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Nasonov, D N
Mestnaja reakcija protoplazmy i rasprostranjajusceesja vozbuzdenie.  £24.00 
Itina, N A
Funktsional'nye svoistva nervno-myshechnykh priborov nizshikh pozvornochnykh.  £24.00 
Peace, T R
Pathology of Trees and Shrubs. With Special Reference to Britain.  £88.00 
Jackson, A Bruce
The Identification of Conifers.  £12.00 
Radkau, Joachim
Wood. A History.  £16.00 
Urton, N R
Guide to the Indigenous Trees of the Eastern Cape.  £18.00 
Semenov, Vladislav
Malachite. Volume 1: Poetika Kamnia / Poetics of Stone. Volume 2: Khronika, Dokumenty, Lomentarii / Chronicles, Documents, Commentaries.  £120.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Conservation of Australia's Forest Fauna. Second Edition.  £48.00 
de Lanoye, Ferdinand
Les Grandes Scènes de la Nature.  £54.00 
Roger, Jacques
Binet, Jacques Louis
Un Autre Buffon.  £12.00 
Lockley, R M
Tunnicliffe, C F
The Cinnamon Bird.  £8.00 
Schmidt, Albert-Marie
La Mandragore.  £10.00 
Menegaux, A
Les Oiseaux de France.  £16.00 
Gatin, C L
Les Arbres, Arbustes et Arbrisseaux Forestiers.  £16.00 
South, Richard
The Butterflies of the British Isles Including the New Generic Names.  £16.00 
Hawksworth, D L
The Changing Flora and Fauna of Britain.  £16.00 
Bazzaz, F A
Plants in Changing Environments: Linking Physiological, Population, and Community Ecology.  £14.00 
Watts, David
Principles of Biogeography.  £14.00 
Shuker, Karl
In Search of Prehistoric Survivors: Do Giant Extinct Creatures Still Exist?  £24.00 
Knight, Charles
The Menageries: Quadrupeds, described and drawn from living Subjects. Part 3.  £46.00 
Rackham, Oliver
Woodlands.  £36.00 
Alexander, Martin
Introduction to Soil Microbiology.  £14.00 
Ingold, C T
The Biology of Fungi.  £10.00 
Young, J Z
On the Structure of Buriada Heterophylla (Feistmantel) Seward and Sahni and its Fructification (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, No 774, Volume 252, pp 27 - 48).  £14.00 
Wright, Sewall
Systems of Mating and Other Papers.  £48.00 
Ramsbottom, John
A Handbook of the Larger British Fungi.  £10.00 
Dodge, John
The Fine Structure of Algal Cells.  £16.00 
Pearson, A A
A Key to the Genera of the Agarics and Boleti.  £10.00 
Wynne, Clive
Animal Cognition. The Mental Lives of Animals.  £12.00 
McNabb, John
Lithics. The Newsletter of the Lithic Studies Society. No. 16.  £10.00 
Willis, J C
A Dictionary of the Flowering Plants and Ferns. 6th Edition.  £14.00 
Phillips, E P
The Genera of South African Flowering Plants.  £20.00 
Gourou, Pierre
Benveniste, Emile
L'Homme. Revue Française d'Anthropologie No. 9. Janvier - Mars 1969.  £16.00 
Michelet, Jules
La Mer.  £16.00 
H, F O
Physiological Plant Anatomy.  £40.00 
Burrage, Albert
Catalogue of the Library of Albert Burrage, Esq., Manchester, Massachusetts: Consisting of Works Relating to Orchids, Horticulture, Botany, Travel, Herbals and Early Printed Books on Gardening.  £28.00 
Michelet, Jules
Autobiographie. Introduction a l'Histoire Universelle.  £10.00 
Reifschneider, Olga
Biographies of Nevada Botanists.  £20.00 
Erritzoe, Johannes
The Birds of CITES and how to Identify Them.  £16.00 
Bass, Thomas
Camping with the Prince and Other Tales of Science in Africa.  £14.00 
Knowlton, Derrick
Looking at Mammals. A Beginner's Guide.  £8.00 
Kundzios, M
Veinbergs, I
Latvijas Daba Venta.  £34.00 
Gooch, Bernard
The Garden of a Naturalist.  £14.00 
Seymour, Peter
How Animals and Plants Grow.  £12.00 
Nature Study: A Way to go About it.  £12.00 
Grene, Marjorie
The Understanding of Nature. Essays in the Philosophy of Biology. Volume 66.  £48.00 
Hall, Thomas
A Source Book in Animal Biology.  £22.00 
Erritzoe, Johannes
The Birds of CITES and how to Identify Them.  £24.00 
Gaskell, Goddard
The Wayfarer's Companion for Motorists, Cyclists, Hikers and all Country Lovers.  £8.00 
Moore, William Usborne
The Cosmos and the Creeds. Elementary Notes on the Alleged Finality of the Christian Faith.  £46.00 
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