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Rea, Amadeo
Wings in the Desert. A Folk Ornithology of the Northern Pimans.  £36.00 
Collier, Phil
Howells, Christine
Woodland Wildflowers of Tasmania.  £12.00 
Elliot, Rodger
Blake, Trevor
Common Native Plants of the Grampians.  £12.00 
Ground, Richard
Creator's Glory. Photographs of the Wildlife of Grand Cayman Island.  £12.00 
Calvert, W R
The Passions of the Wild.  £10.00 
Big Chief I-Spy
I-Spy British Wild Animals.  £10.00 
Brightwell, C R
The Nano-Reef Handbook.  £20.00 
Lewis, William Vaughan
Norwegian Cirque Glaciers. R G S Research Series No. 4.  £12.00 
Edwards-Rees, Desiree
The House of History. The Basement from the Earliest Men to the Fall of Rome.  £8.00 
Tyrrell, G W
The Earth and its Mysteries.  £6.00 
Fabre, Abbe Augustin
Stawell, Rodolph
Fabre's Book of Insects Retold from Alexander Teixeira de Mattos' Translation of Fabre's "Souvenirs Entomologiques".  £12.00 
Brougham, Henry
Dissertations on Subjects of Science connected with Natural Theology: Being the Concluding Volumes of the New Edition of Paley's Work.  £56.00 
Huxley, Julian
The Uniqueness of Man.  £10.00 
Gercke, Alfred
L Annaei Senecae Opera Quae Supersunt. Volumen 2: Naturalium Qaestionum Libros VIII.  £20.00 
Showell, Romola
Aitchison, M
Mountain Adventure. The Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme.  £4.00 
Showell, Romola
Lampitt, Ronald
Learning About Insects and Small Animals. A Ladybird Natural History Book.  £6.00 
Nash, John
Bingley, F J
Wicken Sedge Fen. A Topographical and Botanical Guide.  £4.00 
Fastovsky, David
The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs. Second Edition.  £32.00 
Darwin, Francis
A Botanical Physiologist of the Eighteenth Century.  £10.00 
Harberd, Nicholas
Seed to Seed. The Secret Life of Plants.  £6.00 
Jackson, P W
The Chronologer's Quest. The Search for the Age of the Earth.  £26.00 
Bristowe, W S
Cambridge Natural History Society, Fauna List No 2: The Spiders of Cambridgeshire (including Harvest Spiders and Pseudoscorpions)  £8.00 
Moy-Thomas, J A
Palaeozoic Fishes.  £14.00 
Bennett, Alfred
On the Classificaton of Cryptogams; A Reformed System of Terminology of the Reproductive Organs of the Thallophyta.  £12.00 
Brown, Forest
The Preparation and Treatment of Woods for Microscopic Study.  £12.00 
Maiden, J H
Obituary Notice of Joseph Henry Maiden (with Portrait) 1859 - 1925.  £6.00 
Gravis, A
Fixation au Porte-Objet des Coupes Faites dans la Celloidine.  £6.00 
Arber, E A N
Moysey, Lewis
Captain Lewis Moysey, 1869 - 1918.  £6.00 
Christ, Hermann
Senn, G
Hermann Christ, Obituary Notice.  £6.00 
Slade, George
Water, Dust, and Heat, or, Comments on the First of Genesis.  £20.00 
Baker, G
Opal Phytoliths in some Victorian Soils and "Red Rain" Residues.  £12.00 
Sumner, Francis
Adaptation and the Problem of Organic Purposefulness. Part 2.  £16.00 
Selling, Olof
Robert Wilhelm Kolbe, 10 Januar 1882 - 9 März 1960.  £10.00 
Sahni, Birbal
Halle, T G
Professor Sahni's Palaeobotanical Work.  £10.00 
Raimondi, Antonio
El Peru. Volume 1 ONLY.  £20.00 
Jukes-Browne, A J
The Student's Handbook of Stratigraphical Geology.  £10.00 
Harker, Alfred
The Bala Volcanic Series of Caernarvonshire and Associated Rocks; being the Sedgewick Prize Essay for 1888.  £46.00 
Noé, A C
Gottlieb Haberlandt, 1854.  £8.00 
Arber, Agnes
Ethel Sargant. October 28, 1863 - January 16, 1918.  £10.00 
Bharadwaja, Y
Rai Bahadur Dr Shiv Ram Kashyap, B A (Cantab), S Sc (Panjab), FASB, IES (1882 - 1934.  £10.00 
Weiss, W W
Richard Henry Yapp, 1871 - 1929.  £8.00 
Gunther, R T
Walter Stonehouse (1597 - 1655)  £8.00 
Seward, A C
Scott, D H
Dukinfield Henry Scott, 1854 - 1934.  £12.00 
Sahni, Savitri
Prem Narain Srivastava - An Appreciation, 1927 - 1955.  £5.00 
Verdoorn, Frans
On the Aims and Methods of Biological History and Biography, with some Notes for the Collaborators of the Index Botanicorum.  £14.00 
Willis, J C
The Royal Botanic Gardens of Ceylon and their History. The Royal Botanic Gardens of Ceylon as a Centre for Botanical Study and Research.  £16.00 
Gregory, R P
The Forms of Flowers in Valeriana Dioica, L.  £10.00 
Stephenson, John
The Zoological Section of the Nuzhatu-l-qulub of Hamdullah al-Mustaufi al-Qazwini.  £240.00 
Kiaer, Johan
Johan Kiaer, f 11 Okt 1869 #, d 31 Okt 1931.  £14.00 
Neumann, Felix
Leonard Fuchs, Physician and Botanist, 1501 - 1566.  £12.00 
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