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Popper, Karl
The Poverty of Historicism. Second Edition. Reprinted.  £6.00 
Mouzelis, Nicos
Organisation and Bureaucracy. An Analysis of Modern Theories.  £8.00 
Fucilia, Joseph
Concise Spanish Dictionary.  £18.00 
Gloag, Julian
Love as a Foreign Language.  £10.00 
No Author The Journal of Documentation. Devoted to the Recording, Organization, and Dissemination of Specialized Knowledge. Volume 34. 1978.  £22.00 
No Author The Journal of Documentation. Devoted to the Recording, Organization, and Dissemination of Specialized Knowledge. Volume 35. 1979.  £22.00 
Godshalk, C S
Kalimantaan.  £10.00 
W & R Chambers
Great Historic Events: Selected from Chambers's Miscellany.  £16.00 
Strang, Herbert
The Great Fight For India.  £11.00 
Tennyson, Alfred
Baker, A E
Concordance to the Devil and the Lady: Being A Supplement to the "Concordance to the Works of the Late Lord Tennyson". First Edition.  £16.00 
Shrinagesh, Shakuntala
The Little Black Box.  £12.00 
MacMunn, George
Vignettes from Indian Wars. First Edition.  £22.00 
Mills, James
Labyrinth and Other Poems. Decorations by Raymond McGrath.  £24.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
Escape in Darkness.  £8.00 
Hirt, Howard
The Heat of Winter. A Novel.  £12.00 
Bliven, Bruce
The World Changers.  £12.00 
Ferguson, Jessie
Jesus Friend of Birds and Beasts.  £16.00 
Born, Max
Fuchs, Walter
Modern Physics.  £20.00 
Montagnon, Pierre
L'affaire Si Salah.  £15.00 
Swiderska, Barbara
The Fisherman's Bride.  £12.00 
McCausland, N K
Brettingham, Sylvia
The Cunning Chemist and Other Rhymes.  £24.00 
Stannard, Bruce
Australia II: The Official Record.  £40.00 
Homberger, Eric
Pound, Ezra
Ezra Pound. The Critical Heritage.  £14.00 
Blok, Alexander
Selected Poems.  £24.00 
Jaeger, Fritz
Afrika. Dritte, gänzlich neubearbeitete Auflage. Mit 40 Abbildunge, Karten, Profilen und Diagrammen im Text.  £14.00 
Williamson, Kennedy
Can You Write English? Preface R Lynd.  £8.00 
Gruffydd, Geridwen
Chwedlau Aesop. Illus Norman Humphreys.  £24.00 
Harford, Thelma
Thelma Harford.  £45.00 
Hofmann, Gert
Before the Rainy Season.  £6.00 
Capers, Charlotte
The Capers Papers.  £8.00 
Philip Harris Ltd
Explanatory Catalogue of Physical Instruments.  £88.00 
Henrey, Mrs Robert
This Feminine World.  £8.00 
Alexander, Horace
Consider India. An Essay in Values.  £20.00 
Lewis, Ralph
I Drain the Glass. A Look at Life by Dame Emma Chisett O.M.  £8.00 
Paton, Alan
Debbie Go Home.  £6.00 
Stewart, William
India's Religious Frontier: Christian Presence amid Modern Hinduism.  £10.00 
Rajan, Balachandra
The Dark Dancer. A Novel.  £8.00 
Milton, John
The Poetical Works of John Milton. Ed. H C Beeching.  £12.00 
Turgenev, Ivan
The Torrents of Spring.  £22.00 
Raymond, E T
Disraeli: The Alien Patriot. Presentation Edition.  £12.00 
Sladen, Douglas
More Queer Things about Japan.  £20.00 
Diack, Hunter
Thinking in Numbers.  £28.00 
Strindberg, August
Svenska Öden och Äfventyr, Vol 1 Medeltiden. Berättelser Från Alla Tidevarv.  £14.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
L'homme qui Voulut Être Roi; La Plus Belle Historie; Gadsby; Blanc et Noir; Chat Maltais; Battiseurs de Ponts.  £26.00 
Höfer, Hans
Delhi Jaipur Agra.  £8.00 
Humphrys, L G
Wonders of Life. Vols 1 - 4 Complete Set. Illustrated by Len Fullerton.  £16.00 
Deans, R Storry
My Own Lawyer: A Handy and Authoritative Guide to English and Scots Law on All Questions that Concern Domestic and Business Life.  £15.00 
Tharu, Susie
Lalita, K
Women Writing in India: 600 BC to the Present: 600 BC to the Early Twentieth Century. Vol 1.  £12.00 
Mindlin, Betty
Moqueca de maridos: Mitos eróticos.  £34.00 
Robinson, Michael
Earth and the Dancing Man.  £5.00 
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