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Grant, A J
The Huguenots.  £10.00 
No Author Figures Franciscaines. De Bonaventure À Duns Scot.  £24.00 
Thrower, James
A Short History of Western Atheism.  £25.00 
No Author The Isenheim Altarpiece. God's Medicine and the Painter's Vision.  £15.00 
Scott, Drusilla
Everyman Revived. The Common Sense of Michael Polanyi.  £14.00 
Saint Bernard
On The Love of God.  £8.00 
Ranke, Leopold von
The History of the Popes, Their Church and State and especially their Conflicts with Protestantism in the 16th and 17th Centuries in Three Volumes.  £48.00 
Cornford, Francis
Greek Religious Thought from Homer to the Age of Alexander.  £14.00 
Benzinger, Josef
Budde, K
Duhm, Bernhard
Holzinger, H
Kurzer Hand-Commentar zum Alten Testament 20 Abteilung: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numeri, Deuteronomium, Josua, Richter, Samuel, Könige, Jesaja, Jeremia, Hesekiel, Dodekapropheton, Psalmen, Sprüche, Hiob, Megillot, Daniel, Esra, Chronik.  £200.00 
Rose, Graham
Winchelsea, Robert
Diocesis Cantanuariensis Registrum Roberti Winchelsey 1294-1313 Pars Prima LV, Pars Secunda LXIV, Pars Tertia LXXVI, Quarta LXXXII, Quinta XC, Sexta C, Septima CIV, Octa CVIII, Nona CX, Decima CXIV, Undecima CXIX, Duodecima CXXIII.  £160.00 
Flower, Cyril
de Gandavo, Simon
Diocesis Saresbiriensis Registrum Simonis de Gandavo 1297-1315 Pars Prima XLII, Pars Secunda XLVIII, Pars Tertia LXXIII, Quarta LXXXI, Quinta LXXXVI, Sexta LXXXIX, Septima XCII, Octa XCV.  £92.00 
Frere, W H
Parker, Matthew
Diocesis Cantuariensis: Registrum Matthei Parker 1559 1575 Pars Tertia XXX, Quarta XL, Quinta LII Sexta LXXII, Septima LXXVIII, Octa LXXXIII, Nona XCIII, Decima XCIV.  £92.00 
Strindberg, August
Ostern. Ein Passionsspiel in drei Akten. Deutsche Originalausgabe. Unter Mitwirkung von Emil Schering als Übersetzer vom Verfasser selbst veranstaltet.  £20.00 
Dixon, Richard Watson
History of the Church of England from the Abolition of the Roman Jurisdiction. First edition in Six Volumes.  £120.00 
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner
The Gospel of Mark. Its Composition and Date.  £12.00 
Lord Horder
Roberts, Harry
The Philosophy of Jesus.  £10.00 
Dimler, Richard
Spee, Friedrich
Friedrich Spee: Trutznachtigall. Faksimiledruck der Ausgabe von 1649.  £24.00 
Van Zeller, Dom Hubert
Praying While You Work. Devotions for the use of Martha rather than Mary.  £10.00 
The Christian Failure.  £12.00 
Gore, Charles
Renan, Ernest
The Life of Jesus.  £10.00 
Pascal, Blaise
Trotter, W
Pascal's Pensées.  £10.00 
McCann, Justin
The Cloud of Unknowing and Other Treatises by an English Mystic of the Fourteenth Century with A Commentary on the Cloud By Father Augustine Baker.  £12.00 
Hoyle, David
Reformation and Religious Identity in Cambridge 1590-1644.  £58.00 
Neil, Bronwen
Garland, Lynda
Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society.  £52.00 
Macdonald, George
The Miracles of Our Lord.  £86.00 
Macdonald, George
A Rough Shaking.  £28.00 
Oulton, J
Lake, Kirsopp
Eusebius. The Ecclesiastical History. In Two Volumes.  £24.00 
Lewis, C S
Out of the Silent Planet.  £48.00 
Lewis, C S
Beyond Personality: The Christian Idea of God.  £6.00 
Lewis, C S
Broadcast Talks: Reprinted with some alterations from two series of Broadcast Talks (Right and Wrong: A Clue to the Meaning of the Universe and What Christians believe) given in 1941 and 1942.  £6.00 
Lewis, C S
The Pilgrim's Regress. An Allegorical Apology for Christianity Reason and Romanticism.  £28.00 
Macdonald, George
England's Antiphon.  £36.00 
Powys, T F
Father Adam.  £12.00 
Browne, Sir Thomas
Religio Medici, Urn Burial, Christian Morals and other Essays, Ed. J A Symonds.  £10.00 
Wheeler, Gordon
They Speak by Silences by a Carthusian. Translated from the French by a Monk of Parkminster.  £7.00 
Taylor, H L
Miles, H J A
Little Christian's Pilgrimage. The Story of The Pilgrim's Progress Simply Told.  £36.00 
Lewis, C S
Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life.  £4.00 
Smedley, Edward
History of the Reformed Religion in France.  £36.00 
COPEC Commission
The Home.  £16.00 
COPEC Commission
The Relation of the Sexes.  £16.00 
COPEC Commission
Leisure.  £16.00 
COPEC Commission
Education.  £16.00 
COPEC Commission
Christianity and Crime.  £16.00 
COPEC Commission
International Relations.  £12.00 
COPEC Commission
Christianity and War.  £16.00 
COPEC Commission
Industry and Property.  £20.00 
COPEC Commission
Politics and Citizenship.  £14.00 
COPEC Commission
The Social Function of the Church.  £14.00 
COPEC Commission
Historical Illustrations of the Social Effects of Christianity.  £14.00 
Bunyan, John
The Pilgrim's Progress. The Bedford Edition Published to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Author's Death.  £68.00 
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