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Dobschütz, Ernst
Das Decretum Gelasianum de libris recipiendis et non recipiendis. In Kritischem Text.  £46.00 
The Bible in English Life: An Exhibition Arranged by John Stirling for the National Book League.  £10.00 
Mercer, Samuel
The Ethiopic Liturgy: Its Sources, Development, and Present Form.  £28.00 
Easton, Burton Scott
Christ in the Gospels.  £8.00 
Abbott, Edwin
The Fourfold Gospel: Section III: The Proclamation of the New Kingdom.  £48.00 
Abbott, Edwin
The Fourfold Gospel: Section II: The Beginning.  £48.00 
Abbey, Charles
The English Church and its Bishops 1700 - 1800. 2 Volumes.  £24.00 
Abbott, Edwin
The Fourfold Gospel: Section V: The Founding of the New Kingdom or Life Reached Through Death.  £48.00 
Deussen, Paul
Die Philosophie der Bibel. (Allgemeine Geschichte der Philosophie, Zweiter Band, Zweite Abteilung, Erste Hälfte)  £14.00 
Björck, Gudmund
Der Fluch des Christen Sabinus. Papyrus Upsaliensis 8.  £36.00 
Zangenmeister, Karl
Orosius, Paulus
Pauli Orosii Historiarum Adversum Paganos Libri VII.  £18.00 
Charles, R H
The Assumption of Moses. Translated form the Latin 6th Century MS.  £18.00 
Charles, R H
The Apocalypse of Baruch. Translated from the Syriac.  £24.00 
Ramsay, William
The Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia: Being an Essay of the Local History of Phrygia from the Earliest Times to the Turkish Conquest. Volume 1 in 2 Parts (Complee)  £160.00 
Eucken, Rudolf
The Life of the Spirit: An Introduction to Philosophy.  £18.00 
Whitelaw, Thomas
The Gospel of St John: An Exposition Exegetical and Homiletical.  £12.00 
The Coming Christ. Christ in Humanity.  £34.00 
Wilson, Robert Smith
Marcion. A Study of a Second-Century Heretic.  £120.00 
Robinson, Forbes
College and Ordination Addresses.  £14.00 
Oliver, Lancelot
New Testament Christianity or Important Themes of the New Testament Inductively Studied.  £14.00 
Alford, Henry
The Greek Testament: With a Critically Revised Text: A Digest of Various Readings: Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage: Prolegomena, etc.  £56.00 
Cresswell, R H
Liturgy of the Eighth Book of 'The Apostolic Constitutions' Commonly Called the Clementine Liturgy.  £14.00 
Wordsworth, John
Bishop's Sarapion's Prayer-Book. An Egyptian Sacramentary Dated about 350 - 356.  £14.00 
Labourt, J
Le Christianisme dans l'Empire Perse sous la Dynastie des Sassanides, 224 - 632.  £64.00 
Moxon, Allen
St. Chrysostom on the Priesthood.  £14.00 
Hall, Francis
Evolution and the Fall.  £20.00 
Oesterley, W O E
The Jewish Doctrine of Mediation.  £16.00 
Lietzmann, Hans
Apollinaris von Laodicea und seine Schule.  £24.00 
Schmiedel, Paul
The Johannine Writings.  £10.00 
Saint Augustine
The Works of Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. A New Translation Edited by Marcus Dods. Vol 7: On the Trinity.  £24.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Ein jüdisch-christliches Psalmbuch aus dem ersten Jahrhundert, (The Odes of Salomon published by Harris 1909), aus dem Syrischen übersetzt von Johannes Flemming.  £24.00 
Paul, Jean
Rede des toten Christus vom Weltgebäude herab, dass kein Gott Sei.  £10.00 
Geiger, Carola
Und ich habe den Raben geboten... daß sie dich daselbst versorgen.  £6.00 
No Author Evangelisches Jugendgesangbuch. Auswahl aus dem Evangelischen Kirchengesangbuch. Auswahl für Hessen.  £10.00 
Bona, Giovanni
Opuscula Ascetica Selecta.  £46.00 
Smith, Sydney
Indulgences.  £14.00 
Molesworth, Mrs
The Little Old Portrait. Illustrated by W Gunston.  £10.00 
British Museum
A Guide to the Early Christian and Byzantine Antiquities in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquities.  £15.00 
Geffcken, Johannes
Griechische Epigramme.  £14.00 
Haynes, Renee
Philosopher King. The Humanist Pope Benedict XIV.  £24.00 
Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree
Come Follow Me. Talks on the Sayings of Jesus Christ. Volume 1.  £36.00 
Betjeman, John
Collins Guide to English Parish Churches Including the Isle of Man.  £12.00 
Hauler, Edmund
Didascaliae Apostolorum Fragmenta Ueromensia Latina. Accedunt Canonum qui Dicuntur Apostolorum AEgyptiorum Reliquiae. Fasc Prior: Praefatio, Fragmenta, Imagines.  £18.00 
Wright, William
The Chronicle of Joshua the Stylite, Composed in Syriac.  £86.00 
Maspero, Jean
Histoire des Patriarches d'Alexandrie depuis la Mort de l'Empereur Anastase jusqu'a la Réconciliation des Églises Jacobites (518-616)  £84.00 
Pfister, Friedrich
Der Alexanderroman des Archpresbyters Leo.  £18.00 
Greven, Joseph
Exempla aus den Sermones Feriales et Comunes des Jakob von Vitry.  £12.00 
Klapper, Joseph
Exempla aus Handschriften des Mittelalters.  £18.00 
Huber, Michael
Johannes Monachus. Liber de Miraculis.  £18.00 
Benary, Walter
Salomon et Marcolfus.  £12.00 
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