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Hudson, Kenneth
The Place of Women in Society.  £4.00 
Neville, Peter
France 1914-69:The Three Republics.  £6.00 
Birchall, Ian
Rosmer, Alfred
Lenin's Moscow.  £10.00 
Badayev, A
Bolsheviks in the Tsarist Duma.  £10.00 
Carlyle, Thomas
Buller, HM
On Heroes, Hero-Worship and The Heroic in History. In 2 volumes.  £25.00 
Pagès, Georges
The Thirty Years War 1618-1648.  £25.00 
Benecke, Gerhard
Germany in the Thirty Years War.  £10.00 
Dell, Robert
The Geneva Racket 1920-1939.  £14.00 
Lynch, Michael
Stalin and Khrushchev: The USSR 1924 - 64.  £8.00 
Geyl, Pieter
The Revolt of the Netherlands 1555-1609.  £6.00 
Wilson, John Dover
Life in Shakespeare's England.  £6.00 
Traders Union Congress
The Story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.  £12.00 
Caffrey, Kate
The British to Southern Africa.  £10.00 
Atkinson, Frank
The Great Northern Coalfield. 1700-1900.  £7.00 
Oppenheim, Walter
The Middle East.  £16.00 
Triggs, Tony
The Middle East.  £15.00 
Greenup, Elizabeth
Conflict in the Middle East. The Arabs and Israel.  £15.00 
Smith, Pamela
Palestine and the Palestinians, 1876-1983.  £25.00 
Welch, David
Modern European History, 1871-1975: A Documentary Reader.  £11.00 
Atkinson, Ian
The Viking Ships.  £12.00 
Sayers, Jane
Canute and Edward the Confessor.  £12.00 
Ridley, Jasper
Elizabeth 1.  £15.00 
Herdman, Margaret
Hunters and Early Farmers in Britain.  £11.00 
Ashley, Maurice
Cromwell.  £12.00 
Ingleby, Holcombe
The Treasures of Lynn. As Disclosed in the Course of an Itinerary, Supplements by Episodes in the History of the Borough.  £14.00 
Baker, Paul
Founders of the Welfare State.  £12.00