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Rogers, Alan
The Re-Founding of Bardney Abbey by Gilbert of Ghent.  £10.00 
Boreham, F W
Church, Leslie
Day by Day with F W Boreham. A Selection from his Works and an Appreciation.  £10.00 
Bowker, Margaret
The Henrician Reformation: The Diocese of Lincoln under John Longland 1521 - 1547.  £15.00 
Bowker, Margaret
The Secular Clergy in the Diocese of Lincoln, 1495 - 1520.  £14.00 
Fincham, H W
The Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem and the Grand Priory of England.  £18.00 
Schermerhorn, Elizabeth
Malta of the Knights.  £46.00 
Stewart, G Wauchope
Pritchard, T C L
The Scottish Psalter 1929. Metrical Version and Scripture Paraphrases With Tunes.  £18.00 
Marcel, Gabriel
Fresh Hope for the World: Moral Re-Armament in Action.  £14.00 
Norton, David
The King James Bible. A Short History from Tyndale to Today.  £10.00 
Brendon, Piers
Hurrell Froude and the Oxford Movement.  £12.00 
Pole, Herbert
The Book of Common Prayer. Its Scriptural Foundation and its Suitability to the Needs of Public Worship.  £46.00 
Pole, Herbert
The Church of England. Its Catholicity and Continuity.  £36.00 
Pole, Herbert
Consolations and Warnings. A Series of Eighteen Sermons.  £18.00 
Scott, Herbert
The Eastern Churches and the Papacy.  £22.00 
Church of England
The Alternative Service Book 1980.  £12.00 
Owen, A E B
The Medieval Lindsey March. Select Documents.  £18.00 
No Author Hymns Ancient and Modern: New Standard: Melody Edition.  £12.00 
Pole, Herbert
The Church of England. Its Catholicity and Continuity.  £36.00 
Sheppard, H R L
The Impatience of a Parson. A Plea for the Recovery of Vital Christianity.  £10.00 
Crowder, Tom
Bardney Abbey. Its History, Charters, Excavations, etc.  £16.00 
Graf, Arturo
The Story of the Devil.  £32.00 
Trigg, RobertJoseph Wilson
Origen. The Bible and Philosophy in the Third Century Church.  £12.00 
No Author The New English Hymnal, Melody Edition.  £46.00 
Bevan, Edwyn
Hellenism and Christianity.  £10.00 
Runciman, Steven
The Byzantine Theocracy.  £24.00 
Balke, Willem
Calvin and the Anabaptist Radicals.  £12.00 
Nash, Ronald H
Christianity and the Hellenistic World.  £22.00 
Cornford, Francis
From Religion to Philosophy. A Study in the Origins of Western Speculation.  £20.00 
McIntosh, Hamish
Robert Laws. Servant of Africa.  £12.00 
Murray, Gilbert
Stoic Christian and Humanist.  £14.00 
Smith, Betty
Hamdorf, Norm
The Big Brother. Joseph.  £12.00 
Davey, Cyril
Never Say Die. The Story of Gladys Aylward.  £6.00 
Martin, R G
Knight of the Snows. The Story of Wilfred Grenfell.  £6.00 
Erskine, John
Millionaire for God.  £12.00 
Pole, Herbert
Consolations and Warnings. A Series of Eighteen Sermons.  £24.00 
Davey, Cyril
On the Clouds to China. The Story of Hudson Taylor.  £6.00 
Clinton, Iris
Friend of the Chiefs.  £6.00 
Bailey, Cyril
The Religion of Ancient Rome.  £13.00 
Congreve, George
House of my Pilgrimage.  £16.00 
Du Bos, Charles
Byron.  £16.00 
Du Bos, Charles
Le Dialogue avec André Gide.  £16.00 
Junius Junior
Pope Pacificus, by Junius Junior.  £12.00 
Gibson, Edgar
The Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England explained with an Introduction.  £12.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Jill's Red Bag.  £6.00 
Crump, C G
The Logic of History.  £10.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Eric's Good News and A Thoughtless Seven.  £6.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Jill's Red Bag.  £6.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
A Puzzling Pair.  £6.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Odd.  £6.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Probable Sons.  £10.00 
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