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Fraedrich Nowag, Stefanie
Acta Pacis Westphalicae.  £78.00 
Meiss Even, Marjorie
Les Guise et leur Paraitre.  £34.00 
Andreas, Peter
Smuggler Nation. How Illicit Trade Made America.  £16.00 
Bell, James
Empire, Religion and Revolution in Early Virginia, 1607 - 1786.  £58.00 
McEnaney, Maura
Willard Garvey. An Epic Life.  £16.00 
Day, James Sanders
Diamonds in the Rough. A History of Alabama's Cahaba Coal Field.  £62.00 
James, John
Almanach de Gotha 2013. Volume 1: Parts 1 and 2.  £64.00 
Blum, Carol
Croitre ou Périr. Population, Reproduction et Pouvoir en France au XVIIIe siècle.  £18.00 
Jones, Mary Moser
The American Red Cross from Clara Barton tot he New Deal.  £32.00 
Abrams, Elliott
Tested by Zion. The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  £22.00 
Josephson, Paul
Dronin, Nicolai
Mnatsakanian, Ruben
An Environmental History of Russia.  £18.00 
Kingston, Jeff
Contemporary Japan. History, Politics, and Social Change Since the 1980s.  £18.00 
Ladds, Catherine
Empire Careers. Working for the Chinese Customs Service, 1854 - 1949.  £54.00 
Stevenson, Brenda
The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins. Justice, Gender, and the Origins of the L.A. Riots.  £18.00 
Pittock, Murray
The Road to Independence? Scotland in the Balance.  £12.00 
Benton, Lauren
Ross, Richard
Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500 - 1850.  £16.00 
Finch, Michael P M
A Progressive Occupation? The Gallieni-Lyautey Method and Colonial Pacification in Tonkin and Madagascar, 1885 - 1900.  £58.00 
Penny, H Glenn
Kindred By Choice. Germans and American Indians since 1800.  £66.00 
Campbell, James
Crime and Punishment in African American History.  £22.00 
Ryrie, Alec
Mears, Natalie
Worship and the Parish Church in Early Modern Britain.  £108.00 
Mayers, David
FDR's Ambassadors and the Diplomacy of Crisis. From the Rise of Hitler tot eh End of World War 2.  £32.00 
Nance, Susan
Entertaining Elephants. Animal Agency and the Business of the American Circus.  £42.00 
Ginzberg, Lori
Women in Antebellum Reform.  £8.00 
Barrow, G W S
Kingship and Unity. Scotland 1000 - 1306.  £16.00 
Hardman Moore, Susan
Abandoning America. Life-Stories from Early New England.  £34.00 
Farooq, Jennifer
Preaching in Eighteenth-Century London.  £88.00 
Bahadur, Gaiutra
Coolie Woman. The Odyssey of Indenture.  £12.00 
Knapp, Andrew
Footitt, Hilary
Liberal Democracies at War. Conflict and Representation.  £18.00 
Seabrook, Jeremy
Pauperland. Poverty and the Poor in Britain.  £22.00 
Kraybill, Donald
Johnson-Weiner, Karen
Nolt, Steven
The Amish.  £18.00 
Konishi, Sho
Anarchist Modernity. Cooperatism and Japanese-Russian Intellectual Relations in Modern Japan.  £34.00 
Sivasundaram, Sujit
Islanded. Britain, Sri Lanka, and the Bounds of an Indian Ocean Colony.  £32.00 
Delap, Lucy
Morgan, Sue
Men, Masculinities, and Religious Change in Twentieth-Century Britain.  £64.00 
Turner, William
The Cuban Connection. Nixon, Castro, and the Mob.  £10.00 
Brown, Ian
Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century.  £24.00 
Dube, Saurabh
Rao, Anupama
Crime Through Time.  £20.00 
Broich, John
London. Water and the Making of the Modern City.  £30.00 
Jones, Clyve
Institutional Practice and Memory. Parliamentary People, Records and Histories. Essays in Honour of Sir John Sainty.  £16.00 
Prost, Antoine
Winter, Jay
René Cassin and Human Rights. From the Great War to the Universal Declaration.  £24.00 
Sullivan, Ceri
Literature in the Public Service. Sublime Bureaucracy.  £36.00 
Peterson, Derek
Ethnic Patriotism and the East African Revival. A History of Dissent, c. 1935 - 1972.  £22.00 
Thapar, Romila
Readings in Early Indian History.  £32.00 
Sandys, Celia
From Winston, With Love and Kisses. The Young Churchill.  £18.00 
Sandys, Celia
Churchill. Wanted Dead or Alive.  £18.00 
Jankowski, Paul
Verdun. The Longest Battle of the Great War.  £22.00 
Cayton, Andrew
Love in the Time of Revolution. Transatlantic Literary Radicalism and Historical Change, 1793 - 1818.  £42.00 
Rainsford, Marcus
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti.  £22.00 
Wheatcroft, Sue
Worth Saving. Disabled Children During the Second World War.  £58.00 
Roodhouse, Mark
Black Market Britain 1939 - 1955.  £86.00 
Mills, James
Cannabis Nation. Control and Consumption in Britain, 1928 - 2008.  £32.00 
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