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Oftedal, Laura
Milk. Let's Find Out About It.  £16.00 
Netanyahu, Benzion
Alonso de Espina: Was he a New Christian.  £16.00 
Tronsberg, Josephine
Houck, John
Bill and Ann Take a Trip.  £18.00 
Hiral, Ange-Marie
The Revelations of Margaret of Cortona, The Franciscan Magdalene.  £24.00 
Fullard, Harold
China in Maps.  £10.00 
Frängsmyr, Tore
Linnaeus: The Man and His Work.  £16.00 
Grunebaum, G E von
Islam. Experience of the Holy and Concept of Man.  £18.00 
Sigsgaard, Jens
Okker Gokker Gummi Klokker og Andre Bornerim.  £36.00 
Aitken, Frank
Hilton, Edward
History of the Earthquake and Fire in San Francisco: An Account of the Disaster of April 18, 1906 and its Immediate Results.  £36.00 
Merriam, Anne van Ness
The Ghosts of Hampton.  £12.00 
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Maurine.  £24.00 
Sawyer, Phyllis
Old Leaflets for Shopping Lists and Rashly Written Poems.  £16.00 
Crafts Advisory Committee
Rugs for Churches. Commissioned Altar Rail Kneelers to Celebrate Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee.  £14.00 
Jones, John Paul
Recent Paintings by John Paul Jones, October 19 - November 14, 1964.  £10.00 
Camin, Joaquin
Camin.  £16.00 
Hemphill Gobar, Virginia
Range One East.  £64.00 
Mullican, Lee
Lee Mullican: Paintings, 1965 - 1969. With an Introduction by Gordon Onslow Ford.  £24.00 
Cutting, George
Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment.  £24.00 
Yi, Kwang-nin
Sin, Yong-ha
Saryoro pon Han'guk munhwasa. Kundae p'youn.  £34.00 
Li, Kuixian
Li kui xian shi xuan.  £24.00 
Wen, Mang
Zai yuzhou shenchu wo yingjian ziji fachu de shengyin cong yaoyuan de diqiu shang chuanlai.  £28.00 
Forster, Leon
Voyages au Coin du Feu. Scènes Récréatives et Amusantes.  £34.00 
Michoff, N V
Sources Bibliographiques sur l'histoire de la Turquie et de la Bulgarie. Avec une préface en Français, I. Part 4 (ONLY)  £46.00 
Armenian Church
Hask: Hayagitakan Taregirk'. New Series No 1, 1980.  £68.00 
Walters Art Gallery
Ivory: The Sumptuous Art. Highlights from the Collection. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore.  £15.00 
Zlatarski, Vasil Nikolov
Balgarija pod Vizantijsko Vladicestvo (1018 - 1187)  £68.00 
Todorov, Nikolai
Osvoboditelnata borba na Balgarite v Makedonija i Odrinsko 1902 / 1904: Diplomaticeski dokumenti = La lutte de Liberation des Bulgares de Macedoine et de la Region d'Andrinople 1902 - 1904.  £86.00 
Cvetkova, Bistra
Turski izvori za bulgarskata istorija V = Fontes Turcici historiae Bulgaricae VI. Volume XX.  £140.00 
Cvetkova, Bistra
Turski izvori za bulgarskata istorija III = Fontes Turcici historiae Bulgaricae III. Volume XVI in 2 parts.  £240.00 
Cuk, Ruza
Srbija i Venecija u XIII i XIV Veku. / Serbia and Venice in the 13th and 14th Century.  £40.00 
Cubrilovic, Vasa
Verre Medieval aux Balkans. Srednjovekovno staklo na Balkanu: V - XV vek.  £86.00 
Bajraktarevic, Fehim
Dubrovacka Arabica. Les Documents Arabes aux Archives d'Etat a Dubrovnik.  £46.00 
Ostrogorsky, George
Fontes Byzantini Historiam Populorum Jugoslaviae Spectantes. Tomus III. Serbocroatia interpretati et commentariis ornati.  £36.00 
Povolo, Claudio
Il Processo a Paolo Orgiano (1605 - 1607)  £68.00 
Belli, Onorio
Scritti di Antiquaria e Botanica (1586 - 1602)  £56.00 
Scarmoncin, Franco
I Documenti dell'Archivio Capitolare di Vicenza (1083 - 1259)  £50.00 
Cagnin, Giampaolo
Il Processo Avogari (Treviso, 1314 - 1315)  £60.00 
Canzian, Dario
I Documenti del Processo di Oderzo del 1285.  £50.00 
Piazza, Andrea
Le Carte di San Colombano di Bardolino (1134 - 1205).  £50.00 
Rossi Saccomani, Annamaria
Le Carte dei Lebbrosi di Verona tra XII e XIII Secolo.  £50.00 
Scarmoncin, Franco
I Documenti del Comune di Bassano dal 1259 al 1295.  £50.00 
Human Rights Watch
Occupied Palestinian Territories. A Question of Security. Violence against Palestiniamn Women and Girls.  £20.00 
Chamberlin, E R
The Black Death. A Collection of Contemporary Documents. Jackdaw 50.  £16.00 
Weiner, Dora
Pinel, Philippe
The Clinical Training of Doctors. An Essay of 1793. With an Introductory Essay by Dora Weiner.  £16.00 
Ivancevic, Radovan
Reinterpretacija zbornecrkve Pagu (1982) / Odnos antiknog I srednjovjekovnog rastera Poreca (1964)  £16.00 
Ginzburg, Carlo
Tusitala and his Polish Reader.  £10.00 
Quataer, Jean
The Gendering of Human Rights in the International Systems of Law in the Twentieth Century.  £14.00 
Maimonides, Moses
The Medical Aphorisms of Moses Maimonides. Volume 2. Translated and Edited by Fred Rosner and Suessman Muntner.  £26.00 
Batatu, Hanna
The Egyptian, Syrian, and Iraqi Revolutions: Some Observations on their Underlying Causes and Social Character.  £24.00 
Adams, R J
Patel, Diana
Chirambahuyo. A Case Study in Low-Income Housing.  £24.00 
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