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Doty, Paul
Polymer Bulletin. Volume 1, Number 1, April 1945.  £18.00 
Walker, Miles
Book of Instructions for the Standard, Reitz and Engineers' Patterns with Log-Log Scales.  £12.00 
Boardman, A
Introducing the Use of P I C Direct and inverse Log-Log Differential Scales for Finance Calculations.  £12.00 
Boardman, A
Introducing the Use of P I C Differential Scales for Trigonometrical Computations.  £12.00 
Lewin, Benjamin
Molecular Basis of Gene Expression.  £14.00 
Pharmacia Fine Chemicals
Sephadex in Gel Filtration. Theory and Experimental Technique.  £12.00 
Mayer, Joseph
Mayer, Maria
Statistical Mechanics.  £26.00 
Pearson, Ralph
Frost, Arthur
Kinetics and Mechanism.  £14.00 
Boyd, R H
The Science of Polymer Molecules.  £32.00 
Chandrasekhar, S
Liquid Crystals.  £18.00 
Hunter, Robert
Introduction to Modern Colloid Science.  £68.00 
Goodisman, J
Contemporary Quantum Chemistry. An Introduction.  £16.00 
Pratt, G L
Gas Kinetics.  £14.00 
Bailey, R T
Molecular Motion in High Polymers.  £46.00 
Jaffé, Hans
Symmetry in Chemistry.  £14.00 
Harris, Daniel
Symmetry and Spectroscopy. An Introduction to Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy.  £18.00 
Knowles, P F
Magnetic Resonance of Biomolecules.  £18.00 
Seippel, Robert
Fiber Optics.  £24.00 
Bhagavantam, S
Scattering of Light and the Raman Effect.  £46.00 
Eggers, D F
Gregory, Norman
Physical Chemistry. An Introduction to the Principal Areas of Physical Chemistry.  £22.00 
Powell, F E
Electric Bells and Alarms. A Practical Handbook on their Construction, Installation, and Repair.  £14.00 
Johnson, Paley
Reprints. (1950 - 1970)  £40.00 
Johnson, Paley
Colloid Science Course, 1945.  £20.00 
Richards, C B
A Physico-Chemical Study of Antigen-Antibody Systems.  £46.00 
Waters Associates Inc
An Introduction to High-Speed Liquid Chromatography.  £14.00 
Roughton, F J W
Transport of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.  £12.00 
Janssen, L W
Electrophoretic Studies on Serum Proteins.  £24.00 
Frost & Sullivan Ltd
Market Opportunities in Biotechnology.  £10.00 
de Rooy, N
Stability of Dispersions in Polar Organic Solvents.  £24.00 
Norrby, Sverker
Association and Shear Dissociation of Carboxy-Ended Polystyrene in Dilute Solution.  £24.00 
LKB Instruments
An Apparatus for Continuous Chromatographic Separation.  £12.00 
Polymer Consultants Ltd
Dilution Viscometers, Peaker Light Scattering Apparatus, Differential Refractometer.  £14.00 
Photo Gonio Diffusometer. Model 42.000. Manual.  £46.00 
Photo Gonio Diffusometer. Model 42.000. Manual.  £46.00 
Information Pamphlets for KMX 16 Laser Differential Refractometer, LSD 100 Light Scatterng Detector, KMX 6, etc.  £16.00 
LKB Instruments
Rilbe, Harry
Isoelectric Focusing - Development from Notion to Practicaly Working Tool.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Automated Chromatography of Sugars.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
A Precision Calorimetric System.  £16.00 
LKB Instruments
A Modified Automatic Manio Acid Analyzer According to the Principle of Piez and Morris.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Chromatographic Separation of Niacin and its Derivatives on a Preparative Scale Using the Chromax Colum.  £16.00 
LKB Instruments
Large-Scale Density Gradient Electrophoresis. Part 2.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Hellstrom, Borje
Robot Scaler.  £14.00 
LKB Instruments
Zone Electrophoresis in a Density Gradient. Stability Conditions and Separation of Serum Proteins.  £18.00 
Shaw, D J
Introduction to Colloid and Surface Chemistry.  £10.00 
Langdon-Brown, Walter
Thus We Are Men.  £16.00 
Kemp, William
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry: A Multinuclear Introduction.  £16.00 
Cooper, Anthony
Determination of Molecular Weight.  £24.00 
Hill, Ben
Hill, Helen
Genetics and Human Heredity.  £20.00 
Rubinstein, I
Molecular Genetic Modification of Eukaryotes.  £24.00 
Tompkins, R G
Ditton and Covent Garden Laboratories. Ditton Laboratories. Annual Reports.  £56.00 
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