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Schaeffer, Francis
Francis A Schaeffer. Portraits of the Man and his Work. Edited by Lane Dennis.  £12.00 
Schaeffer, Francis
Letters of Francis A Schaeffer, Edited by Lane Dennis.  £16.00 
Deyermond, Alan
Letters and Society in Fifteenth-Century Spain: Studies Presented to P E Russell on His 80th Birthday.  £30.00 
Dodd, C H
The Johannine Epistles.  £8.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Cicero Briefe. Nach der Übersetzung von C M Wieland neu herausgegeben von H Conrad.  £120.00 
Tiutchev, F I
Stikhotvoreniia. Pisma.  £24.00 
Woodward, E L
Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919 - 1939. First Series, Vol 3 only.  £20.00 
Plinius, Caecilius
Pliny's Letters. A Selection Prescribed for Pass Moderations. Translated G B Allen.  £8.00 
Lundberg, Evgeni
Zapiski Pisatelia 1917-1920.  £120.00 
Bureau, René
Monseigneur Joseph-Clovis Laflamme, Géologue.  £16.00 
Platonov, S F
Blinov, I
Lektsii po russkoi istorii.  £48.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Die Herkunft des Friedrich Engels: Briefe aus der Verwandtschaft 1791-1847 Hrsg von Michael Knieriem.  £34.00 
Cobbett, William
A French Grammar, Or, Plain Instructions for the Learning of French in a Series of Letters. 14th Edition.  £10.00 
Grabner-Haider, Anton
Letters to a Young Priest from a Laicised Priest.  £8.00 
Pushchin, I I
Zapiski o Pushkine, Pis'ma.  £36.00 
Chapone, Mrs
Letters on the Improvement of the Mind addressed to a Lady.  £36.00 
Tankler, H
Tartu Ülikooli professorite, NSV Liidu Teaduste Akadeemia liikmete portreid ja autograafe.  £48.00 
Chaadaev, Petr Jakovlevic
Sochineniia i pis'ma. (Works and Letters)  £120.00 
Sand, George
Drew, Elizabeth
Lucas, Victoria
Letters of George Sand.  £12.00 
Thompson, James
Autograph letter by "Bishop Jim".  £24.00 
Lofthouse, W F
Ethics and Atonement.  £14.00 
St Bernard of Clairvaux
Some Letters of Saint Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux. Edited by F A Gasquet.  £14.00 
Newman, John Henry
A Packet of Letters: A Selection from the Correspondence of John Henry Newman. Ed. Joyce Sugg.  £10.00 
Thirlwall, Connop
Essays, Speeches and Sermons by Connop Thirwall. Ed. J J Stewart Perowne.  £32.00 
Lord Chesterfield
Letters to his Son and Others.  £8.00 
Marshall, Eric
Hample, Stuart
Children's Letters to God.  £7.00 
Gore, Charles
St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. 2 Volumes.  £16.00 
St Ambrose
Some of the Principal Works of St Ambrose. (A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, Second Series, Volume 10).  £28.00 
Westcott, Brooke Foss
The Epistles of St John: The Greek Text, with Notes and Essays. Second Edition.  £24.00 
Lightfoot, J B
Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians. A Revised Text with Introduction, Exposition and Dissertations.  £14.00 
Thirlwall, Connop
Letters To a Friend.  £14.00 
Lightfoot, J B
Saint Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon. A Revised Text with Introductions, Notes and Dissertations.  £12.00 
Havel, Vaclav
Open Letters.  £7.00 
Raven, F E
Letters of F E Raven and Fragments From His Ministry.  £12.00 
No Author Manuscript Christmas Letter.  £8.00 
Mackay, Ruddock
The Hawke Papers A Selection: 1743-1771.  £12.00 
Webb, Maria
The Penns and Penningtons of the Seventeenth Century in their Domestic and Religious Life illustrated by Original Family Letters also incidental notices of their friend Thomas Ellwood with some of his Unpublished Verses.  £10.00 
Ex Aelfrici Abbatis ad Wulfstanum et Wulfsinum. Epistolis.  £10.00 
Law, Robin
The English in West Africa 1691-1699. The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England, 1681-1699 Part 3.  £68.00 
Aretino, Pietro
Procaccioli, Paolo
Lettere scritte a Pietro Aretino. Tomo 1. Libro 1. (Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Pietro Aretino, Vol 9)  £36.00 
Foscolo, Ugo
Conti Bertini, Lucia
Gli appunti per le "Lettere scritte dall'Inghilterra". Livorno Biblioteca Labronica, MS. XIV, cc. 98v - 143v.  £28.00 
Vulpius, Christian August
Meier, Andreas
Eine Korrespondenz zur Kulturgeschichte der Goethezeit. Band 2: Kommentar.  £48.00 
Dibon, Paul
Inventaire de la Correspondance d'André Rivet (1595-1650)  £46.00 
Schippisi, Ranieri
Giuseppe Montanelli a Piacenza nel 1959 (Con Lettere Inedite)  £14.00 
Svevo, Italo
Biasin, Gian-Paolo
Schmitz, Elio
Documenti per Svevo: Dal Diario di Elio Schmitz.  £14.00 
Alekseev, M P
Levin, Yu D
Viliam Rol'ston - propagandist Russkoy literatury i fol'klora. (RUSSIAN)  £24.00 
Speaight, George
A Bridges-Adams Letter Book. Ed. With a Memoir by Robert Speaight.  £8.00 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Pis'ma, vol 4, 1878-1881. (RUSSIAN)  £10.00 
Butler, Rohan
Woodward, E L
Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919 - 1939. Second Series, Vol 4 only. 1932-3.  £28.00 
Lascellles, Lady Caroline
Extracts from Journals Kept By George Howard, Earl of Carlisle: Selected By His Sister, Lady Caroline Lascelles. Signed copy.  £400.00 
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