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Langosch, Karl
Asinarius und Rapularius.  £14.00 
Hilka, Alfons
Historia Septem Sapientum, 2.  £14.00 
Hilka, Alfons
Historia Septem Sapientum, 1.  £12.00 
Werner, Jakob
Lateinische Sprichwörter und Sinnsprüche des Mittelalters.  £15.00 
Leipoldt, Johannes
Scriptores Coptici Textus: Sinuthii Archimandritae Via et Opera Omnia.  £124.00 
Grainger, James
Studies in the Syntax of the King James Version.  £12.00 
Chaine, Marius
Éléments de Grammaire Dialectale Copte.  £120.00 
Ricci, Clemente
La Documentacion de los Origenes del Cristianismo: Ensayo de critica historica aplicada al Nuevo Testamento.  £30.00 
Watkins, John
Horae Synopticae. Contributions to the Study of the Synoptic Problem.  £10.00 
Menzies, Allan
The Earliest Gospel. A Historical Study of the Gospel According to Mark. With a Text and English Version.  £12.00 
Le Livre d'Heraclide de Damas; traduit en Francais par F Nau, suivi du Texte Grec des Trois Homelies de Nestorius sur les Tentations de Notre-Seigneur, et de trois appendices.  £130.00 
Tennant, F R
The Origin and Propagation of Sin.  £10.00 
Amelineau, E
La Géographie de l'Egypte à l'époque Copte.  £260.00 
Weston, Frank
The One Christ: An Inquiry Into the Manner of the Incarnation.  £12.00 
Jackson, Latimer
The Problem of the Fourth Gospel.  £14.00 
Dowden, John
The Bishops of Scotland: being the Lives of all the Bishops, under each of the Sees, prior to the Reformation.  £26.00 
Charles, R H
The Book of Enoch, or 1 Enoch. Translated from the Editor's Ethiopic Together with a Reprint from the Editor's Text of the Greek Fragments.  £64.00 
Charles, R H
The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs.  £24.00 
Gwatkin, Henry Melvill
Studies of Arianism, chiefly referring to the Character and the Chronology of the Reactions which followed the Council of Nicaea. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Miller, Edward
Wessel Gansfort: Life and Writings in Two Volumes.  £46.00 
Vouaux, Leon
Connolly, R H
Les Actes de Paul et ses Lettres Apocryphes. Ed. Leon Vouaux. Bound with: The Liturgical Homilies of Narsai. Ed. R H Connolly (Cambridge 1909)  £68.00 
Bardenhewer, Otto
Patrology: The Lives and Works of the Fathers of the Church.  £20.00 
Dobschütz, Ernst
Vouaux, Leon
Das Decretum Gelasianum de libris recipiendis et non recipiendis. In Kritischem Text. Bound with Les Actes de Pierre, Ed. Leon Vouaux (Paris 1922)  £68.00 
Wensinck, A J
Schwengler, Albertus
Legends of Eastern Saints Chiefly from Eastern Sources. Vol 1: Archelides; Vol 2: Hilaria. Bound with: Eusebii Pamphilii Historiae Ecclesiasticae Lib x, Ed A Schwegler.  £88.00 
Horner, George
Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern Dialect. Volumes 1 - 4 complete. First Edition.  £580.00 
Bute, John Patrick
The Coptic Morning Service for the Lord's Day. Translated by John, Marquis of Bute.  £24.00 
Bute, John Patrick
The Coptic Morning Service for the Lord's Day. Translated by John, Marquis of Bute.  £20.00 
O'Leary, De Lacy
The Saints of Egypt.  £20.00 
An Atlas of Textual Criticism: Being an Attempt to Show the Mutual Relationship of the Authorities for the Text of the New Testament Up to about 1000 A.D.  £46.00 
James, Montague Rhodes
The Lost Apocrypha of the Old Testament. Their Titles and Fragments.  £24.00 
Les Pères Apostoliques, Volume 4: Le Pasteur d'Hermas, Ed. Auguste Lelong. (Bound with:) Palladius: Histoire Lausiaque, Ed. A Lucot.  £86.00 
Woodward, G R
The Most Holy Mother of God in the Songs of the Eastern Church.  £36.00 
Scott-Moncrieff, Philip David
Paganism and Christianity in Egypt.  £18.00 
Clugnet, Leon
Dictionnaire Grec-Français des Noms Liturgiques en Usage dans l'église Grecque.  £26.00 
Till, Walter
Die Achmimische Version der zwölf kleinen Propheten (Codex Rainerianus, Wien)  £86.00 
Bell, H I
Crum, W E
Wadi Sarga. Coptic and Greek Texts from the Excavations Undertaken by the Byzantine Research Account.  £84.00 
Schmidt, Carl
Pistis Sophia. Neu Herausgegeben mit Einleitung nebst Griechischem und Koptischem Wort- und Namensregister.  £124.00 
Davies, J G
Institute for the Study of Worship and Religious Architecture. Research Bulletin. 4 Volumes (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972)  £24.00 
Munby, D L
The Idea of a Secular Society and its Significance for Christians.  £8.00 
Reville, Jean
Le quatrième évangile, son origine et sa valeur historique.  £16.00 
Flew, Newton
Jesus and His Church. A Study of the Idea of the Ecclesia in the New Testament. First Edition.  £8.00 
Stewart, James
Heralds of God.  £30.00 
Appasamy, A J
The Christian Task in Independent India.  £8.00 
Greet, B A
To Communion with Confidence.  £8.00 
Boudouin, Adrien
Le Saint-Siège et la Russie. Leurs Relations Diplomatiques au XIX-e Siècle. 1814 - 1847.  £20.00 
Kokoschka, Oskar
Spielmann, Heinz
Hauptkirche St Nikolai.  £8.00 
Vis, Henri de
Homélies Coptes de la Vaticane. Volume 1 & 2.  £146.00 
Glück, Heinrich
Die christliche Kunst des Ostens.  £18.00 
Horner, George
Pistis Sophia, Literally translated from the Coptic.  £86.00 
Horner, George
The Service for the Consecration of a Church and Altar According to the Coptic Rite edited with translations from a Coptic and Arabic Manuscript of A.D. 1307, for the Bishop of Salisbury.  £146.00 
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