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Nash, G D
Comrie, J
Broughton, H F
The Thermal Insulation of Buildings. Design Data and How to Use Them.  £12.00 
Stebbing, E P
The Forests of West Africa and the Sahara. A Study of Modern Conditions.  £16.00 
Horten, H E
Plastics and Rubber Machinery in Four Languages: English French German Spanish.  £24.00 
Austin, C K
Formwork to Concrete. Second edition.  £12.00 
Forestry Department Honiara
Solomon Islands Timbers Timber Leaflet No. 1 Calophyllum Kajewskii Timber Leaflet No. 2 Pometia Pinnata.  £24.00 
Martin, Bruce
The Coordination of Dimensions for Building.  £34.00 
Mais, S P B
The Charm of the Timber House.  £16.00 
No Author Plywood Constuction Manual. Third Edition.  £18.00 
Rodger, Alexander
A Handbook of the Forest Products of Burma.  £36.00 
Forsaith, C C
Brown, H P
Panshin, A J
Textbook of Wood Technology. Vol 1 only.  £16.00 
Fernandez Garcia, Antonio
Torricelli Diaz, Eduardo
La Madera. Su Explotacion, Secamiento, Propiedades y Utilizacion.  £48.00 
Gray, Harold
Farm Service Buildings.  £18.00 
Timber Research and Development Association
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Timber Engineering, Southampton, September 1961.  £46.00 
Mathur, G C
Proceedings of the Symposium on Timber and Allied Products, held at New Delhi, May 1959.  £38.00 
Society of Chemical Industry
Materials of Construction in the Chemical Industry. Papers Read at the Conference, Birmingham University, April 1950.  £46.00 
Timber Research and Development Association
Timber Frame Housing. Design Guide.  £45.00 
No Author Wood-based Panels in the 1980s: Proceedings of the Symposium Organized by the Timber Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Helsinki, Finland, 12-16 May 1980.  £48.00 
Gajic, Milovan
Flora Goca-Gvozdac. (The Flora of the Goc - Gvozdac)  £36.00 
Whitford, H N
Craig, R D
Forests of British Columbia.  £12.00 
Whitford, H N
Craig, R D
Forests of British Columbia.  £36.00 
Desch, H E
Timber. Its Structures and Properties. Third Edition.  £15.00 
Helander, Benj
Pietinen, Otso
Pietinen, Matti
Suomen Puun tie Metsästä Maailmalle: Finland's Wealth of Wood. Dual Finnish and English Text.  £20.00 
Rendle, B J
World Timbers: Volume 1. Europe and Africa, Volume 2 North and South America, Volume 3 Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  £85.00 
Haycock, A H
Sawing and Planing: Giving Examples of the Methods of Machine Woodworking, amd the Fundamental Principles of the Operation of Saws, Knives and Cutters.  £8.00 
Meniaud, Jean
Nos Bois Coloniaux. (Our Colonial Forests)  £38.00 
Hobbs, Edward
Modern Furniture Veneering. Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged.  £18.00 
Schmidt, Eberhard
Überseehölzer (Overseas Timbers). 30 Holzartenbeschreibungen wichtiger Handelshölzer Holzeigenschaften. (30 Descriptions of Timbers with their Important Trade Properties)  £59.00 
Dahl, W S
Woodflour.  £16.00 
Brown, W H
Timber.  £25.00 
Timber Research and Development Association
Timber Frame Housing: Structural Recommendations.  £20.00 
Willis, W E
Timber: From Forest to Consumer.  £10.00 
Itani, Rafik
Structural Wood Research: State-of-the-Art and Research Needs.  £8.00 
Ruokonen, Mirja
Forestry and Forest Products Vocabulary.  £24.00 
Osborne, A L
Timber in Building.  £8.00 
Hart, Cyril
Practical Forestry for the Agent and Surveyor. First Edition.  £20.00 
Ransome, Stafford
Modern Wood-Working Machinery.  £45.00 
Mason, Duane
Sawmill Techniques for Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the First Southeast Asia Sawmill Seminar Singapore, June 1975.  £35.00 
No Author Shipping Marks on Timber. 21st Edition.  £35.00 
Environmental Aspects of Industrial Wood Preservation: A Technical Guide.  £18.00 
Hruz, B
Cicel, M
Automatic Measurement and Control in Woodworking Industry (Lignoautomatica '86). IFAC Proceedings Series, Number 1.  £36.00 
Perkins, Nelson
Plywood: Properties, Design and Construction.  £15.00 
Woodhead, W
Vehicle Builders' Manual. Volume 1.  £14.00 
Forsaith, C C
The Technology of New York State Timbers.  £24.00 
Wood, Andrew Dick
Plywoods. Their Development, Manufacture and Application.  £36.00 
Cartwright, K St G
Decay of Timber and its Prevention. First Edition.  £24.00 
Stephenson, E
The Auto-Lathe.  £24.00 
Curtis, S O
Shopfitting and Setting-Out. A Practical Handbook on the Method of Setting-Out for Modern Shop Fronts.  £64.00 
Dunsmore, Frank
The Technique of Woodworking Machinery. Vol 1 & 2.  £24.00 
Eastwick-Field, John
The Design and Practice of Joinery.  £14.00 
American Institute of Timber Construction
Timber Construction Manual, 3rd Edition.  £28.00 
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