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Temple, David
Africa Praise: Hymns and Prayers for Schools.  £10.00 
Elliott-Binns, L E
The Early Evangelicals: A Religious and Social Study.  £22.00 
Griffith, Leonard
God's Time and Ours Sermons for the Christian Year.  £8.00 
Griffith, Leonard
What is a Christian? Sermons on the Christian Life.  £8.00 
Dahl, Gina
Questioning Religious Influence. Private Labraries of Clerics and Physicians in Norway 1650 to 1750.  £42.00 
Pearson, Anthony
The Great Case of Tithes Truly Stated, Clearly Open'd, and fully Resolv'd. With an Appendix thereto, to which is Added: A Defence of some other Principles held by the People call'd Quakers (…), by J M.  £160.00 
Grubb, Norman
J D Drysdale: Prophet of Holiness. Autobiography by J D Drysdale.  £14.00 
Palmer, Gwen
Visiting a Community Church.  £6.00 
Sullivan, Danny
Visiting a Roman Catholic Church.  £6.00 
Bunyan, John
O Peregrino ou a Viagem do Cristao a Cidado Celestial. Uendelu ua ngenji tunde mu mueniu iu kate ku mueniu ua hadia, kifika kia tele ki ngeleji dijina die Nzua Bunyan.  £46.00 
Davey, Cyril
Makers of the English Bible. The Story of the Bible in English.  £12.00 
Woolgar, J W
This Sacramental Universe. An Interpretation of the Twentieth Century.  £26.00 
Delatte, Paul
A Commentary on the Holy Rule of St. Benedict.  £56.00 
Mattock, Gwen
Me 2. Upper Junior.  £8.00 
Carman, John
Luke, P Y
Village Christians and Hindu Culture: Study of a Rural Church in Andhra Pradesh, South India.  £14.00 
Topping, Frank
Lord of My Days: Prayers for the Living of the Day.  £8.00 
Mattock, Gwen
Me 1. Lower Junior.  £8.00 
Grubb, Norman
The Liberating Secret.  £14.00 
Winter, Alban
The African Primary School.  £14.00 
Wood, G R Harding
What Shall I Tell Them? A New Series of Talks to Women.  £12.00 
Lalive d'Epinay, Christian
Haven of the Masses: A Study of the Pentecostal Movement in Chile.  £24.00 
Moine, Claudine
La Couturiere Mystique de Paris.  £12.00 
Mitchell, David
Brandow, Marbel
Caribbean Christian Living Series: Junior Grade Teachers' Guide. Second Year.  £14.00 
Estborn, Sigfrid
The Religion of Tagore in the Light of the Gospel.  £48.00 
Hayden, John
Christian Bookshop Manager's Handbook.  £18.00 
Hayden, John
Christian Bookshop Manager's Handbook.  £18.00 
Bradley, George
Lectures on the Book of Job, delivered in Westminster Abbey.  £14.00 
Dales, Douglas
Dunstan: Saint and Statesman.  £12.00 
Crossley, John
Explaining Gospel to Muslims.  £8.00 
Blair, Philip
What on Earth? The Church in the World and the Call of Christ.  £12.00 
Laubach, Frank
Learning the Vocabulary of God: A Spiritual Diary.  £8.00 
Nuttall, Nesta
The Friends of Jesus. With Pictures to Colour and other Things to Do.  £10.00 
Broadberry, Richard
Thinking About Christianity.  £12.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes. Illustrated by Elsie Walker.  £14.00 
Maitland, S R
The Dark Ages. A Series of Essays, Intended to Illustrate the State of Religion and Literature in the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelth Centuries.  £46.00 
Boismard, M E
St John's Prologue.  £14.00 
Discalced Carmelite Fathers
Mount Carmel: A Quarterly Review of the Spiritual Life. Autumn 1982.  £8.00 
Erasmus, Desiderius
The Praise of Folly.  £22.00 
Vidler, Alec
Mairet, Philip
The Frontier: A Christian Commentary on the Common Life.  £88.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Neue Untersuchungen zur Apostelgeschichte und zur Abfassungszeit der Synoptischen Evangelien. (Beiträge zur Einleitung in das Neue Testament, 4)  £24.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Über den Privaten Gebrauch der Heiligen Schriften in der Alten Kirche. (Beiträge zur Einleitung in das Neue Testament, 5)  £24.00 
Weiffenbach, Wilhelm
Der Wiederkunftsgedanke Jesu: Nach den Synoptikern kritisch untersucht und dargestellt.  £32.00 
Colani, T
Jésus-Christ et les Croyances Messianiques de son Temps.  £36.00 
Gueranger, Prosper
The Liturgical Year. Passiontide and Holy Week.  £18.00 
Gueranger, Prosper
The Liturgical Year. Advent.  £18.00 
Gueranger, Prosper
The Liturgical Year. Christmas. Volume 1, 2.  £28.00 
Gueranger, Prosper
The Liturgical Year. Paschal Time. Volume 3.  £18.00 
Gueranger, Prosper
The Liturgical Year. Paschal Time. Volume 1.  £18.00 
Gueranger, Prosper
The Liturgical Year. Lent.  £18.00 
No Author The Catholic Directory for the Year of Our Lord 1969.  £20.00 
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