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Palles, Alexandros
He Nea Diatheke: Kata to Vatikano Cheirographo.  £64.00 
Hort, Fenton
Lightfoot, J B
Mayor, Joseph
The Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology. Volume 1.  £28.00 
Vitali, Luisa
Fonti per la Storia della Religione Cyrenaica.  £34.00 
Bentley, James
Between Marx and Christ: The Dialogue in German-Speaking Europe, 1870 - 1970.  £8.00 
Wordsworth, John
The Ministry of Grace: Studies in Early Church History with References to Present Problems. Second Edition.  £15.00 
McCrie, Thomas
The Life of Andrew Melville. 2 Volumes.  £86.00 
Marsden, John
Marxian and Christian Utopianism: Toward a Socialist Political Theology.  £10.00 
Morison, E F
St. Basil and his Rule: A Study in Early Monasticism.  £24.00 
Adam, Isabel
Witch Hunt. The Great Scottish Witchcraft Trials of 1697.  £10.00 
Carlile, Richard
The Deist, or, Moral Philosopher. Being an Impartial Inquiry after Moral and Theological Truths, Selected from the Writings of the Most Celebrated Authors in Ancient and Modern Times.  £180.00 
Dodgson, Charles
Tertullian. Volume 1: Apologetic and Practical Treatises.  £18.00 
Flew, Newton
Riches, Kenneth
The Church: Report of a Theological Commission on Faith and Order.  £16.00 
Robinson, H Wheeler
The Bible in its Ancient and English Versions.  £14.00 
Scott, C A Anderson
Saint Paul: The Man and the Teacher.  £10.00 
Smith, Sidney
Isaiah Chapters XL - LV. Literary Criticism and History.  £14.00 
Knox, John
Jesus, Lord and Christ: A Trilogy Comprising The Man Christ Jesus, Christ the Lord, On the Meaning of Christ.  £12.00 
M'Neile, Alan Hugh
The Gospel According to St. Matthew. The Greek Text with Introduction, Notes, and Indices.  £12.00 
Anscombe, G E M
Nuclear Weapons and Christian Conscience.  £12.00 
Kenyon, Frederic
The Story of the Bible: A Popular Account of How It Came to Us.  £6.00 
Cullmann, Oscar
Peter: Disciple, Apostle, Martyr. A Historical and Theological Study.  £14.00 
Rackham, Richard
The Acts of the Apostles.  £14.00 
Lewis, C S
Reflections on the Psalms.  £6.00 
Orchard, W E
Modern Theories of Sin.  £8.00 
Resch, Alfred
Agrapha. Aussercanonische Schriftfragmente gesammelt und untersucht und in zweiter völlig neu Bearbeiteter durch alttestamentliche Agrapha vermehrte Auflage.  £36.00 
Bonwetsch, Nathanael
Drei Georgisch Erhaltene Schriften von Hippolytus: Der Segen Jakobs, Der Segen Moses, Die Erzählung von David und Goliath.  £20.00 
Leipoldt, Johannes
Saidische Auszüge aus dem 8. Buche der Apostolischen Konstitutionen.  £46.00 
Kraatz, Wilhelm
Koptische Akten zum ephesinischen Konzil vom Jahre 431. Übersetzung und Untersuchungen.  £68.00 
Ter-Minassiantz, Erwand
Die Armenische Kirche in ihren Beziehungen zu den syrischen Kirchen bis zum Ende des 13. Jahrhunderts.  £68.00 
Resch, Alfred
Der Paulinismus und die Logia Jesus.  £36.00 
Stedman, Joseph
My Sunday Missal "Explained".  £12.00 
Max Müller, Friedrich
Chips from a German Workshop.  £46.00 
Die Pseudokementinen. 1: Homilien. Ed. Bernhard Rehm.  £88.00 
Violet, Bruno
Die Esra-Apokalypse (Esra IV). Erster Teil. Die Überlieferung.  £88.00 
Clemens Alexandrinus
Clemens Alexandrinus Werke. 4 Volumes Complete. Edited by Otto Stählin.  £146.00 
Soden, Hans
Das lateinische Neue Testament in Afrika zur Zeit Cyprians nach Bibelhandschriften und Väterzeugnissen.  £68.00 
Birt, H N
Downside. The History of St. Gregory's School from its Commencement at Douay to the Present Time.  £18.00 
Gwilliam, G H
Place of the Peshitto Version in the Apparatus Criticus of the Greek New Testament.  £18.00 
Lake, Kirsopp
Texts from Mount Athos.  £30.00 
Butler, Charles
The Book of the Roman-Catholic Church: In a Series of Letters Addressed to Robt. Southey - on His Book of the Church.  £24.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Das Neue Testament um das Jahr 200.  £20.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Das apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis. 16te Auflage.  £24.00 
Massmann, H F
Die Heiligen Schriften alten und neuen Bundes, in gothischer Sprache.  £120.00 
Duval, Rubens
Anciennes Littératures Chrétiennes. Vol 2: La Littérature Syriaque.  £18.00 
Roberts, Alexander
Ramburt, W H
The Writing of Irenaeus, Volume 1 and 2.  £28.00 
Thornton, Robinson
St Ambrose: His Life, Times and Teachings.  £12.00 
Burkitt, Francis Crawford
Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire.  £18.00 
Romanoff, H C
The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom.  £30.00 
Moberly, George
The Sayings of the Great Forty Days, between the Resurrection and Ascension. In Five Discourses, with an Examination of Mr Newman's Theory of Developments.  £22.00 
Petschenig, M
Sancti Ambrosii Opera. Pars 6. Explanatio Psalmorum XII.  £18.00 
Gregory, Caspar Rene
Einleitung in das Neue Testament.  £22.00 
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