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Pope Paul VI
Tavard, George
The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation of Vatican Council II. Commentary and Translation. De Divina Revelatione.  £10.00 
Williams, Edward
The Christian Preacher, or, Discourses on Preaching, by Several Eminent Divines, English and Foreign, Revised and Abridged; with an Appendix on the Choice of Books. 4th Edition.  £16.00 
Thomas à Kempis
On the Imitation of Christ in Four Books.  £46.00 
Jones, Stanley
Christ and Human Suffering.  £10.00 
MacKenzie, Agnes Mure
The Scotland of Queen Mary and the Religious Wars, 1513 - 1638.  £12.00 
Butler, Cuthbert
Western Mysticism: The Teaching of St Augustine, Gregory and Bernard on Contemplation and the Contemplative Life. Neglected Chapters in the History of Religion.  £24.00 
Marshall, Charles
The Latin Prayer Book of Charles II: or, An Account of the Liturgia of Dean Durel, together with a Reprint and Translation of the Catechism Therein Contained, with Collations, Annotations and Appendices.  £18.00 
Shields, Alice
Henry Stuart: Cardinal of York and his Times.  £12.00 
Higgins, A J B
The Christian Significance of the Old Testament.  £12.00 
Elliott, Spencer
Religion and Dramatic Art.  £14.00 
Werner, O
Orbis Terrarum Catholicus sive Totius Ecclesiae Catholicae et Occidentis et Orientis Conspectus Geographicus et Statisticus.  £38.00 
Nelson, Robert
A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England: With Collects and Prayers for Each Solemnity.  £46.00 
Le Livre d'Heraclide de Damas; traduit en Francais par F Nau, suivi du Texte Grec des Trois Homelies de Nestorius sur les Tentations de Notre-Seigneur, et de trois appendices.  £120.00 
Carmignac, Jean
Recherches sur le "Notre Père".  £64.00 
Tauler, Johannes
The History and Life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler of Strasbourg, with Twenty-Five of his Sermons. From the German by Susanna Winkworth. Preface by Charles Kingsley.  £44.00 
Ryle, Herbert Edward
The Canon of the Old Testament: An Essay on the Gradual Growth and Formation of the Hebrew Canon of Scripture.  £14.00 
Johnson, Ernest
Suffering, Punishment and Atonement: An Essay in Constructive Interpretation of Experience.  £10.00 
Bernard, Eugène
Les Voyages de Saint Jérome. Sa Vie, ses Oeuvres, son Influence.  £18.00 
Rückert, L J
Christliche Philosophie, oder: Philosophie, Geschichte und Bibel nach ihren wahren Beziehungen zu einander dargestellt. Zweiter Band.  £18.00 
Foster, John
An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignorance and a Discourse on the Communication of Christianity to the People of Hindoostan. Third Edition.  £18.00 
Kleinert, Paul
Die Profeten Israels in sozialer Beziehung.  £12.00 
McArthur, Allan
The Evolution of the Christian Year.  £8.00 
Manning, Henry Edward
The Unity of the Church. Second Edition.  £16.00 
Mackenzie, Hamish
Preaching the Eternities.  £14.00 
Goodspeed, Edgar
The Freer Gospels.  £20.00 
The Pastoral Letters and Hebrews. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
Romans and 1 and 2 Corinthians. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
Mark. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
Matthew. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
The General Letters. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
Luke. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
John. A Greek-English Diglot for the Use of Translators.  £12.00 
Guillemard, William Henry
Hebraisms in the Greek Testament: Exhibited and Illustrated by Notes and Extracts from the Sacred Text.  £24.00 
Sorley, W R
The Elements of Pain and Conflict in Human Life Considered from a Christian Point of View, being lectures delivered at the Cambridge Summer Meeting, 1916.  £12.00 
Kirk, Kenneth
Ignorance, Faith and Conformity: Studies in Moral Theology.  £10.00 
Connell, J M
Devotional Classics, Martha Upton Lectures Delivered at Manchester College, Oxford.  £10.00 
Pope John Paul II
Redemptor Hominis.  £16.00 
Pope John Paul II
Redemptoris Mater: Encyclical Letter on the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life of the Pilgrim Church.  £8.00 
Pope John Paul II
Laborem Exercens: Encyclical Letter on Human Work.  £14.00 
Hofstede de Groot, P
Basilides am Ausgange des apostolischen Zeitalters, als erster Zeuge für Alter und Autorität neutestamentlicher Schriften, insbesondere des Johannesevangeliums. In Verbindung mit anderen Zeugen bis zur Mitte des zweiten Jahrhunderts.  £14.00 
Villemain, A F
Tableau de l'éloquence Chrétienne au IVe Siècle.  £14.00 
Robertson, Archibald
St Athanasius
St Athanasius on the Incarnation. The Greek Text edited by Arechibald Robertson. Third Edition, based on the Codex Seguerianus.  £14.00 
Conybeare, F C
The Historical Christ.  £16.00 
Hussey, Joan
The Cambridge Medieval History. Volume 4, Second Editon: The Byzantine Empire, Part 1: Byzantium and its Neighbours; Part 2: Government, Church and Civilisation.  £80.00 
Hodgson, Geraldine
English Mystics.  £14.00 
Bliss, Edwin Munsell
The Encyclopaedia of Missions: Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, Statistical. Volumes 1 & 2 (Complete)  £56.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Monasticism: Its Ideals and its History.  £18.00 
Box, Hubert
The Principles of Canon Law.  £12.00 
Henderson, E
Gutbier, Aegidius
Aegidii Gutbirii: Lexicon Syriacum: Omnes Novi Testamenti Syriaci Dictiones et Particulas.  £88.00 
Wood, H G
Religious Liberty Today.  £16.00 
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