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Churchill, Winston
Wedgwood, Josiah
Testament to Democracy.  £16.00 
Evelyn-White, Charles Harold
County Churches. Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely.  £10.00 
Wedgwood, Josiah
Testament to Democracy.  £12.00 
Benians, E A
John Fisher. A Lecture Delivered in the Hall of St John's College on the Occasion of the Quartercentenary Celebration by Queens', Christ's, St John's and Trinity Colleges.  £20.00 
Bevis, Trevor
Hereward. The Siege of the Isle of Ely and Involvement of Peterborough and Ely Monasteries.  £6.00 
Clifford, Eileen
Cambridgeshire Epitaphs.  £6.00 
Dodd, C H
Bratsiotis, P I
Man in God's Design according to the New Testament. Der Mensch in Gottes Heilsplan nach dem Neuen Testament. L'homme dans le dessein de Dieu d'apres le Nouveau Testament.  £12.00 
Bernal, J D
Science in History.  £18.00 
Archer, Mary
Rupert Brooke and the Old Vicarage, Granchester.  £8.00 
Cope, Gilbert
Ecclesiology Then and Now. A Few More Words to Church Builders.  £8.00 
Summers, Montague
Kramer, Heinrich
Sprenger, James
Malleus Maleficarum. The Classic Study of Witchcraft.  £8.00 
Makrakis, Apostolos
cummings, D
The Human Nature of Christ. Growth and Perfection. According to the Teaching of the Orthodox Catholic Church.  £8.00 
Hardman, Oscar
The Christian Life. Volume 1, Standards.  £14.00 
Swain, Sharon
Calling You. A Confirmation Course for Young Christians. 21st Century Edition.  £12.00 
Kazembe, Courtney
Authentic Power. Principles, Strategies and Tools for Achieving Full Human Potential.  £16.00 
Davies, Gerald
Charterhouse in London. Monastery, Mansion, Hospital, School.  £12.00 
Davis, H W C
Mediaeval England.  £16.00 
Melvill, James
Pitcairn, Robert
The Autobiography and Diary of Mr James Melvill, Minister of Kilrenny…with a Continuation of the Diary Edited from Manuscripts in the Libraries of the Faculty of Advocates and University of Edinburgh.  £60.00 
Converse, Florence
The House of Prayer. Illustrated by Margaret Ely Webb.  £10.00 
Saunders, P A H
Brassley, Paul
Lambert, A
Accounts of The Reverend John Crakanthorp of Fowlmere 1682 to 1710. Volume 8.  £10.00 
Ayre, John
Sandys, E
The Sermons of Edwin Sandys D.D. Successively Bishop of Worcester and London and Archbishop of York.  £20.00 
Eason, Andrew
Women in God's Army. Gender and Equality in the Early Salvation Army.  £13.00 
James, E O
The Nature and Function of Priesthood. A Comparative and Anthropological Study.  £10.00 
Seebohm, Frederic
The Oxford Reformers. Second Edition. John Colet, Erasmus and Thomas More. Being A History of Their Fellow-Work.  £24.00 
McCann, Justin
The Cloud of Unknowing and Other Treatises by an English Mystic of the Fourteenth Century with A Commentary on the Cloud By Father Augustine Baker.  £14.00 
Claudius, Matthias
An meinen Sohn Johannes.  £12.00 
Hebert, A G
Intercommunion. A Theological Study of Christian Unity.  £10.00 
Bird, Thomas
Iswolsky, Helen
The Third Hour: In Memory of Helen Iswolsky.  £46.00 
Smith, Joseph Oswald
Simple Meditations on the Life of Our Lord.  £24.00 
Judd, Richard
Report of the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies. Twelth Academic Year 1983-1984.  £14.00 
Saint Theophilus
Humphry, Gulielmus Gilson
Theophili Episcopi Antiochensis Libri Tres Ad Autolycum.  £24.00 
Pachaly, Paul
Der Religions-Unterricht für höhere Mädchenschulen. Zweiter Teil: Kirchengeschichte. Erste und Zweite Abteilung.  £24.00 
Göttler, Joseph
Achtzehntes Jahrbuch des Vereins für christliche Erziehungswissenschaft.  £20.00 
Villari, Pasquale
Villari, Linda
Life and Times of Savonarola.  £28.00 
Stubblebine, James
Giotto: The Arena Chapel Frescoes.  £12.00 
Brucker, Gene
The Society of Renaissance Florence. A Documentary Study.  £24.00 
Lumby, D
The History of the Creeds.  £18.00 
Rose, H J
Ancient Roman Religion.  £12.00 
Knight, W F
Roman Vergil.  £20.00 
Harris, Charles
Clarke, Lowther
Liturgy and Worship. A Companion to the Prayer Books of the Anglican Communion.  £15.00 
No Author The Psalms. with Introduction and Notes by W E Barnes. 2 Volumes.  £42.00 
Dale, R W
History of English Congregationalism. First Edition.  £40.00 
Guthrie, Donald
New Testament Introduction. Three Volumes.  £22.00 
Schweitzer, Albert
The Decay and the Restoration of Civilization: The Philosophy of Civilization. Part 1.  £36.00 
Addleshaw, G W O
The High Church Tradition. A Study in the Liturgical Thought of the Seventeenth Century.  £12.00 
Waley, Daniel
Later Mediaeval Europe: From Saint Louis to Luther.  £8.00 
Daireaux, Luc
Réduire les Huguenots: Protestants et Pouvoirs en Normandie au XVIIe Siècle.  £120.00 
Saint Augustine
St Augustine' s Confessions. With an English Translation by William Watts. Vol 2 only.  £12.00 
Saint Augustine
Concerning the City of God Against the Pagans. Ed. R W Dyson.  £14.00 
Newman, John Henry
The Idea of a University.  £10.00 
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