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Missale Romanum
Missale Romanum ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum S Pii V Pontificis Maximi, a Pio X. Reformatum et Benedicti XV. Auctoritate Vulgatum. Edition XV Juxta Typicam Vaticanam.  £220.00 
Blundell, Odo
The Catholic Highlands of Scotland. Volume 1: The Central Highlands.  £34.00 
Bellesheim, Alphons
History of the Catholic Church in Scotland. Vol 1: From the Dawn of Christianity to the Death of King Alexander III; Vol 2: From the Death of Alexander III to the Suppression of the Catholic Religion, 1560.  £30.00 
Goulburn, E M
The Holy Catholic Church: Its Divine Ideal, Ministry, and Institutions.  £16.00 
MacFarlane, Leslie
Scotland and the Holy See: The Story of Scotland's Links with the Papacy Down the Centuries.  £8.00 
Wunsch, R
Wünsch, Richard
Joannes Laurentius Lydus
Ioannis Laurentii Lydi Liber de Mensibus.  £46.00 
Rankin, W E K
Parish Church of Holy Trinity, St Andrews: Pre-Reformation.  £18.00 
Gasquet, Francis
A History of the Venerable English College, Rome: An Account of Its Origins and Work from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.  £18.00 
Brown, W E
The Scots College Rome. A Tribute to the Scots College Society.  £18.00 
Ansom, Peter
A Monastery in Moray. The Story of Pluscarden Priory 1230-1948.  £24.00 
Missale Romanum
Missale Romanum ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum a Pio X. Reformatum et Benedicti XV. Auctoritate Vulgatum.  £140.00 
Taylor, Maurice
The Scots College in Spain.  £24.00 
Rumbold, Valerie
Women's Place in Pope's World.  £24.00 
Barrett, Michael
The Scottish Monasteries of Old. A Brief Account of the Houses which Existed in Scotland, Before the Protestant Reformation, for Monks following the Order of St. Benedict.  £22.00 
Four Friends
The Golden Treasury Psalter. Student's Edition. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Oakley, Ruth Anderson
Resurgence.  £18.00 
Oakley, Ruth Anderson
Challenge to Heritage.  £18.00 
Deconinck, Joseph
Essai sur la Chaine de l'Octateuque: Avec une edition des Commentaires de Diodore de Tarse qui s'y trouvent contenus.  £18.00 
No Author The Gospel of the Forsaken. By the Author of A Plain Man's Faith.  £28.00 
Chwolson, D
Das Letzte Passamahl Christ und der Tag seines Todes, nach den in Übereinstimmung gebrachten Berichten der Synoptiker und des Evangelium Johannis.  £46.00 
Schlatter, Adolf
Die Sprache und Heimat des vierten Evangelisten.  £16.00 
Sanders, Henry
The New Testament Manuscripts in the Freer Collection. Part 1: The Washington Manuscript of the Four Gospels.  £84.00 
Jülicher, Adolf
Hat Jesus Gelebt? Vortrag. / Ein Beitrag zur Psychologie des Streits um die Geschichtlchkeit Jesu. / P Jensen: Hat der Jesus der Evangelien wirklich gelebt? Eine Antwort and Prof Dr Jülicher.  £20.00 
Robertson, J M
Wood, H G
The Historicity of Jesus. Being a Contribution to the "Christ-Myth" Controversy.  £8.00 
Kelly, Herbert
On the Aim and Methods of Theological Study.  £14.00 
McNeile, A H
The Book of Exodus. With Introduction and Notes.  £22.00 
Swete, Henry Barclay
The Appearances of our Lord after the Passion. A Study in the Earliest Christian Tradition.  £14.00 
Gore, Charles
St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. A Practical Exposition. 2 Volumes.  £16.00 
Loofs, Friedrich
What is the Truth about Jesus Christ? Problems of Christology.  £12.00 
Gaskell, G A
The Archetypal Man: As Foreshadowing a New Scripture Exegesis.  £26.00 
Bousset, Wilhelm
Jesus.  £8.00 
Sparrow-Simpson, W J
The Resurrection and Modern Thought.  £20.00 
Michie, Charles
The Life and Labours of the Apostle Paul in a Continuous Narrative, with Copious Explanatory Notes, and a Map to Illustrate the Journey. Second Edition.  £22.00 
Robertson, Frederick
Henslow, J S
Sermons, Preached at Brighton. Fourth Series.  £14.00 
Haines, C R
Heathen Contact with Christianity during its first Century and a half: Being all References to Christianity Recorded in Pagan Writings during that Period.  £48.00 
Sanday, William
Christologies, Ancient and Modern.  £12.00 
Hort, Fenton
The Way, the Truth, the Life.  £14.00 
Kilgour, R
Four Ancient Manuscripts in the Bible House Library.  £12.00 
Pradel, Fritz
Griechische und süditalienische Gebete, Beschwörungen und Rezepte des Mittelalters.  £46.00 
McDowall, Stewart
Evolution and the Need of Atonement.  £14.00 
Gregory Bishop of Nyssa
Srawley, J H
The Catechetical Oration of Gregory of Nyssa.  £28.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Altorientalische Forschungen. Dritte Reihe. Band 1 - 3 in 6 Parts numbered 16 - 21.  £46.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Altorientalische Forschungen. Erste Reihe. Parts 1 - 6.  £46.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Altorientalische Forschungen. Zweite Reihe. Band 1 - 3. In 9 Parts, numbered 7 - 15.  £46.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Untersuchungen zur altorientalischen Geschichte.  £22.00 
Nau, François
Histoire et Sagesse d'Ahikar l'Assyrien (fils d'Anael, Neveu de Tobie). Traduction des Versions Syriaques avec les Principales Différences des Versions Arabes, Arménienne, Grecque, Neo-Syriaque, Slave et Roumaine.  £28.00 
Horner, George William
The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Southern Dialect: otherwise called Sahidic and Thebaic. Vol 4 & 5: The Epistles of S. Paul. Register of Fragments, etc.  £140.00 
Woolley, Reginald Maxwell
Coptic Offices. Translated by R M Woolley.  £34.00 
Wensinck, A J
Legends of Eastern Saints Chiefly from Syriac Sources. Vol 1: Archelides.  £42.00 
Byron, Robert
The Station - Athos: Treasures and Men.  £300.00 
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