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Krzywicki, Mieczyslaw
Przyczynek do znajomosci fauny Rhopalocera Tatr Polskich (Lepidoptera) = Beitrag zur Rhopaloceren-Fauna des Polnischen Teiles des Tatra-Gebirges (Lepidoptera)  £14.00 
Taczanowski, Wladyslaw
Listy do Antoniego Wagi, Konstantego Branickiego i Benedykta Dybowskiego.  £36.00 
Stach, Jan
Owady bezskrzydle; Apterygota.  £24.00 
Fedorowicz, Zygmunt
Materialy do historii zoologii na Uniwersytecie Jagiellonskim, 1777-1914.  £24.00 
Walker, Kenneth
Only the Silent Hear.  £12.00 
Gordon, Douglas
Wisdom in the Wild.  £12.00 
Step, Edward
Nature in the Garden: Wild Life at Our Doors, Midsummer to Winter.  £10.00 
Stearn, William
Annales Musei Goulandris. Volume 7, 1986.  £24.00 
Ingle, R W
Carcinology in the Natural History Museum, Lodon: The Brachyrian Crab Collections and their Curation from 1813 - 1904 (Leach to Calman)  £22.00 
British Museum (Natural History)
Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Historical Series. Volume 19, Number 1.  £20.00 
Rice, A L
The nomenclature of crabs collected during the cruises of HMS Porcupine in 1869 and 1870, with notes on the Norman collection of invertebrata and its acquisition by the British Museum (Natural History)  £22.00 
Jessop, L
Dubois, Charles
Notes on Insects, 1692 and 1695, by Charles duBois.  £36.00 
Cornelius, Paul
Wells, John
Ellis and Solander's Zoophytes (1786). Six Unpublished Plates and other Aspects.  £12.00 
Kempe, D R C
Buckley, H A
Fifty Years of Oceanography in the Department of Mineralogy, British Museum (Natural History)  £12.00 
Gunther, A E
Matthew Maty MD FRS (1718 - 1776) and Science at the Foundation of the British Museum, 1753 - 1780.  £14.00 
Hobbs, William
Porter, Roy
The Earth Generated and Anatomized by William Hobbs. An Early Eighteenth Century Theory of the Earth.  £14.00 
Sawyer, Frederick
Ingles, Jean
A Catalogue of the Richard Owen Collection of Palaeontological and Zoological Drawings in the British Museum (Natural History)  £14.00 
Whitehead, P J P
Talwar, P K
Francis Day (1829 - 1889) and his Collection of Indian Fishes.  £26.00 
Westell, W Percival
British Reptiles, Amphibians and Fresh-Water Fishes.  £15.00 
Step, Edward
Shell Life, An Introduction to the British Mollusca, with upwards of six hundred illustrations.  £14.00 
Harper, John
Les Bois du gabon.  £24.00 
Longfield, Cynthia
Corbet, Philip
Dragonflies.  £56.00 
Merriam, John
The Living Past.  £10.00 
Nash, R
Chandler, P J
The Irish Species of Two-Winged Flies (Diptera) belonging to the Families Fanniidae and Muscidae.  £10.00 
Harrison, James
A Contribution to the Ornithology of Bulgaria.  £140.00 
Eltringham, H
Three Offprints on the Histology of Scent Organs in Insects.  £14.00 
Knight, Maxwell
The Young Field Naturalist's Guide.  £7.00 
Schafer, Wilhelm
Ecology and Palaeoecology of Marine Environments.  £26.00 
Harwerth, Willi
Das kleine Baumbuch in vielen Farben.  £18.00 
Büchner, Georg
Woyzeck.  £12.00 
Kredel, Fritz
Das kleine Blumenbuch in vielen Farben.  £12.00 
Bingley, F J
Wicken Sedge Fen. A topographical and Botanical Guide.  £4.00 
Dahlstrom, Asa Nilsson
Negotiating Wilderness in a Cultural Landscape: Predators & Saami Reindeer Herding in the Laponian World Heritage.  £88.00 
Booth, E T
Catalogue of Cases of Birds in the Dyke Road Museum Brighton, Giving a Few Descriptive Notes, and the Localities in Which the Specimens Were Obtained. Fifth Edition.  £28.00 
Earle, Sylvia
Lavenberg, Robert
Results of the Tektite Program: Coral Reef Invertebrates and Plants.  £22.00 
Nafpaktitis, Basil
Systematics and Distribution of Lanternfishes of the Genera Lobianchia and Diaphus (Myctophidae) in the Indian Ocean.  £18.00 
Barnes, Lawrence
A Review of Lophocetus and Liolithax and Their Relationships to the Delphinoid Family Kentriodontidae (Cetacea: Odontoceti ).  £14.00 
Golz, David
Eocene Artiodactyla of Southern California.  £18.00 
Snelling, Roy
A Revision of the Honey Ants, Genus Myrmecocystus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)  £20.00 
Nations, Dale
The Genus Cancer (Crustacea, Brachyura): Systematics, Biogeography, and Fossil Record.  £18.00 
Dawson, C E
Studies on Eastern Pacific Sand Stargazers: (Pisces: Dactyloscopidae) 2. Genus Dactyloscopus, With Descriptions of New Species and Subspecies.  £18.00 
Silverstone, Philip
A Revision of the Poison-Arrow Frogs of the Genus Dendrobates Wagler.  £16.00 
Saul, Louella
A Hollow Spined Anapachydiscus Peninsulris with Possible Mosasaur Bite Impressions.  £8.00 
Marlow, Ronald
Brode, John
A New Salamander, Genus Batrachoseps, from the Inyo Mountains of California: With a Discussion of Relationships in the Genus.  £12.00 
Rensberger, John
Promylagaulus, Progressive Aplodontoid Rodents of the Early Miocene.  £12.00 
Durham, Floyd
The Catch of Bowhead Whales (Balaena Mysticetus) by Eskimos with Emphasis on the Western Arctic.  £10.00 
Snelling, Roy
Aphomomyrmex and a Related New Genus of Arboreal African Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)  £16.00 
Robinson, Michael
Systematics of Skinks of the Eumeces Brevirotris Species Group in Western Mexico.  £10.00 
Lea, Robert
Fitch, John
A New Species of Rockfish, Genus Sebastes (Scorpaenidae) from the eastern North Pacific off Mexico and California.  £8.00 
Wheeler, George
Wheeler, Jeanette
Larvae of some Eusocial Bees and Wasps.  £10.00 
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