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Oliver, J
The Wetness of Wales.  £8.00 
Ambroziak, Brian
Infinite Perspectives: Two Thousand Years of Three-dimensional Mapmaking.  £36.00 
Temple, John
Mining - An International History.  £10.00 
East Anglia Consultative Committee
East Anglia. A Regional Survey.  £28.00 
East Anglia Consultative Committee
East Anglia. A Regional Appraisal.  £20.00 
Davey, Keith
Our Arid Environment. Animals of Australia's Desert Regions.  £24.00 
Foulkes, Mike
Cape York Peninsula Overlanders Guide. Featuring exclusive strip guide to the Peninsula with camping and general information.  £18.00 
Blakers, M
Davies, S J J F
Reilly, P N
The Atlas of Australian Birds.  £46.00 
Sanders, Ellen Mary
The World and the British Empire.  £32.00 
Robinson, Edward
Smith, Elie
Biblical Researches in Palestine and the Adjacent Regions. A Journal of Travels in the Years 1838 and 1852.  £220.00 
Turchetti, Simone
On Thick Ice: Scientific Internationalism and Antarctic Affairs, 1957 - 1980.  £8.00 
No Author Railway Map of the British Isles, "For Satchel Guide".  £12.00 
Moretti, Franco
Graphs, Maps, Trees. Abstract Models for Literary History.  £7.00 
Yeh, Kuei-yo
A Middle Jurassic Radiolarian Fauna from South Fork Member of the Snowshoe Formation, East Central Oregon.  £38.00 
Sauberer, F
Härtel, O
Pflanze und Strahlung.  £14.00 
Barrow, G
Thomas, H H
On the Occurrence of Metamorphic Minerals in Calcareous Rocks in the Bodmin and Camelford Areas, Cornwall.  £12.00 
Vogy, Johan
On the Terms Eutectic, Cotectic, Peritectic, Anchi-Eutectic, Anchi-Cotectic etc and their Importance in Petrogenesis.  £14.00 
Neumann, Henrich
X-Ray Powder Patterns for Mineral Identification. Part 2: Oxydes and Hydroxides.  £12.00 
Daly, Reginald Aldworth
Relation of Mountain-Building to Igneous Action.  £12.00 
Neumann, Henrich
Native Copper and Silver Ore Deposits in Dalane, Norway.  £8.00 
Bartrum, J A
Pillow-Lavas, Peridotites and Associated Rocks of Northernmost New Zealand.  £14.00 
Bonney, T G
On Antigorite and the Val Antigorio, with Notes on Other Serpentines containing that Mineral.  £12.00 
Strand, Trygve
Structural Petrology of the Bygdin Conglomerate.  £10.00 
Brown, William
Peristerite Unmixing in the Plagioclases and Metamorphic Facies Series.  £8.00 
Whiteley, J H
The Action of Iron Oxides upon the Acid Furnace Structure.  £8.00 
Moore, James
The Quartz Diorite Boundary Line in the Western United States.  £10.00 
Wilcox, Ray
Rhyolite-Basalt Complex on Gardiner River, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.  £12.00 
Hutchinson, A
A Universal Gonimeter.  £14.00 
Hutchinson, A
The Chemical Composition and Optical Characters of Chalybite from Cornwall.  £8.00 
Hutchinson, A
On the Diathermancy of Antimonite.  £8.00 
Hutchinson, A
The Optical Character of Antimonite; The Chemical Composition of Lengenbachite.  £12.00 
Hutchinson, A
Die optischen Eigenschaften des Antimonits.  £5.00 
Hutchinson, A
Über Stokesit, ein neues Zinnmineral von Cornwall.  £8.00 
Hutchinson, A
Die chemische Zusammensetzung des Lengenbachits.  £5.00 
Tutton, A E H
Hutchinson, A
Über die Temperatur der optischen Einaxigkeit von Gyps.  £8.00 
Donnay, J D H
Mélon, J
Collection of 4 offprints on Albite-Twinning Lamellae, Crystallography of Caesium (Lithium, Ammonium) Molybdo-Tellurates, Hauy-Bravais Lattice for Sodium Molybdo-Tellurate.  £20.00 
Boswell, P H G
The Cleavage-Fan in the Silurian Rocks of the Denbighshire Moors and Clwydian Range.  £10.00 
Green, J F N
The Moines. An Address to the Geological Society.  £8.00 
Vogt, Thorolf
Vulkanismens faser i Trondheimsfeltet.  £12.00 
Leelanandam, C
3 Offprints: Orthoclase in Kondapalli Charnockites, Anorthosites from Kondapalli (Andhra Pradesh), Pyroxenes from Kondapalli (Andhra Pradesh)  £12.00 
Etheridge, R
Glacial Deposits of Lewis.  £10.00 
Urry, William
Piggot, C S
Radioactive Determination of Small Amounts of Uranium, Radioactivity of Ocean Sediments 4 (Cayman Trough), Apparatus for Determination of Small Quantities of Radium.  £14.00 
Richey, J E
The Structural Relations of the Mourne Granites (Northern Ireland)  £8.00 
Smithson, Frank
Their Petrography and their Relation to the Trias of other Parts of the British Isles.  £8.00 
Lewis, H A G
The Times Atlas of the Moon.  £46.00 
Dowdy, Mac
Cambridge Town Trail 1.  £18.00 
Harris, L E
Vermuyden and the Fens. A Study of Sir Cornelius Vermuyden and the Great Level.  £24.00 
Hewitt, Rachel
Map of a Nation. A Biography of the Ordnance Survey.  £24.00 
Cantor, Leonard
English Mediaeval Landscape.  £8.00 
Zwanenberg, D F van
The Geography of Disease in East Anglia.  £8.00 
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