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Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edited by E H Coleridge.  £36.00 
Trott, Anthony
Axford, Martin
Alexander Pope. An Essay on Man, Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot.  £8.00 
Agate, James
Noblesse Oblige. Another Letter to Another Son.  £10.00 
Laver, James
Letter to a Girl on the Future of Clothes.  £10.00 
Cincotta, Vincent
Frederico de Roberto, Commediografo. Dalle Lettere all'Amico Sabatino Lopez.  £22.00 
Widner, Alexander
Euer Hochwohlgeboren, Exzellenz, sehr verehrter Herr Geheimrat: Briefe durch die Jahrhunderte.  £18.00 
Cole, Margaret
Webb, Beatrice
Beatric Webb's Diaries 1924 - 1932.  £10.00 
Essen, Otto
Mathematische Analyse periodischer Vorgänge in gemeinfasslicher Darstellung.  £24.00 
Feynman, Richard
Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track: The Letters of Richard Feynman. SAMPLE CHAPTER.  £12.00 
Conti Bertini, Lucia
Nugae. Scritti a e di Lucia Conti Bertini.  £16.00 
Garin, Eugenio
Manipulus Florum a Eugenio Garin.  £36.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl
Del Bo, Giuseppe
Marx e Engels Corrispondenza con italiani 1848 - 1895.  £36.00 
Greenwood, Frank
Postcard Adressed to Frank Greenwood.  £22.00 
Pollock, Jackson
American Letters: 1927 - 1947.  £10.00 
Lord Chesterfield
Letters to his Son.  £7.00 
King, L R
Routledge's Business Letter Writer. The Business Letter Writer Consisting of Practical Letters of Business, Trade, Circulars and Forms, etc.  £10.00 
University of St Andrews
Smart, R N
An Index to the Correspondence and Papers of James David Forbes (1809 - 1868), and also to some papers of his Son, George Forbes.  £28.00 
Gore, Charles
St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. A Practical Exposition. 2 Volumes.  £16.00 
Poole, Reginald
The Early Correspondence of John of Salisbury.  £10.00 
Hendricks, King
Shepard, Irving
Letters from Jack London.  £14.00 
Lofthouse, W F
Ethics and Atonement.  £16.00 
Luxemburg, Rosa
Lettres a Karl et Luise Kautsky.  £16.00 
Luxemburg, Rosa
Prison Letters to Sophie Liebknecht.  £8.00 
Dennis, Nigel
A View of Malta. (The Cornhill, No 1070, Winter 1971/72).  £8.00 
Piper, John
Topographical Letter from Norwich. (The Cornhill, No 961, January 1944).  £10.00 
Doyle, Richard
Richard Doyle 2. (The Cornhill, No 964, April 1945).  £8.00 
Luxemburg, Rosa
Bronner, Stephen Eric
The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg.  £24.00 
Board of Education
Board of Education Circulars 539 - 602. From Feb 1906 - Dec 1908.  £56.00 
Robinson, Forbes
Letters To His Friends.  £14.00 
Lacey, T A
Appellatio Flaviani: The Letters of Appeal from the Council of Ephesus, A.D. 449, addressed by Flavian and Eusebius to St. Leo of Rome.  £20.00 
Chinnock, Edward James
A Few Notes on Julian.  £15.00 
Burckhardt, Carl
Erinnerungen an Hofmannsthal und Briefe des Dichters.  £8.00 
Stapfer, Paul
Petite Comédie de la Critique Littéraire ou Molière Selon Trois Ecoles Philosophique.  £16.00 
Benjamin, Walter
Briefe an Siegfried Kracauer. Mit vier Briefen von Siegfried Kracauer an Walter Benjamin.  £14.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
The Life and Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Life by Middleton, Letters translated by Melmoth and Heberden.  £36.00 
Haffenden, Alfred
Folder with Materials and Correspondence regarding the IDO Language.  £26.00 
A Short Odyssey in Yorkshire.  £36.00 
Macleane, A J
Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera Omnia, With a Commentary. Second Edition Revised by George Long.  £18.00 
Saint Paul et ses Lettres. État de la Question.  £15.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Cicéron. Correspondance. Ed. L A Constans.  £80.00 
Taczanowski, Wladyslaw
Listy do Antoniego Wagi, Konstantego Branickiego i Benedykta Dybowskiego.  £22.00 
Sheets-Pyenson, Susan
Geological Communication in the Nineteenth Century: The Ellen Woodward Autograph Collection at McGill University.  £14.00 
Lohmener, Ernst
Die Briefe an die Philipper.  £16.00 
World of Learning
How to Write a Letter (French)  £12.00 
Wassermann, Jakob
Geliebtes Herz... Briefe von Jakob Wassermann.  £12.00 
Carey, Hugh
Duet for Two Voices: An Informal Biography of Edward Dent Compiled from His Letters to Clive Carey.  £14.00 
Hampejs, Zdenek
Cartas Desconocidas de Escritores Espanoles y Catalanes a Antonin Pikhart.  £14.00 
Barbusse, Henri
Under Fire.  £10.00 
Mzali, Mohamed
Lettre ouverte à Habib Bourguiba, Président de la République Tunisienne.  £15.00 
Bernoyer, François
Tortel, Christian
Avec Bonaparte en Egypte en en Syrie, 1798 - 1800.  £24.00 
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