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Weymouth, R F
The Resultant Greek Testament, Exhibiting the Text in which the Majority of Modern Editors are Agreed. Third Edition.  £36.00 
Petre, M D
Alfred Loisy - His Religious Significance.  £14.00 
Nicolini, Giovanni
History of the Jesuits: Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines, and Designs.  £60.00 
Moody, Campbell
The Heathen Heart: An Account of the Reception of the Gospel Among the Chinese of Formosa.  £120.00 
Wallace, Ronald
Elijah and Elisha: Expositions from the Book of Kings.  £12.00 
Holland, Henry Scott
God's City and the Coming of the Kingdom.  £16.00 
Stubbs, Charles
Charles Kingsley and the Christian Social Movement.  £12.00 
Christianity and the Crisis.  £16.00 
Durand, Louis
L'Infaillibilité Papale Prise en Manifeste et Flagrant Délit de Mensonge.  £120.00 
Fischer, Bonifatius
Vetus Latina. Die Reste der Altlateinischen Bibel. Vol. 1/1: Verzeichnis der Sigel für Kirchenschriftsteller.  £36.00 
Law, William
Selected Mystical Writings of William Law. Edited by Stephen Hobhouse. Second Edition, Revised.  £24.00 
Lathbury, Thomas
A History of the Nonjurors: Their Controversies and Writings with Remarks on some of the Rubrics in the Book of Common Prayer.  £64.00 
Hagen, Johan
Listov, Andreas
Fragmenta Selecta ex Scriptis Patrum Ecclesiae Latinae.  £24.00 
Cruel, Rudolf
Geschichte der deutschen Predigt im Mittelalter.  £30.00 
Wichmann, Wolfgang
Die Leidenstheologie. Eine Form der Leidendeutung im Spätjudentum.  £14.00 
Wiener, Max
Die Anschauungen der Propheten von der Sittlichkeit.  £18.00 
Volz, Paul
Der Geist Gottes und die verwandten Erscheinungen im Alten Testament und im anschließenden Judentum.  £26.00 
Köberle, Justus
Sünde und Gnade im Religiosen Leben des Volkes Israel bis auf Christum. Eine Geschichte des vorchristlichen Heilsbewusstseins.  £24.00 
Nicoll, Robertson
The Expositor's Greek Testament. Volume 5.  £24.00 
Ritchie, James
Natural Rights: A Criticism of Some Political and Ethical Conceptions.  £18.00 
Cave, Alfred
The Scriptural Doctrine of Sacrifice and Atonement. New Edition.  £24.00 
Williams, Arthur Lukyn
The Hebrew-Christian Messiah or, The Presentation of the Messiah to the Jews in the Gospel according to St. Matthew.  £20.00 
Burns, James
Revivals. Their Laws and Leaders.  £18.00 
Hubik, Karl
Die Apologien des Hl. Justinus des Philosophen und Märtyrers. Literaturhistorische Untersuchungen.  £20.00 
Lohmener, Ernst
Die Briefe an die Philipper.  £16.00 
Nørregard, Jens
Augustins Religiøse Gennembrud: En Kirkehistorisk Undersøgelse.  £24.00 
Wilson, Robert
Infant Baptism: A Scriptural Service, and Dipping Unnecessary to Its Right Administration: Containing a Critical Survey and Digest of the Leading Evidence, Classical, Biblical and Patristic with Special Reference to the Work of Dr. Carson.  £24.00 
Bruce, Alexander
Dod, Marcus
The Expositor's Greek Testament. Volume 1: The Synoptic Gospels, The Gospel of John.  £24.00 
Bazin, René
Nord-Sud. Amerique - Angelterre - Corse - Spitzberg.  £14.00 
Thomas Aquinas
On Law, Morality and Politics. Ed. William Baumgarth.  £8.00 
Séminaire de Saint Sulpice
Praelectiones Juris Canonici habitae in Seminario Sancti Sulpitii annis 1857, 1858, 1859.  £48.00 
Newman, John Henry
An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine.  £86.00 
Horner, George William
Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern Dialect. Volumes 1 - 4 complete. First Edition.  £560.00 
Klein, Augusta
Among the Gods. Scenes of India with Legends by the Way.  £24.00 
Chew, Helena
The English Ecclesiastical Tenants-in-Chief and Knight Service: Especially in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.  £42.00 
Smirnoff, Eugene
A Short Account of the Historical Development and Present Position of Russian Orthodox Missions.  £20.00 
Friedländer, Moritz
Griechische Philosophie im alten Testament. Eine Einleitung in die Psalmen- und Weisheitsliteratur.  £20.00 
Lietzmann, Hans
Wieland, Franz
Völker, Karl
Wieland: Mensa und Confessio (1906), Lietzmann: Messe und Herrenmahl (1926), Völker: Mysterium und Agape: Die gemeinsamen Mahlzeiten in der alten Kirche. (1927)  £46.00 
Balla, Emil
Das Ich der Psalmen.  £18.00 
True and False Spiritualism.  £14.00 
Guinness, Lucy
Regions Beyond. Volume 10, 1889.  £36.00 
Yonge, Charlotte
A Book of Golden Deeds of All Times and All Lands, Gathered and Narrated by The Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe".  £9.00 
Chester, Christopher
Bird, E M
The Key. Volume 1, No. 1. January - February 1936.  £12.00 
Pollock, J C
A Cambridge Movement.  £14.00 
World Federation of Diaconal Associations and Sisterhoods. Profiles of Member Associations. 14th International Assembly, Coventry 1983.  £26.00 
Ecroyd, Donald
Towne, Ralph
Establishing Belief: The Process of Proving.  £16.00 
Cook, Stanley
The Old Testament: A Reinterpretation.  £12.00 
Burnaby, John
The Belief in Christendom: A Commentary on the Nicene Creed.  £12.00 
Ehrhardt, Arnold
The Apostolic Ministry.  £8.00 
Garlick, Phyllis
The Wholeness of Man - A Study in the History of Healing.  £10.00 
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