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Pascal, Blaise
Pensées de Pascal, précédées de sa Vie, par Mme Périer, sa Soeur, suivies d'un Choix des Pensées de Nicole et de son Traité de la Paix avec les Hommes.  £12.00 
Turgenev, Ivan
Waddington, Patrick
Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev: 1818 - 1883 - 1983.  £22.00 
Hudson, William Henry
Men, Books and Birds.  £14.00 
Lawrence, D H
Selected Letters.  £8.00 
Lightfoot, J B
Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians. A Revised Text. 7th Edition.  £14.00 
Lawrence, D H
Selected Letters.  £8.00 
Plinius, Caecilius
Lowe, W D
Anecdotes from Pliny's Letters.  £10.00 
Tillyard, Aelfrida
Can I Be a Mystic? Letters to a Stranger in Answer to His Questions.  £8.00 
Asquith, Cynthia
Haply I May Remember.  £8.00 
Housman, A E
Maas, Henry
The Letters of A. E. Housman.  £16.00 
Plinius, Caecilius
Allen, G B
Selected Letters of Pliny.  £6.00 
Fuller, Morris
The Life Letters and Writings of John Davenant D.D. 1572 - 1641, Lord Bishop of Salisbury.  £110.00 
Paget, Stephen
Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget. Edited by Stephen Paget, one of his sons. With Portraits and other Illustrations.  £240.00 
Bernhardt, John
Map of Seward City Mines, Berners Bay District, Alaska.  £24.00 
Wales, Edward Garneys
Medical Memories.  £24.00 
Jaffe, Michael
Modern Literary Manuscripts From King's College, Cambridge: An Exhibition in Memory of A. N. L. Munby.  £15.00 

Historical Manuscripts Commission
Papers of British Churchmen, 1780 - 1940.  £8.00 

Historical Manuscripts Commission
Private Papers of British Colonial Governors, 1782 - 1900.  £9.00 
Kirby, John
The Plumpton Letters and Papers.  £10.00 
Dewey, Meredith
Diaries, Letter, Writings.  £14.00 
Moult, Thomas
W H Davies.  £15.00 
Delilkhan, Rohith-Gerald
Apologie der Briefkultur: Historische Geltung und hermeneutische Anforderungen des Briefe aus dem Gleimkreis.  £30.00 
Herbert, Aubron
The Sacrifice of Education to Examination. Letters from "all sorts and conditions of men.".  £30.00 
Mitford, John
The Correspondence of Thomas Gray and William Mason with Letters to the Rev James Brown.  £14.00 
Fletcher, John
A vindication of the Rev. Mr. Wesley's last minutes: occasioned by a circular, printed letter, inviting principal persons, both clergy and laity, as well of the dissenters as of the established church, who dissapprove of those minutes,etc.  £56.00 
Friends of the Sahara
Set of 3 Letters from the Friends of the Sahara.  £12.00 
Murray, Iain
D Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Cartas 1919 - 1981. Seleçao e anotaçoes por Iain Murray.  £25.00 
Baretti, Giuseppe
Lettere Familiari e Scritti Critici. Con prefazione di Lodovico Corio.  £12.00 
Baretti, Giuseppe
Epistolario, Vols 1 -2. A cura di Luigi Piccioni.  £70.00 
Monti, Vincenzo
Epistolario di Vincenzo Monti, Raccolto, ordinato e annotato da Alfonso Bertoldi. 6 Vols.  £460.00 
Cavour, Camillo
Lettere edite e inedite di Camillo Cavour raccolte ed illustrate da Luigi Chiala. 4 Vols.  £340.00 
Nisbet, Charles
Everybody's Writing-Desk Book.  £12.00 
Longnon, Jean
Louis XIV: Mémoires présentés et annotés par J Longnon. Nouvelle édition revue et corrigée.  £16.00 
Caro, Annibal
Seghezzi, Anton Federigo
Lettere del Commendatore Annibal Caro. Distribuite ne' loro varj argomenti, colla vita dell' autore scritta da A F Seghezzi, Vols 1 - 3: Delle Lettere Familiari del Commendadore Annibal Caro . (= Opere del Commendatore Annibal Caro, Vols 1 - 3)  £110.00 
Schnitzler, Arthur
Brahm, Otto
Der Briefwechsel: Arthur Schnitzler-Otto Brahm. Herausgegeben, eingeleitet und erläutert von Oskar Seidlin.  £15.00 
Zweig, Arnold
Fürnberg, Louis
Der Briefwechsel zwischen Louis Fürnberg und Arnold Zweig. Dokumente einer Freundschaft.  £9.00 
Plinius, Caecilius
Prichard, Constantine
Selected Letters of Pliny. With Notes for the Use of Schools.  £12.00 
Hartung, Ernst
Vom tätigen Leben: Goethes Briefe aus der zweiten Hälfte seines Lebens. Herausgegeben von Ernst Hartung, geschmückt von Käte Vesper-Waentig.  £10.00 
Eichhorn, Alfred
Reinhardt, Andreas
Nach langem Schweigen endlich Sprechen: Briefe and Walter Janka.  £10.00 
Hartung, Ernst
Vom tätigen Leben: Goethes Briefe aus der zweiten Hälfte seines Lebens. Herausgegeben von Ernst Hartung, geschmückt von Käte Vesper-Waentig.  £8.00 
Heiseler, Bernt von
Schneider, Reinhold
Reinhold Schneider, Bernt von Heiseler: Briefwechsel. Mit einem Geleitwort von Hans Fromm.  £17.00 
Schröder, Claus
An J.: Briefe ohne Umschlag.  £12.00 
Lansburgh, Werner
Exil - Ein Briefwechsel. Mit Essays, Gedichten und Dokumenten.  £12.00 
Brost, Eberhard
Abaelard: Die Leidensgeschichte und der Briefwechsel mit Heloisa.  £8.00 
Bembo, Pietro
Lettere di M Pietro Bembo, Cardinale, Vols 1 - 5.  £142.00 
Curtis, Samuel
A Memorial of Samuel Curtis: Late Pastor of the Strict Baptist Church at Southill. Sent Forth by his Widow.  £12.00 
Menghini, Mario
Caro, Annibal
Lettere familiari di Annibal Caro (1531 - 1544), publicate di su gli originali palatini e di su l'apografo parigino.  £32.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Irvine, A L
Cicero's Correspondence.  £14.00 
Newman, John
Mozley, Anne
Letters and Correspondence of John Henry Newman during his Life in the English Church. In Two Volumes. Volume 1 Only.  £24.00 
Woodruff, Douglas
Dear Sir. A Selection of Letters to the Editor of the Times. First Edition.  £12.00 
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