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Reid, Clement
The Geology of the Country around Southampton.  £10.00 
White, H J
The Geology of the Country around Bournemouth.  £10.00 
Jukes-Browne, A J
The Geology of the Country around Andover.  £10.00 
White, H J
A Short Account of the Geology of the Isle of Wight.  £8.00 
Cottrell, J A
On her Majesty's Service.  £36.00 
Edwards, A B
Alkali Hybrid Rocks of Port Cygnet, Tasmania.  £10.00 
Edwards, A B
The Petrology of the Miocene Sediments of The Aure Trough, Papua.  £8.00 
Edwards, A B
The Petrology of the Cretaceous Greywackes of the Purari Valley, Papua.  £8.00 
Tomkeieff, S I
On the Petrology of the Ultrabasic and Basic Plutonic Rocks of the Isle of Rum.  £8.00 
Tomkeieff, S I
The Tertiary Lavas of Rum. On the Remains of Fossil Wood Enclosed in a Tartiary Lava on the Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides. Set of 2 Offprints.  £16.00 
Edwards, A B
Coal Types in the Yallourn and Latrob Brown Coal Seams.  £10.00 
Edwards, A B
The Composition of Some Copper Slags from Port Kembla.  £10.00 
Fairbairn, Harold Williams
Maximum Error in Some Mineralogic Computations.  £10.00 
Cottrell, J A
Stories for Wildlifers.  £24.00 
Hutton, C O
Some Igneous Rocks from the New Plymouth Area.  £8.00 
Hutton, C O
The Ironsands of Fitzroy, New Plymouth.  £8.00 
Baker, George
Heavy Black Sands on Some Victorian Beaches.  £10.00 
Baker, George
The Geology of the Port Campbell District.  £10.00 
Bowie, S H U
A System of Ore Mineral Identification.  £10.00 
Shipley, Arthur
Life. A Book for Elementary Students.  £10.00 
Lewis, Dan
Sexual Incompatibility in Plants.  £8.00 
Inter Documentation Company
Mollusca. Catalogue 1970. Microfiche Editions.  £8.00 
No Author List of Abbreviations with Titles of Periodical Publications containing Papers Dealing with Matters of Zoological Importance.  £16.00 
Savolahti, Antti
The Ahvenisto Massif in Finland.  £12.00 
Geikie, Archibald
The Ancient Volcanoes of Great Britain.  £136.00 
Koto, Bunjiro
The Scope of the Vulcanological Survey of Japan.  £12.00 
Koto, Bunjiro
Some Occurences of Piedmontite in Japan.  £12.00 
Arschinow, W W
Über zwei Feldspäte aus dem Ural.  £12.00 
Tucker, T G
Introduction to the Natural History of Language.  £14.00 
Lodge, Oliver
Life and Matter. A Criticism of Professor Haeckel's "Riddle of the Universe". 4th edition.  £10.00 
Jackson, J F
The Rocks of Hunstanton and its Neighbourhood with a Map and Illustrations. Second Edition.  £22.00 
Harrison, J B
The Geology of the Goldfields of British Guiana. With Historical, Geographical, and other Chapters. With an Appendix Giving the Laws and Regulations Governing the Mining Industry.  £120.00 
Packard, A S
The Cave Fauna of North America: With Remarks on the Anatomy of the Brain and Origin of the Blind Species.  £56.00 
Bewick, Thomas
Game Birds.  £10.00 
Marshall, P
The Sequence of Lavas at the North Head, Tago Harbour.  £6.00 
Harker, Alfred
Rocks from the Tonga Islands.  £6.00 
Bailey, E B
Tertiary Igneous Tectonics of Rhum (Inner Hebrides).  £8.00 
Bailey, E B
Eddies in Mountain Structure.  £8.00 
Oftedahl, C
Studies on The Igneous Rock Complex of the Oslo Region. Part 13. The Cauldrons.  £14.00 
Hearn, B
Geology of the Rattlesnake Quadrangle Bearpaw Mountains Blaine County, Montana.  £12.00 
Juel, H O
Notes on the Herbarium of Abraham Bäck.  £12.00 
Lang, William
On the Genetic Analysis of a Heterozygotic Plant of Scolopendrium Vulgare.  £12.00 
Walton, John
On a New Method of Investigating Fossil Plant Impressions or Incrustations.  £12.00 
Maiden, J H
The Prickly Pears of Interest to Australians. No 1 and No 2.  £12.00 
Nagai, I
Saito, S
Linked Factors in Soy-Bean.  £12.00 
Sasaki, C
On the Life History of Trioza Camphorae N. Sp. of Camphor Tree and its Injuries.  £12.00 
Osborn, T G B
On the Growth and Reaction to Grazing of the Perennial Saltbush, Atriplex Vesicarium. An Ecological Study of the Biotic Factor.  £12.00 
Shull, George Harrison
Place-Constants for Aster Prenanthodies.  £16.00 
Seward, A C
H H W Pearson, FRS Sc D (Cambridge)  £10.00 
Burtt-Davy, J
Proposal for an Organized Botanical Survey of South Africa.  £12.00 
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