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Anthon, Charles
The First Three Books of Homer's Iliad, According to the Ordinary Text and also with the Restoration of the Digamma, to which are Appended English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, a Metrical Index and Homeric Glossary.  £24.00 
Lang, Andrew
The Iliad of Homer: Done Into English Prose.  £14.00 
Jebb, R C
Sophocles: The Plays and Fragments. Part 6: The Electra.  £12.00 
Sonnenschein, E A
A Greek Grammar for Schools. Part 1: Accidence.  £14.00 
Rutherford, W Gunion
Babrius Mythambrics. Edited with Introductory Dissertations, Critical Notes, Commentary and Lexicon.  £24.00 
Parsons, Carrie Ambrose
Little, Charles Edgar
First Latin Lessons for Junior and Senior High Schools.  £12.00 
Petrarca, Francesco
The Sonnets, Triumphs and other Poems of Petrarch, translated by Various Hands.  £18.00 
Collins, Clifton
Sophocles.  £8.00 
Whibley, Leonard
A Companion to Greek Studies.  £24.00 
Rist, John
Epicurus: An Introduction.  £15.00 
Duff, Wright
Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life.  £14.00 
Hall, H S
Stevens, F H
A Key to the Exercises and Examples Contained in A School Geometry Parts I - II.  £10.00 
Samuel Grant Ltd
The Art of the Paper Maker for the Art Class being Samples of our "Dales" Series Drawing Cartridge and Art Papers.  £16.00 
Frith, N J
'O' Level Tests in Latin.  £24.00 
National Sunday School Union
The Classmate. The Favourite Picture Story Book No. 4.  £8.00 
Shaw, Frank
A Manual for Confirmation Classes.  £36.00 
Heslop, G H
Demosthenis Orationes Publicae. The Olynthiacs.  £8.00 
Hands, Hinda
Church Needlework. A Manual of Practical Instruction.  £10.00 
Vowles, Alfred
The Doone Valley and the Waterslide Giving the History of the Ancient Village of Badgworthy (The "Doone Houses") Traces of Which Lie in the Valley.  £8.00 
Ehrenberg, Victor
The People of Aristophanes. A Sociology of Old Attic Comedy.  £18.00 
Dictionary of Commercial Correspondence in Seven Languages. Complete in 22 weekly parts of 32 pages each.  £88.00 
Sellar, W Y
The Roman Poets of the Republic.  £10.00 
Waitz, Georg
Pertz, G H
Einhardi vita Karoli Magni. Editio sexta.  £16.00 
Rushforth, G M
Latin Historical Inscriptions: Illustrating the History of the Early Empire.  £10.00 
Evans, H St John T
The Church in Southern Rhodesia.  £10.00 
Hickie, D B
Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates From the Text of Kühner with Copious English Explanatory Notes, Life, Chronology, Examination Questions, and Index. For the Use of Schools and Colleges.  £12.00 
Laurie, A P
Simple Rules for Painting in Oils.  £8.00 
Holden, Hubert
Foliorum Silvula. Part 1 Being Select Passages for Translation into Latin Elegiac and Heroic Verse. Part 2 Being Select Passages for Translation into Latin Lyric and Greek Verse.  £24.00 
Thomson, George
Aeschylus and Athens. A Study in the Social Origins of Drama.  £12.00 
Purdie, F M
Syntax in Six Languages. English: German: Latin: French: Spanish: Italian, with Exercises for Use in Schools.  £14.00 
Lightfoot, G C
Progressive Latin Exercises.  £14.00 
Newman, John Henry
The Dream of Gerontius.  £8.00 
Claxton, Alban
Hilton, Agnes
Our Father. A Book for First Communion and Perseverance.  £10.00 
Dante Alighieri
La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri. Ridotta a miglior lezione da G B Niccolini, Gino Capponi, Giuseppe Borghi e Fruttuoso Becchi.  £28.00 
Williams, H A
Jesus and the Resurrection.  £10.00 
Smiles, Samuel
Thrift.  £12.00 
Milne, A A
Shepard, E H
The House at Pooh Corner.  £10.00 
Tennyson, Alfred
Poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson.  £18.00 
Gwynn, Stephen
The Odes of Horace.  £8.00 
Goodwin, William
Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb.  £18.00 
Caudwell, Irene
The Care of God's House. Cleaning and Preparing the Church for Worship.  £24.00 
Simcox, William
Cornelii Taciti Historiae. The History of Tacitus According to the Text of Drelli. Books 1 and 2.  £36.00 
Cusack, James
Cusack's Edition of Marmion, Canto VI, by Sir Walter Scott.  £12.00 
Jerram, C S
The Second Book of Xenophon's Anabasis. Second Edition, Revised. Part 1: Introduction and Text, Part 2: Notes. Bound with Vocabulary.  £12.00 
Swedenborg, Emanuel
A Layman
A Brief Introduction to the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  £12.00 
Reynolds, Bernard
Church History: Council of Nicaea and St Athanasius.  £10.00 
Wolfe, Humbert
Notes on English Verse Satire.  £10.00 
Myers, Ernest
The Extant Odes of Pindar. Translated into English with an Introduction and Short Notes.  £12.00 
Francis, A L
Tatum, H F
An Advanced Latin Syntax.  £16.00 
Thompson, J
Horace, Epodes.  £8.00 
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