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Taylor, Peter
Archer, Clark
Section and Party: Political Geography of American Presidential Elections, from Andrew Jackson to Ronald Reagan.  £14.00 
Fagence, Michael
Citizen Participation in Planning.  £12.00 
Alexander, Lewis
Offshore Geography of Northwestern Europe: The Political and Economic Problems of Delimitation Control.  £14.00 
Johnston, Ronald
Political, Electoral and Spatial Systems.  £14.00 
Moore, Patrick
1971 Yearbook of Astronomy.  £18.00 
Fielder, Gilbert
Chisnall, G A
Astronomy and Spaceflight.  £12.00 
Besemeres, John
Socialist Population Politics: Political Implications of Demographic Trends in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe.  £14.00 
Yevjevich, Vujica
Structure of Daily Hydrologic Series.  £64.00 
Head, P C
Practical Estuarine Chemistry: A Handbook.  £18.00 
Raymahashay, B C
Geochemistry for Hydrologists  £18.00 
Simon, Julian
The Ultimate Resource 2.  £28.00 
Hladik, C M
Tropical Forests, People and Food: Biocultural Interactions and Applications to Development.  £80.00 
Domenico, Patrick
Concepts and Models in Groundwater Hydrology.  £20.00 
Bariè, Ottavio
Italian Risorgimento. Sponsored by the Promoting Committee of the Historical Exhibition of Italian Unity, Turin Palazzo Carignano 1961.  £12.00 
Smith, Nelson
Bridges, E M
Problems of a Small Estuary: Proceedings of the Symposium on the Burry Inlet (South Wales) Held at the University College of Swansea.  £24.00 
Isard, Walter
Liossatos, Panagis
Spatial Dynamics and Optimal Space-Time Development.  £38.00 
Perry, Ronald
Counterurbanization: Case Studies of Urban to Rural Movement.  £14.00 
Ingold, T S
The Practice of Soil Reinforcing in Europe.  £38.00 
International Atomic Energy Agency
Isotope and Radiation Techniques in Soil Physics and Irrigation Studies 1973.  £20.00 
Linsley, Ray
Franzini, Joseph
Water Resources Engineering.  £46.00 
Mingione, Enzo
Fragmented Societies: A Sociology of Economic Life Beyond the Market Paradigm.  £14.00 
Barlow, Max
Metropolitan Government.  £12.00 
Browning, K A
Nowcasting.  £14.00 
Glas, Marieke van der
Gaining Ground: Land Use and Soil Conservation in Areas of Agricultural Colonisation in South Brazil and East Paraguay.  £18.00 
Voight, Barry
Rockslides and Avalanches: Natural Phenomena v. 1.  £100.00 
Purser, Bruce
The Persian Gulf. Holocene Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenesis in a Shallow Epicontinental Sea.  £34.00 
Holy, Milos
Erosion and Environment.  £24.00 
Brunsden, D
Slopes: Forms and Process: Institute of British Geographers Special Publication.  £10.00 
Pugh, Charles
Provisional Checklist of Sites of Geomorphological Interest.  £64.00 
Miller, David
Energy at the Surface of the Earth: An Introduction to the Energetics of Ecosystems.  £24.00 
Verstraten, J M
Water Rock Interactions: A Case Study of a Very Low Grade Metamorphic Shale Catchment in the Ardennes, North West Luxembourg.  £46.00 
Yatsu, E
Mass Wasting. 4th Guelph Symposium on Geomorphology.  £16.00 
Henderson, Junius
Geology in Its Relation to Landscape.  £12.00 
Bucher, Walter
The Deformation of the Earth's Crust: an Inductive Approach to the Problems of Diastrophism.  £20.00 
Thorntwaite, C W
Mather, John
The Johns Hopkins University Laboratory of Climatology, Publications. Volume 7, No 1 (1954); Vol 7, No 4; Vol 8, No 1; Vol 10, No 3.  £46.00 
Olsson, Gunnar
Birds in Egg - Eggs in Bird.  £34.00 
Putnam, R
Geography of Urban Places. Selected Readings.  £36.00 
Musil, Jiri
Urbanization in Socialist Countries.  £18.00 
Griffith, Daniel
MacKinnon, R
Dynamic Spatial Models.  £62.00 
Turner, Peter
Continental Red Beds.  £64.00 
Boaden, N
Urban Policy-Making: Influences on County Boroughs in England and Wales.  £8.00 
Parkes, Don
Times, Spaces and Places: A Chronogeographic Perspective.  £86.00 
Muddock, J E Preston
All Clear. A Brief Record of the London Special Constabulary. 1914 - 19.  £78.00 
Hymers, John
The Elements of the Theory of Astronomy. Second Edition.  £26.00 
Morrill, Richard
The Spatial Organization of Society.  £12.00 
Fairgrieve, James
Geography and World Power.  £14.00 
Ippen, Arthur
Estuary and Coastline Hydrodynamics.  £42.00 
Wood, David
George, Philip
Offshore Soil Mechanics. A Course of Lectures Held at Cambridge University.  £86.00 
Hamilton, Lawrence
Juvik, James
Tropical Montane Cloud Forests: Proceedings of an International Symposium at San Juan, Puerto Rico, 31 May - 5 June 1993.  £46.00 
Cruise O'Brien, Rita
Information, Economics and Power: The North-South Dimension.  £14.00 
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