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St Therese
The Way of Perfection by Saint Teresa of Jesus (Reformatrice, and co-Foundress with Saint John of the Cross of the Order of Discalced Carmelites) Done into English from the original Spanish by a Discalced Carmelite.  £14.00 
Lewis, C S
Macdonald, George
George Macdonald: An Anthology.  £10.00 
Harnack, Adolf
What is Christianity? Sixteen Lectures, translated by Thomas Bailey Sanders.  £12.00 
Hill, Mark
Ecclesiastical Law. Second Edition.  £48.00 
Harster, Wilhelm
Novem Vitae Sanctorum Metricae ex Codicibus Monacensibus, Parisiensibus, Bruxellensi, Hagensi, saec. XI - XII.  £36.00 
Kenyon, Frederic
The Reading of the Bible. As History, as Literature and as Religion.  £10.00 
Wisdom from Mount Athos. The Writings of Staretz Silouan 1866 - 1938.  £12.00 
Nissen, Theodor
St Albricus
S. Abercii Vita.  £24.00 
Weis-Liebersdorf, J E
Sancti Diadochi Episcopi Photicensis de Perfectione Spirituali Capita Centum.  £26.00 
Bouteroue, Denys
Discorso Breve delle persecuzioni occorse in questo tempo alle Chiese del Marchesato di Saluzzo (1620) a cura di Enea Balmas e Grazia Zardini Lana.  £36.00 
Kadloubovsky, E
Unseen Warfare being the Spiritual Combat and Path to Paradise of Lorenzo Scupoli as edited by Nicodemus of The Holy Mountain and revised by Theophan the Recluse.  £16.00 
No Author The Song of Songs.  £8.00 
Bryant, Arthur
Coventry Cathedral
Coventry Cathedral.  £12.00 
More, Sir Thomas
Mannning, A
The Household of Sir Thomas More. With Twenty-four coloured illustrations by C E Brock.  £8.00 
Porcher, Jean
The Rohan Book of Hours.  £12.00 
Sophrony, Archimandrite
Silouan, Staretz
The Monk of Mount Athos. Staretz Silouan 1866 - 1938.  £8.00 
Oleksa, Michael
Icons and the Cosmos: the Missionary Significance (Sacred Art Journal of the St. John of Damascus Association of Orthodox Iconographers, Iconologists and Architects. Volume 5 January - March Number 1.)  £16.00 
Weil, Simone
Intimations of Christianity among the Ancient Greeks.  £10.00 
Rostron, Hilda
Uptton, Clive
Baby Jesus. A Ladybird Book.  £4.00 
Daniell, David Scott
Matthew, Jack
Flight Six. The Holy Land. A Ladybird Book of Travel Adventure.  £6.00 
Rostron, Hilda
Uptton, Clive
Stories About Jesus.  £6.00 
Holt, David
Idolatry and Work in Psychology.  £6.00 
Hart, William
Official Catholic Directory for the Diocese of Dunkeld.  £8.00 
Apocrypha. Authorized (King James) Version. Pitt Brevier Edition.  £10.00 
Jones, Lawrence
The Observer's Book of Old English Churches.  £10.00 
Stewart, Kenneth
Ten Myths About Calvinism. Recovering the Breadth of the Reformed Tradition.  £10.00 
Tennant, Bob
Conscience, Consciousness and Ethics in Joseph Butler's Philosophy and Ministry.  £42.00 
Pfefferkorn, Johannes
Cape, Ruth I
The Jew's Mirror (Der Juden Spiegel)  £44.00 
O'Malley, J Steven
Methodist and Pietist. Retrieving the Evangelical United Brethren Tradition.  £18.00 
Butterwick, Richard
The Polish Revolution and the Catholic Church 1788 to 1792. A Political History.  £62.00 
Craciun, Maria
Communities of Devotion. Religious Orders and Society in East Central Europe, 1450 to 1800.  £40.00 
Strickland, Lloyd
Leibniz and the Two Sophies. The Philosophical Correspondence.  £72.00 
Shaw, Jane
Octavia, Daughter of God. The Story of a Female Messiah and her Followers.  £8.00 
Stuart, John
British Missionaries and the End of Empire. East, Central, and Southern Africa, 1939 - 1964.  £12.00 
Rivett, Sarah
The Science of the Soul in Colonial New England.  £26.00 
Mullett, Michael
John Calvin.  £8.00 
Vincent-Cassy, Cecile
Les Saintes Vierges et Martyres dans l'Espagne du XVII Siècle: Culte et Image.  £30.00 
Thomas à Kempis
Payne, John
Of the Imitation of Christ.  £48.00 
Kredel, Fritz
Stock, Brian
Medieval Latin Lyrics.  £16.00 
Fontana, Michela
Matteo Ricci. A Jesuit in the Ming Court.  £18.00 
Bloom, Andre
Dalbiez, Roland
de Jesus-Marie, P. Bruno
Technique et Contemplation. Les Etudes Carmélitaines.  £22.00 
Stewart, James
European Evangelistic Crusade
Look on Germany.  £10.00 
Law, Alex
The New Testament Meaning of Baptism.  £10.00 
Macgillivray, Rev G J
An Introductory Talk on the Catholic Religion.  £10.00 
Boys, Jayne
London's News Press and the Thirty Years War.  £22.00 
Schultz, Kevin
Tri-Faith America. How Catholics and Jews Held Post War America to its Protestant Promise.  £12.00 
Bentham, Jeremy
Crimmins, James
Church-of-Englandism and its Catechism Examined.  £28.00 
Crummey, Robert
Old Believers in a Changing World.  £22.00 
Lehner, Ulrich
Enlightened Monks. The German Benedictines 1740 to 1803.  £36.00 
Agate, John
Benches and Stalls in Suffolk Churches.  £12.00 
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