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Hart, William
Official Catholic Directory for the Diocese of Dunkeld.  £8.00 
Apocrypha. Authorized (King James) Version. Pitt Brevier Edition.  £10.00 
Jones, Lawrence
The Observer's Book of Old English Churches.  £10.00 
Stewart, Kenneth
Ten Myths About Calvinism. Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition.  £10.00 
Tennant, Bob
Conscience, Consciousness and Ethics in Joseph Butler's Philosophy and Ministry.  £42.00 
Pfefferkorn, Johannes
Cape, Ruth I
The Jew's Mirror (Der Juden Spiegel)  £44.00 
O'Malley, J Steven
Methodist and Pietist. Retrieving the Evangelical United Brethren Tradition.  £18.00 
Butterwick, Richard
The Polish Revolution and the Catholic Church 1788 to 1792. A Political History.  £62.00 
Craciun, Maria
Communities of Devotion. Religious Orders and Society in East Central Europe, 1450 to 1800.  £40.00 
Kjellgren, Martin
Taming the Prophets. Astrology, Orthodoxy and the Word of God in Early Modern Sweden.  £26.00 
Strickland, Lloyd
Leibniz and the Two Sophies. The Philosophical Correspondence.  £72.00 
Shaw, Jane
Octavia, Daughter of God. The Story of a Female Messiah and her Followers.  £8.00 
Stuart, John
British Missionaries and the End of Empire. East, Central, and Southern Africa, 1939 - 1964.  £12.00 
Rivett, Sarah
The Science of the Soul in Colonial New England.  £26.00 
Mullett, Michael
John Calvin.  £8.00 
Vincent-Cassy, Cecile
Les Saintes Vierges et Martyres dans l'Espagne du XVII Siècle: Culte et Image.  £30.00 
Brooks, Nicholas
Charters of Christ Church Canterbury. Part 2 only.  £30.00 
Thomas à Kempis
Payne, John
Of the Imitation of Christ.  £48.00 
Kredel, Fritz
Stock, Brian
Medieval Latin Lyrics.  £16.00 
Fontana, Michela
Matteo Ricci. A Jesuit in the Ming Court.  £18.00 
Bloom, Andre
Dalbiez, Roland
de Jesus-Marie, P. Bruno
Technique et Contemplation. Les Etudes Carmélitaines.  £22.00 
Stewart, James
European Evangelistic Crusade
Look on Germany.  £10.00 
Law, Alex
The New Testament Meaning of Baptism.  £10.00 
Macgillivray, Rev G J
An Introductory Talk on the Catholic Religion.  £10.00 
MacInnes, Allan
The British Confederate. Archibald Campbell, Marquess of Argyll, c1607 - 1661.  £14.00 
Boys, Jayne
London's News Press and the Thirty Years War.  £22.00 
Schultz, Kevin
Tri-Faith America. How Catholics and Jews Held Post War America to its Protestant Promise.  £12.00 
Bentham, Jeremy
Crimmins, James
Church-of-Englandism and its Catechism Examined.  £28.00 
Crummey, Robert
Old Believers in a Changing World.  £22.00 
Lehner, Ulrich
Enlightened Monks. The German Benedictines 1740 to 1803.  £36.00 
Agate, John
Benches and Stalls in Suffolk Churches.  £12.00 
Swidler, Leonard
Fransen, Piet
Authority in the Church and the Schillebeeckx Case.  £8.00 
Ashton, John
Why were the Gospels Written?  £8.00 
Schlager, Claudia
Kult und Krieg. Herz Jesu, Sacre Coeur, Christus Rex im Deutsch - Französischen Vergleich 1914 - 1925.  £22.00 
Sayers, Dorothy
Further Papers on Dante.  £14.00 
Freccero, John
Dante. A Collection of Critical Essays.  £10.00 
Saint Bonaventure
Hilton, Walter
Kirchberger, Clare
The Goad of Love. An Unpublished Translation of the Stimulus Amoris.  £24.00 
Jacobus de Voragine
The Golden Legend. Or Lives of the Saints as Englished by William Caxton. Volume 6 Only.  £12.00 
Phillimore, J S
The Hundred Best Latin Hymns.  £24.00 
Wright, Anthony
The Divisions of French Catholicism, 1629 to 1645.  £54.00 
Kraye, Jill
The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism.  £12.00 
Foster, C W
The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln. Facsimiles of Charters in Volumes VIII, IX and X.  £28.00 
Gibbons, Katy
English Catholic Exiles in Late Sixteenth Century Paris.  £40.00 
Johnston, Warren
Revelation Restored: The Apocalypse in Later Seventeenth-Century England.  £48.00 
O Corrain, Donnchadh
O'Riordan, Tomas
Ireland, 1815 - 70: Emancipation, Famine and Religion .  £10.00 
O Corrain, Donnchadh
O'Riordan, Tomas
Ireland, 1815 - 70: Emancipation, Famine and Religion.  £10.00 
Keogh, Daire
Cardinal Paul Cullen and his World.  £32.00 
Barber, Malcolm
The Trial of the Templars.  £28.00 
Gibson, Edgar
The Three Creeds.  £12.00 
Holt, Mack
The French Wars of Religion, 1562 - 1629. Second Edition.  £16.00 
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