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Neyman, Jerzy
Proceedings of the Fourth Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Volume 4. Biology and Problems of Health.  £16.00 
Neyman, Jerzy
Proceedings of the Fourth Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Volume 3 Astronomy, Meteorology, and Physics.  £16.00 
Neyman, Jerzy
Proceedings of the Fourth Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Volume 2. Probability Theory.  £16.00 
Laurmann, J A
Rarefied Gas Dynamics: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics. Supplement 2. Volume 2.  £16.00 
Cambridge University, Engineering Laboratory
Note on Thermodynamics.  £14.00 
Tong, Howell
Threshold Models in Non-Linear Time Series Analysis.  £120.00 
Puri, Madan
Sen, Pranab
Nonparametric Methods in Multivariate Analysis.  £28.00 
Duckworth, W E
Statistical Techniques in Technological Research.  £24.00 
Rotenberg, Manuel
The 3-j and 6-j Symbols.  £74.00 
Süss, Wilhelm
Fiat Review of German Science 1939 - 1946. Pure Mathematics. Part 2.  £16.00 
Bertier, P
Resolution de problème en variables bivalentes (Algorithme de Balas et procèdure SEP). Note de travail 33.  £10.00 
Guyou, E
Note sur les approximations numériques. 3ième édition.  £10.00 
Flügge, Siegfried
Handbuch der Physik / Encyclopedia of Physics. Volume 17: Dielektrika / Dielectrics. Mit 198 Figuren.  £30.00 
Flügge, Siegfried
Magnetismus. (= Handbuch der Physik/ Encyclopedia of Physics, Vol 18, Part 1). Mit 150 Figuren. Bandherausgeber H P J Wijn.  £30.00 
Bloch, Léon
Précis d'électricité théorique.  £18.00 
Pólya, George
Aufgaben und Lehrsätze aus der Analysis, Vol 2: Funktionentheorie, Nullstellen, Polynome, Determinanten, Zahlentheorie.  £24.00 
Hoüel, J
Recueil de formules et de tables numériques. 3ième édition.  £18.00 
Patil, G P
Statistical Ecology: Many Species Populations Ecosystems and Systems Analysis.  £28.00 
Hiorns, R W
The Fitting of Growth and Allied Curves of the Asymptotic Regression Type by Steven's Method.  £28.00 
Bowman, Edward
Fetter, Robert
Analysis for Production Management.  £15.00 
Fisher, Franklin
A Priori Information and Time Series Analysis: Essays in Economic Theory and Measurement.  £7.00 
Budin, M
Statistical Measurements for Economics and Administration.  £10.00 
Buckland, W R
Bibliography of Basic Texts and Monographs on Statistical Methods. 1945 -1960.  £14.00 
Bugg, D D
Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences.  £26.00 
Bowman, Edward
Analyses of Industrial Operations.  £14.00 
Cooley, William
Multivariate Procedures for the Behavioral Sciences. First Edition.  £28.00 
Manchester Joint Research Council
Operational Research: Its Application to Peace-Time Industry.  £16.00 
Carr-Saunders, A
World Population: Past Growth and Present Trends.  £12.00 
Küchemann, Dietrich
Progress in Aerospace Sciences. Volume 15.  £36.00 
Stern, Melvin
Ocean Circulation Physics.  £48.00 
Aubin, Jean
Approximation of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems.  £19.00 
Chow, Ven
Advances in Hydroscience. Volume 1. 1964.  £48.00 
Jeffrey, Alan
Taniuti, T
Magnetohydrodynamic Stability and Thermonuclear Containment.  £24.00 
Shtokalo, I Z
Operational Calculus.  £18.00 
Chow, Ven
Advances in Hydroscience. Volume 3.  £34.00 
Fredrickson, Arnold
Principles and Applications of Rheology.  £38.00 
Silberstein, L
Report on the Quantum Theory of Spectra.  £18.00 
Middleman, Stanley
The Flow of High Polymers Continuum and Molecular Rheology.  £24.00 
Advances in Chemical Physics. Volume 5.  £36.00 
Kronig, Ralph
Band Spectra and Molecular Structure.  £18.00 
Ramachandran, G N
Crystallography and Crystal Perfection.  £38.00 
Klemperer, Otto
Electron Physics: The Physics of the Free Electron. First Edition.  £18.00 
Bass, Frank
Mathematical Models and Methods in Marketing. First Edition.  £34.00 
Fiala, F
Teaching of Mathematics at University Level.  £10.00 
Kupperman, Robert
Mathematical Foundations of Systems Analysis. Volume 1.  £18.00 
Baker, W M
Algebraic Geometry: A New Treatise on Analytical Conic Sections. Part 1: The Straight Line and Circle. Fifth Edition.  £12.00 
Fyfe, R M
Woodrow, D
Basic Ideas of Abstract Mathematics.  £18.00 
Adams, L J
Applied Calculus.  £28.00 
Burgraeve, Paul
Report on Films for the Teaching of Mathematics in Europe.  £14.00 
Chaston, Ian
Mathematics for Ecologists.  £14.00 
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