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Goyau, Lucie Félix-Faure
Vers la joie; âmes païennes, âmes chrétiennes. Christina Rossetti - Eugénie de Guérin - Sainte Catherine de Sienne.  £26.00 
Stone, Darwell
Report of the First Anglo-Catholic Congress, London, 1920.  £46.00 
Hayes, Margaret
Missing - Believed Killed.  £10.00 
Martin, Philip
Mastery and Mercy: A Study of Two Religious Poems. The Wreck of the Deutschland by G M Hopkins and Ash Wednesday by T S Eliot.  £14.00 
Schenk, W
Reginald Pole. Cardinal of England.  £10.00 
Church, Alfred
Stories of the Greek Comedians.  £24.00 
Jones, Lawrence
The Observer's Book of Old English Churches.  £10.00 
Braye, Alfred
High Church, Low Church, No Church.  £28.00 
Lee, Frederick George
The Church Under Queen Elizabeth. An Historical Sketch.  £14.00 
Hall, Herbert
Catholic and Roman: A Reply to Anglican Criticisms: With a Preface by his Eminence Cardinal Gasquet.  £12.00 
Almedingen, E M
The English Pope (Adrian IV)  £18.00 
d'Arcy, M C
Belief and Reason.  £8.00 
Veinié, Charles
Le Livre de l'Ame. Droits et Devoirs: Entretiens et Pensées.  £36.00 
Mackintosh, Robert
Christian Ethics.  £26.00 
Cripps, Arthur
Magic Casements.  £12.00 
Marshall, Emma
The White King's Daughter. A Story of Princess Elizabeth.  £12.00 
Wordsworth, Elizabeth
The Decalogue.  £14.00 
Marshall, Emma
Under the Mendips: A Tale.  £16.00 
Church, Alfred
Stories of the East from Herodotus.  £24.00 
Abbott, Edwin
Philochristus: Memoirs of a Disciple of the Lord.  £18.00 
Yonge, Charlotte
Musings over the 'Christian Year' and 'Lyra Innocentium' together with a few 'Gleanings of Recollections' of the Rev. John Keble.  £18.00 
Mason, Philip
Christianity and Race. The Burroughs Memorial Lectures.  £12.00 
Weymouth, R F
The New Testament in Modern Speech. Newly Revised Fifth Edition.  £10.00 
Munby, D L
God and the Rich Society.  £8.00 
The Command of the Ever-Living.  £18.00 
Thomson, W Burns
Reminiscences of Medical Missionary Work.  £18.00 
Waddams, S M
Law, Politics and the Church of England. The Career of Stephen Lushington 1782 - 1873.  £34.00 
Cook, Stanley
Critical Notes on Old Testament History: The Traditions of Saul and David.  £10.00 
Moffatt, James
An Introduction to the Literature of the New Testament.  £12.00 
Oosterzee, J J van
Moses. A Biblical Study.  £26.00 
Brown, C K Francis
The Church's Part in Education 1833 - 1941: With Special Reference to the Work of the National Society.  £14.00 
Kilgour, R
The Bible throughout the World: A Survey of Scripture translations.  £34.00 
No Author The Birth of the New Testament.  £10.00 
Grubb, Kenneth
Carmago, G Baez
Religion in the Republic of Mexico.  £120.00 
Roscoe, John
Twenty-Five Years in East Africa.  £44.00 
Williams, Charles Kingsley
The New Testament. A New Translation in Plain English.  £20.00 
Thomson, James Sutherland
The Hope of the Gospel: Alexander Robertson Lectures Delivered at the University of Glasgow, 1954.  £8.00 
No AuthorWinkworth, Susanna
Theologia Germanica.  £8.00 
Kempe, J E
The Classic Preachers of the English Church. Lectures Delivered at St. James's Church in 1878. Second Series.  £20.00 
Ewing, A C
The Morality of Punishment. With some suggestions for a General Theory of Ethics by. With a Foreword by Dr W D Ross.  £18.00 
Fraser, Donald
African Idylls: Portraits and Impressions of Life on a Central African Mission Station.  £12.00 
Robinson, John
Redating the New Testament.  £36.00 
Mackay, John Alexander
The Other Spanish Christ: A Study in the Spiritual History of Spain and South America.  £20.00 
Colenso, John
The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined. Volume 1 & 2.  £38.00 
Pusey, E B
Essays on the Re-Union of Christendom.  £120.00 
Jewel, John
The Apology of the Church of England, and an Epistle to Seignior Scipio, On the Council of Trent.  £24.00 
Hall, Basil
Fragment of Voyages and Travels. Third Series. Three Volumes. Second Edition.  £64.00 
Gerstenmaier, Eugen
Kirche, Volk und Staat. Stimmen aus der Deutschen Evangelischen Kirche zur Oxforder Weltkirchenkonferenz.  £24.00 
d'Arcy, Eric
Conscience and Its Right to Freedom.  £24.00 
No Author Analecta Theologiae Facultatis Bruxellensis, 1950 - 1975.  £24.00 
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