
The Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland. First Edition.  £120.00 
Darre, M J
Register til Danmark, Land og Folk ved Daniel Bruun.  £28.00 
Parham, W T
Von Tempsky - Adventurer. A Biography of Major Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky.  £24.00 
Polovickaja, Marija Efimovna
Geografija naucnych issledovanij v SSA: Svjaz Razmes Cenija Nauki s Territorialnoj Strukturoj Chozjajstva i Rasseleniem.  £34.00 
Orford, E J
Junior Practical Geography. Pupil's Book.  £14.00 
Stembridge, Jasper
World-Wide Geographies, Book 7. Part 1: Europe, Part 2: The British Isles.  £14.00 
Bridge, R S
The Geography of Commerce and Industry.  £14.00 
Sternfeld, A
Interplanetary Travel.  £12.00 
Vivant, Raymond
Le Cher. Aspect géographique, historique, touristique, économique et administratif du département.  £20.00 
Clarke, Linda
Building Capitalism: Historical Change and the Labour Process in the Production of the Built Environment.  £14.00 
Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books, Comprising the Property of Trinity College (Oxford), Wesley College (Bristol), Aurian de Maupeou etc.  £12.00 
Catalogue of Atlases, Maps and Printed Books, Comprising the Property of P C Pearson Esq.  £10.00 
Godart, Justin
L'Albanie en 1921.  £46.00 
Tatlow, A H
Natal Province: Descriptive Guide and Official Handbook.  £48.00 
Holdich, Thomas
Political Frontiers and Boundary Making.  £64.00 
Sargent, A J
Seaways of the Empire: Notes on the Geography of Transport.  £10.00 
Drude, Oscar
Altas der Pflanzenverbreitung. 8 kolorierte Karten in Kupferstich mit 16 Darstellungen.  £46.00 
Rosenbusch, Harry
Elemente der Gesteinslehre.  £64.00 
Lajos, Timár
A brit gazdaság és társadalom a XVIII–XIX. században. Válogatás a brit történeti földrajzi iskola írásaiból.  £36.00 
Turner, H S
Halley's Comet: An Evening Discourse to the British Association, At Their Meeting at Dublin, on Friday September 4, 1908.  £34.00 
Inman, Robert
McGuire, Martin
Financing the New Federalism: Revenue Sharing, Conditional Grants, and Taxation.  £46.00 
Duly, S J
Natural Wealth of Britain.  £24.00 
Bryson, E L
The British Isles, their Life and Work.  £18.00 
Cornish, W B
Modern Geography. Book 5: Asia.  £18.00 
Hepworth, Mark
Geography of the Information Economy.  £16.00 
Hansen, Niels
Challenge of Urban Growth: The Basic Economics of City Size and Structure.  £26.00 
Krippendorf, Jost
The Holiday Makers: Understanding the Impact of Leisure and Travel.  £12.00 
Weedman, Daniel
Quasar Astronomy.  £10.00 
Werner, O
Orbis Terrarum Catholicus sive Totius Ecclesiae Catholicae et Occidentis et Orientis Conspectus Geographicus et Statisticus.  £38.00 
Sheets-Pyenson, Susan
Geological Communication in the Nineteenth Century: The Ellen Woodward Autograph Collection at McGill University.  £14.00 
Moore, D T
An Account of those Described Rock Collections in the British Museum (Natural History) made before 1918, with a provisional Catalogue.  £12.00 
Bastin, John
Moore, D T
The Geological Researches of Dr Thomas Horsfield in Indonesia, 1801 - 1819.  £12.00 
Hobbs, William
Porter, Roy
The Earth Generated and Anatomized by William Hobbs. An Early Eighteenth Century Theory of the Earth.  £14.00 
Vallance, T G
Moore, D T
Geological Aspects of the Voyage of HMS Investigator in Australian Waters.  £10.00 
Pred, Allen
City-Systems in Advanced Economies.  £8.00 
Buck, Nick
The London Employment Problem.  £12.00 
Wilson, Alan
Complex Spatial Systems: The Modelling Foundations of Urban and Regional Analysis.  £36.00 
Gallent, Nick
Tewdwr-Jones, Mark
Rural Second Homes in Europe: Examining Housing Supply and Planning Control.  £48.00 
Williams, R H
Wood, Barry
Industrial Property Markets in Western Europe.  £22.00 
Hudson, Ray
Production, Places and Environment.  £16.00 
Allen, John
Massey, Doreen
Rethinking the Region.  £10.00 
Kasarda, John
Dogan, Mattei
The Metropolis Era. Volume 1: A World of Giant Cities.  £12.00 
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