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Gillispie, Charles Coulston
Dictionary of Scientific Biography. 16 Volumes plus two Supplement Volumes.  £380.00 
Flahavin, Paulette
Building a University. The Story of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  £24.00 
Adda, Y
Philibert, J
La Diffusion dans les Solides Volume 2 ONLY.  £160.00 
Pearson, W B
A Handbook of Lattice Spacings and Structures of Metals and Alloys. Volume 2.  £72.00 
Kelsall, Malcolm
The Playboy of the Western World. John Millington Synge.  £6.00 
Morris, James
Anglo-Irish Letter from Dublin. Article within a complete Issue of Encounter. October 1970.  £12.00 
Lipson, H
Cochran, W
The Determination of Crystal Structures. The Crystalline State Volume 3.  £20.00 
Colborn, Robert
The Way of the Scientist: Interviews from the World of Science and Technology.  £12.00 
Hunnius, F C
Our Generation Against Nuclear War. An International Journal. Volume 2, No 4.  £16.00 
Cahn, Robert
Doherty, Roger
Materials Science at the University of Sussex, 1965 - 1983.  £12.00 
Blackett, P M S
War and Peace: The CND Quarterly.  £12.00 
Lifshin, E
Cai liao ke xue yu ji shu cong shu. Di 2Bjuan, Cai liao de te zheng jian ce. Di II bu fen.  £140.00 
Mughrabi, Hael
Cai liao ke xue yu ji shu cong shu. Di 6 juan: Cai liao de su xing bian xing yu duan lie.  £140.00 
Massalski, T B
King, H W
Alloy Phases of the Noble Metals. (Special Issues of Progress in Materials Science, Volume 10, No. 1)  £14.00 
Cloke, Paul
Policy and Change in Thatcher's Britain.  £16.00 
Nuttgens, Patrick
MacCarthy, Fiona
Eye for Industry: Royal Designers for Industry 1936-1986.  £8.00 
Landau, D
Hardness: A Critical Examination of Hardness, Dynamic Hardness, and an Attempt to Reduce Hardness to Dimensional Analysis.  £14.00 
Fishlock, David
The New Scientists.  £10.00 
Carpenter, L G
Vacuum Technology.  £30.00 
Lifshin, E
Cai liao ke xue yu ji shu cong shu (di 2a juan): Cai liao de te zheng jian ce (di Ibu fen)  £140.00 
Baddeley, Alan
The Psychology of Memory.  £14.00 
Barber, Bernard
Hirsch, Walter
The Sociology of Science.  £22.00 
Rao, Ramachandra
Metallurgy in India: A Retrospective.  £120.00 
Haydock, Ron
Bonding and Structure of Solids. Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting.  £24.00 
Wolf, K L
Tropfen, Blasen und Lamellen oder Von den Formen flüssiger Körper.  £12.00 
Mykura, H
Solid Surfaces and Interfaces.  £12.00 
Davison, Charles
The Elements of Analytical Conics.  £28.00 
Ziman, John
Of One Mind: Collectivization of Science.  £16.00 
Wilson, A J C
Elements of X-Ray Crystallography.  £36.00 
Samuels, L E
Metallographic Polishing by Mechanical Methods. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Theisen, Roger
Quantitative Electron Microprobe Analysis.  £8.00 
Laue, Max von
Röntgenstrahl-Interferenzen. Mit 120 Figuren und 1 Ausschlagtafel. Reprint.  £64.00 
Pfefferkorn, Gerhard
Reimer, Ludwig
Raster-Elektronenmikroskopie.  £46.00 
Cahn, Robert
Haasen, Peter
Physical Metallurgy. (Two Volume Set) (Third Edition)  £460.00 
Jones, G O
Glass. Second Edition.  £8.00 
Crocker, Robert
Corning Research 1984. Articles by Corning Glass Works Scientists.  £14.00 
Patki, M D
Institute of Armament Technology, 1952 - 2002. 50 Years of Excellence. History of IAT.  £50.00 
Thackray, Arnold
Constructing Knowledge in the History of Science. (Osiris Volume 10)  £14.00 
Davis, Kenneth
Day, John
Water. The Mirror of Science.  £10.00 
Seitz, Frederick
On the Frontier: My Life in Science.  £10.00 
Weinberger, Caspar
US Defense Strategy. (Foreign Affairs)  £10.00 
Sofaer, Abraham
Terrorism and the Law. (Issue of Foreign Affairs)  £12.00 
Diaz, Benito
La Plata. Una Obra de Arte, 1882 - 1982.  £46.00 
Grigorieff, W W
Abundant Nuclear Energy: Proceedings of a Symposium, Gatlinburg, Tenn., August 26-29, 1968.  £24.00 
Östberg, Gustaf
Att tycka sig förstå. Kritiska betraktelser om teknik.  £12.00 
Jackson, Thomas
Nuclear Waste Management 1980: The Ocean Alternative.  £14.00 
Hanson, D
Hurst, J E
Improvements in the Case-Hardening Process.  £16.00 
Haughton, J L
The Measurement of Laboratory Temperatures by Means of Thermocouples.  £16.00 
Haughton, J L
Rosenhain, Walter
A New Reagent for Etching Mild Steel.  £14.00 
Rosenhain, Walter
Some Appliances for Metallographic Research.  £12.00 
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