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Scott, S H
Mullard, J W P
The Observer's Book of Cacti and Other Succulents.  £4.00 
University College London
Catalogue of the Books in the Medical and Biological Libraries at University College, London: With an Appendix.  £26.00 
Chadwick, Paxton
Woodland Butterflies.  £12.00 
Salisbury, F S
Some Haunts of Worcester Flowers.  £14.00 
Adams, W H Davenport
The Amazon and its Wonders. With Illustrations of Animal and Vegetable Life in the Amazonian Forest.  £18.00 
Seward, A C
Two Orbituaries for Albert Charles Seward (1863 - 1941)  £8.00 
Kräusel, Richard
Paul Menzel.  £8.00 
Woods, Frederick
Laws of Diminishing Environmental Influence.  £10.00 
Morris, Daniel
Address to the Botanical Section.  £10.00 
Thiselton-Dyer, W T
Harry Marshall Ward.  £6.00 
Fenchel, Tom
The Origin and Early Evolution of Life.  £12.00 
Forestry Commission
The Forest of Dean.  £6.00 
McKeown, Thomas
The Origins of Human Disease.  £24.00 
Jenkin, Penelope
Oxygen Production by the Diatom Coscinodiscus Excentricus Ehr. in Relation to Submarine Illumination in the English Channel.  £10.00 
Miller, Hugh
The Testimony of the Rocks. Or: Geology in its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed.  £10.00 
Religious Tract Society
Flowers from Many Lands: A Christian Companion for Hours of Recreation.  £10.00 
Clark, Phil
A Flower Lover's Guide to Mexico.  £12.00 
Whyte, Lancelot Law
Aspects of Form: A Symposium on Form in Nature and Art.  £14.00 
Koch, Sandor
Grasselly, Gyula
Acta Mineralogica Petrographica, Tomus 6: The Minerals of the Sulphide Ore-Deposite of Nagybörzsöny. (etc)  £18.00 
Erdélyi, I
Die Mineralien von Bicsad (Sepsibükskad) in Rumänien: Pseudobrookit, Apatit, Magnetit, Hämatit, Titanit und ein fragliches Mineral.  £10.00 
Fott, Bohuslav
Algenkunde.  £20.00 
Ferguson, Allan
Natural Philosophy through the Eighteenth Century and Allied Topics.  £16.00 
Tankard, A J
Hobday, D K
Crustal Evolution of Southern Africa. 3.8 Billion Years of Earth History.  £36.00 
Neaverson, E
Stratigraphical Palaeontology. A Manual for Students and Field Geologists.  £18.00 
Shrock, Robert
Twenhofel, William
Principles of Invertebrate Paleontology.  £16.00 
Flint, Richard Foster
Glacial and Quaternary Geology.  £32.00 
Lower Palaeozoic. Collection of Offprints. North and Central Wales, South Wales.  £46.00 
Takeuchi, H
Kanamori, K
Debate About the Earth. Approach to Geophysics Through Analysis of Continental Drift.  £18.00 
Briggs, Derek
Batten, David
Studies in Palaeobotany and Palynology in Honour of N F Hughes.  £18.00 
Harper, C T
Geochronology: Radiometric Dating of Rocks and Minerals.  £36.00 
Zittel, Karl Alfred von
Text-Book of Palaeontology: Volume 3: Mammalia.  £22.00 
Woods, Henry
Palaeontology Invertebrate. Second Edition.  £8.00 
Lehmann, Ulrich
Hillmer, Gero
Wirbellose Tiere der Vorzeit. Leitfaden der systematischen Paläontologie.  £10.00 
British Museum (Natural History)
A Guide to the Fossil Plants in the Department of Geology and Palaeontology.  £10.00 
Lehmann, Ulrich
Ammonoideen. Leben zwischen Skylla und Charybdis.  £10.00 
Gothan, Walther
Remy, Winfried
Steinkohlenpflanzen. Leitfaden zum Bestimmen der wichtigsten pflanzlichen Fossilien des Paläozoikums im rheinisch-westfälischen Steinkohlengebiet.  £36.00 
Wright, W B
The Quaternary Ice Age. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Woodward, Arthur
Outlines of Vertebrate Palaeontology for Students of Zoology.  £14.00 
Schwarzbach, Martin
Das Klima der Vorzeit. Eine Einführung in die Paläoklimatologie.  £10.00 
Medaris, L G
Proterozoic Geology: Selected Papers from an International Proterozoic Symposium.  £36.00 
Cook, P J
Shergold, J H
Phosphate Deposits of the World, Volume 1: Proterozoic and Cambrian Phosphorites.  £80.00 
Stewart, Ralph
Geology of Reef Ridge Coalinga District California.  £12.00 
Cole, William Storrs
Upper Eocene and Oligocene Larger Foraminifera From Viti Levu, Fiji.  £12.00 
Campbell, K S W
New Species of the Permian Spiriferoids Ingelarella and Notospirifer from Queensland and their Stratigraphic Implications.  £14.00 
Kuyl, O S
The Application of Palynology to Oil Geology, with Special Reference to Western Venezuela.  £14.00 
Yochelson, E L
Salterella from the Lower Cambrian of Central Nevada,.  £12.00 
Swinnerton, H H
Outlines of Palaeontology. Second Edition.  £16.00 
Hughes, Norman Francis
Palaeobiology of Angiosperm Origins.  £20.00 
Woods, Henry
Palaeontology Invertebrate. Eighth Edition.  £10.00 
British Museum (Natural History)
An Index to the Systematic Collection of Minerals in the British Museum (Natural History)  £8.00 
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