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Fowler, H W
The King's English. Second Edition.  £8.00 
Mazzini, Joseph
The Duties of Man and Other Essays.  £14.00 
Watkin, E I
Philosophy of Form.  £24.00 
Swete, Henry Barclay
The Last Discourse and Prayer of our Lord. A Study of St John 14 - 17.  £20.00 
Swete, Henry Barclay
The Forgiveness of Sins. A Study in the Aposteles' Creed.  £18.00 
Howe, Harold Wilberforce
Poetry. Encounter and Relationship. Verses Written in Old Age by "Simeon".  £56.00 
Byron, May
A Day with Scott.  £12.00 
Moseley, C W R D
Geoffrey Chaucer: The Pardoner's Tale. A Critical Study.  £8.00 
Mirgeler, Albert
Mutations of Western Christianity.  £12.00 
St Francis de Sales
Introduction to the Devout Life. From the French of S Francis de Sales. Edited by W H Hutchings.  £18.00 
Gorringe, Timothy
Alan Ecclestone: Priest as Revolutionary.  £10.00 
Robson, Jill
Lonsdale, David
Can Spirituality be Taught? Explanatory Essays.  £8.00 
Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
Three Agreed Statements: Eucharistic Doctrine 1971; Ministry and Ordination 1973; Authority in the Church 1976.  £8.00 
Grabner-Haider, Anton
Letters to a Young Priest from a Laicised Priest.  £8.00 
Runcie, Robert
Christianity and World Religions. (Francis Younghusband Memorial Lecture)  £10.00 
Swedenborg, Emanuel
The Ten Commandments or Decalogue Explained.  £14.00 
Baelz, Peter
Ministers of the Kingdom. Exploration in Non-Stipendiary Ministry.  £8.00 
Hutchison, Eric
Gospel and Psyche.  £8.00 
Lyddon, Eileen
Door Through Darkness: St. John of the Cross and Mysticism in Everyday Life.  £12.00 
Neill, Stephen
The Christian Character.  £8.00 
Drury, John
Angels and Dirt. An Enquiry into Theology and Prayer.  £7.00 
Demant, V A
What is Happening to us.  £14.00 
French, R M
The Way of a Pilgrim. Introd by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh.  £8.00 
Williamson, E W
An Anatomy of Christian Joy: Three Sermons Preached before the University of Oxford, 1944 - 1945.  £8.00 
Herklots, H G G
Magnificent Heritage: Studies in the History of the Church of England.  £14.00 
Moule, C F D
The Sacrifice of Christ.  £7.00 
Farrer, Austin
The Triple Victory - Christ's Temptations According to Saint Matthew.  £7.00 
Hicks, Roger
The Lord's Prayer and Modern Man. A Contemporary Approach.  £10.00 
Cambridge University Library
Readers' Handbook. 1975.  £8.00 
Ramsey, Michael
Problems of Christian Belief.  £6.00 
Cardozo Kindersley, Lida
The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop. A Guide to Commissioning Work.  £6.00 
H, F J A
Hebrews 1, 8.  £8.00 
Willey, Basil
Christianity: Past and Present.  £12.00 
St Leon
Select Sermons of St Leo the Great on the Incarnation: With his twenty-eighth Epistle called the 'Tome'. Translated with notes by William Bright. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Leeke, Edward Tucker
An Address to the Pupil Teachers in the Diocese of Manchester.  £12.00 
Thornton, John
Bereaved Parents Consoled. An Affectionate Address to Those Who Aare Mourning the Loss of Children Especially Such as Have Died in Infancy.  £28.00 
Chapone, Mrs
Letters on the Improvement of the Mind addressed to a Lady.  £36.00 
Chapman, Raymond
Faith and Revolt: Studies in the Literary Influence of the Oxford Movement.  £14.00 
Paul, Leslie
Journey to Connemara and other Poems.  £20.00 
Moss, Barbara
More Ways than One. Poems by Barbara Moss.  £12.00 
Denstone College
Denstone College. Prospectus.  £8.00 
Jung, C G
On the Nature of the Psyche.  £8.00 
Jung, C G
Four Archetypes: Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster.  £8.00 
Froude, James Anthony
Short Studies on Great Subjects. Vol 4 only.  £8.00 
No Author The Hierarchy of the St Thomas Christians in Malabar under his Holiness the Pope.  £12.00 
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nonpareil 16mo.  £12.00 
Church of England
The Order for Holy Communion, Also Called the Eucharist, and The Lord's Supper, Rite A.  £7.00 
Thompson, James
Autograph letter by "Bishop Jim".  £24.00 
Campbell, Lewis
Jowett, Benjamin
The Republic of Plato. The Greek Text. Edited with Notes and Essays by B Jowett and Lewis Campbell. Vol 1 (Only): Text.  £18.00 
Campbell, Lewis
Jowett, Benjamin
The Republic of Plato. The Greek Text. Edited with Notes and Essays by B Jowett and Lewis Campbell. Vol 2 (Only): Essays.  £80.00 
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