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Pauli, Reinhold
Pictures of Old England.  £10.00 
Korngold, Ralph
Robespierre. First Modern Dictator.  £18.00 
Fitzgerald, Edward
Khayyam, Omar
Sherriffs, Robert
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. With Twelve Photogravures After Drawings by Gilbert James.  £24.00 
Grunebaum, G E von
Classical Islam. A History, 600 - 1258.  £14.00 
dos Passos, John
The Forty Second Parallel.  £20.00 
Pertwee, Ernest
English History in Verse.  £10.00 
Balzac, Honoré de
The Chouans: Or, Brittany in 1799.  £10.00 
Edith Hinton; or, twice blessed.  £12.00 
Chatfield, H W
Paint and Varnish Manufacture.  £20.00 
German, W L
Singer, Felix
Ceramic Glazes.  £12.00 
Borax Consolidated
Vitreous Enamels.  £24.00 
Sandys, Oliver
Caradoc Evans.  £24.00 
Salvemini, Gaetano
The Fascist Dictatorship in Italy. Volume 1: The Origins and Practices.  £20.00 
Arnold, Edward
East and West - Being Papers reprinted from the "Daily Telegraph" and other sources.  £14.00 
Norwich, John Julius
A Christmas Cracker: Being a Commonplace Selection.  £10.00 
Hilton, Richard
Engineering Machine Shop Practice.  £12.00 
Giles, Arthur
A Fantasy of the Seasons and other Verses.  £36.00 
Holzapfel, Rudolf Melander
Shakespeare's Secret. A New & Correct Interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnets, Which are Now for the First Time Fully Explained.  £160.00 
English Electric Company
An Introduction to Diesel-Electric Traction Equipment.  £16.00 
Simpson, A A le M
The Scene of Action.  £10.00 
Elson, Arthur
A Critical History of Opera.  £16.00 
Cayley, Edward Stillingfleet
The European Revolutions of 1848.  £16.00 
Borax Consolidated
Vitreous Enamels.  £24.00 
Russell, William
Eccentric Personages: Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of Remarable Characters.  £46.00 
Barlow, Frederic
The Complete English Dictionary: or, General Repository of the English Language. Containing a Copious Explanation of all the Words in the English Language, To which will be prefixed, a Complete English Grammar.  £60.00 
Headingley, Adolphe
The Biography of Charles Bradlaugh. Second Edition.  £16.00 
Trollope, Anthony
Booth, B A
The Letters of Anthony Trollope.  £18.00 
Nevins, Allan
Hamilton Fish. The Inner History of the Grant Administration.  £34.00 
Morris, Gouverneur
A Diary of the French Revolution.  £46.00 
Lord Chesterfield
Letters to his Son and Others.  £8.00 
Lamb, Charles
The Letters of Charles Lamb. Vol 1 only.  £8.00 
Hamilton, Alexander
Jay, John
The Federalist.  £6.00 
Jeudwine, J W
Religion, Commerce, Liberty. A Record of a Time of Storm and Change 1683-1793.  £10.00 
Lamb, Charles
Essays of Elia. With an Introduction by Ernest Rhys.  £6.00 
Borrow, George
The Romany Rye: A Sequel to 'Lavengro'.  £4.00 
Tooke, William
The Dialogues of Lucian. Translated from the Greek by William Tooke with Occasional Notes and an Introduction by N M Penzer.  £12.00 
Loliée, Frederic
Le Duc de Morny: The Brother of an Emperor and the Maker of an Empire.  £10.00 
Dickens, Charles
Groome, W H C
Dombey and Son. Illus W H C Groome.  £10.00 
Masefield, John
Captain Margaret.  £8.00 
Dickens, Charles
Little Dorrit. With 40 Illus by Phiz. (The Biographical Edition)  £10.00 
Ruskin, John
Sesame and Lilies. Two Lectures. 14th Edition in Original Form.  £7.00 
Select Plays by Beaumont and Fletcher. Ed. G P Baker of Harvard.  £8.00 
Grant, James
The Romance of War or the Highlanders in Spain.  £8.00 
Plays, Vol 1. Translated Patric Dickinson.  £6.00 
London, Jack
A Son of the Sun.  £8.00 
London, Jack
Love of Life.  £12.00 
Gissing, George
The House of Cobwebs.  £12.00 
Ball, Kenneth
Ford Escort 1967 - 1972 Autobook. Workshop Manual for the Ford Escort 1100 and 1300 De Luxe, Super, GT, Van and Estate Versions, 1967-72.  £12.00 
Ehrlich, Leonard
God's Angry Man. First Edition.  £12.00 
Shaw, Bernard
The Political Madhouse in America and Nearer Home. A Lecture. Price One Florin. First Edition.  £4.00 
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