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Hepworth, Barbara
Some Statements by Barbara Hepworth.  £6.00 
Holmes, Frederic Lawrence
Hans Krebs. Volume 2: Architect of Intermediary Metabolism 1933 - 1937.  £18.00 
Haeckel, Ernst
Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte. Gemeinverständliche wissenschaftliche Vorträge über die Entwicklungslehre im allgemeinen und diejenige von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck im Besonderen.  £28.00 
Roggen, J C
Over Niacine.  £18.00 
Schouwenburg, K L van
Het Chemisme der Ademhaling.  £18.00 
Kruyt, H R
De Weg der Wetenschap.  £12.00 
Rubens, Peter
McGrath, Elizabeth
Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard: An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of the Work of Peter Paul Rubens. Part 13 ONLY: Subjects from History. Parts 1 and 2.  £140.00 
Godlee, Rickman
Lord Lister.  £12.00 
Jamis, Rauda
Frida Kahlo, een Vrouw.  £16.00 
Jacob, François
Logic of Living Systems: History of Heredity.  £12.00 
Theunissen, Bert
Newtons God en Mendels Bastaarden: Nieuwe Visies op de 'Helden van de Wetenschap'  £12.00 
Apple, Rima
Vitamania: Vitamins in American Culture.  £12.00 
Marsh, Neville
History of Queen Elizabeth College: One Hundred Years of University Education in Kensington.  £18.00 
Carpenter, Kenneth
Protein and Energy: A Study of Changing Ideas in Nutrition.  £36.00 
Calladine, C R
Understanding DNA: The Molecule and How It Works.  £12.00 
Cox-Maksimov, Desiree
The Making of the Clinical Trial in Britain, 1910 - 1945: Expertise, the State and the Public.  £46.00 
Schwab, Michael
The Participatory Approach to Community Nutrition: A Critical Analysis.  £36.00 
Vonberg, Liz
The Quiltmaker's Dream.  £12.00 
Guardia Mayorga, Cesar
Diccionario Castellano - Kechwa. Kechwa - Castellano.  £14.00 
Lagro-Janssen, Toine
Noordenbos, Greta
Sekseverschillen in Ziekte en Gezondheid.  £64.00 
Dilworth, Ernest
Philosophical Letters.  £8.00 
Nydell, Margaret
Saudi Arabic, Urban Hijazi Dialect. Basic Course.  £16.00 
Barry, J M
Barry, E M
An Introduction to the Structure of Biological Molecules.  £18.00 
Hawkins, John
The Floods of Fear.  £8.00 
Kammuller, M E
Autoimmunity and Toxicology. Immune Disregulation Induced by Drugs and Chemicals.  £18.00 
Pritchard, Angela
The IVth Symposium on the Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Components. (held at Bechyne Castle Czechoslovakia September 3rd to 10th, 1978)  £18.00 
Thomas, Leslie
The Virgin Soldiers.  £6.00 
Pritchard, Angela
The Vth Symposium on the Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Components. (held at Bechyne Castle Czechoslovakia September 6th to 11th, 1981)  £22.00 
Bruff, Nancy
The Manatee.  £12.00 
Jung, C G
Man and His Symbols.  £8.00 
Lysenko, T D
The Situation in Biological Science. Proceedings of the Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the U.S.S.R.  £18.00 
Crowther, J G
The Progress of Science. An Account of Recent Fundamental Researches in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  £14.00 
Kamminga, Harmke
The International Union of Crystallograpy: Its Formation and Early Development.  £8.00 
King, Roger
The History of Dentistry. Technique and Demand.  £16.00 
Moser, Walter
Der Physiologe Jakob Moleschott, 1822-1893, und seine Philosophie.  £10.00 
Peperkamp, Ben
Vermij, Rienk
Wetenschap en Literatuur. (Special Issue of Gewina, Volume 29, No 4)  £12.00 
Moleschott, Jacobus
De Eenheid des Levens.  £12.00 
Neuberger, Albert
Symposium on Protein Structure.  £16.00 
Laage, R J Ch ter
Jaques Moleschott (Jacobus Albertus Willebrordus Moleschott, 1822 - 1893). Een markante Persoonlijkheid in de negentiende eeuwse Fysiologie?  £24.00 
Lubbock, David
The Boyd Orr View - From the Old World to the New, with Proposal for Action to Banish Hunger. The late Lord Boyd Orr's Testament by David Lubbock.  £24.00 
Labruyère, Willem
G J Mulder (1802 - 1880). Proefschrift. Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden.  £18.00 
Ciba Foundation
Law and Ethics of A.I.D. and Embrio Transfer.  £12.00 
Ciba Foundation
The Freezing of Mammalian Embryos.  £12.00 
Ciba Foundation
Human Rights in Health.  £15.00 
Ciba Foundation
The Future as an Academic Discipline.  £12.00 
Gijswijt-Hofstra, Marikje
Biographies of Remedies: Drugs, Medicines and Contraceptives in Dutch and Anglo-American Healing Cultures.  £16.00 
Carpenter, Kenneth
Beriberi, White Rice and Vitamin B. A Disease, a Cause and a Cure.  £16.00 
Wakeford, Tom
Science for the Earth: Can Science Make the World a Better Place?  £8.00 
Spinsanti, Sandro
L'Arco di Giano: Rivista di Medical Humanities: Numero 6, 1994.  £16.00 
Porter, Roy
Bayertz, Kurt
From Physico-Theology to Bio-Technology: Essays in the Social and Cultural History of Biosciences. A Festschrift for Mikulas Teich.  £64.00 
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